Back To Wall vs Wall-Hung Toilets

Nowadays, there are several options to choose from when it comes to toilets. From the standard toilets to more modern ones, choosing is not just based on aesthetics. For example, traditional toilets utilize a gravity-assisted system, while modern commodes feature a pressure-assisted flushing system. Also, we have the back-to-wall and wall-mounted toilets, which are the … Read more

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Common Problems With Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are relatively new in the U.S. and are not as common as in European bathrooms, but this type of commode is slowly catching up in popularity. The sudden popularity boost is most likely due to the many innovative advantages that wall-mounted toilets can provide. That said, like standard toilets, wall-mounted ones also come … Read more

How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet?

If you go to sit down on your toilet and notice that it is wobbly, you will want to have it repaired as soon as possible. The rocking may be slight, or it may be severe, either way, figuring out what is causing the wobble and repairing that wobble is imperative. A wobbly toilet can … Read more

How Do You Seal the Base of a Toilet?

One of the biggest tasks when it comes to fitting a toilet in your home is sealing around the base. There are lots of different options to choose from which can result in it being difficult to decide which is the best for your home. But once you decide which materials to use, then sealing … Read more

What Does Dual Flush Toilet Mean

What Does Dual Flush Toilet Mean?

The dual flush toilet is a water-saving designed toilet that was created by Japanese sanitary product manufacturer TOTO in 1960, but knowledge of the development was limited to the confounds of Kitakyushu in Japan. American industrial designer Victor Papnek presented the idea in his book in 1976 but the dual flush design wasn’t practically implemented … Read more