Toilet Slang – Longest List of Different Names for Toilets

Anyone knows at least 3 words to use in place of “toilet”. Whether they’re terms polite enough to say at the dining table, or coarse ones you’d never utter at a business meeting or a first date, everybody has an alternate word (or two) for that all-important loo.   Want to add to your list? Here … Read more

Why Do Toilets Sweat? (+How To Stop Toilet Condensation)

You know summer is around the corner when temperatures begin to rise, you see ants around the house, and — yikes — you notice the toilet sweating! Sadly, yes, a perspiring toilet is a sure sign of summer. And it’s a dilemma millions of homeowners face each year. You may have encountered it yourself, and … Read more

saniflo macerating toilet

What Is A Macerating (Upflush) Toilet?

The macerating toilet, also known as the “upflush” toilet is a question we occasionally get asked when it comes to installing or adding a new bathroom at home. Knowing exactly all the critical details about bathroom installation is extremely important. Why? Because this is one of the costliest home installation and renovation, you can make.  … Read more

modern one piece toilet

Toilets- One Piece vs. Two Piece (Pros & Cons)

It is not common knowledge to most, but once you start shopping for toilets it becomes petty clear that there are some basic categories of toilets and decisions you need to make: Round vs Elongated, Standard vs Comfort Height, Dual vs Single Flush …and One Piece Toilet vs Two Piece. Once you make these basic … Read more