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Why Are Toilets Made of Porcelain?

We have been sitting on it for as long as we can remember, and it has been a staple and essential household for decades. However, has it ever occurred to you why toilets are made of porcelain? The commode has always utilized porcelain as its primary material and has been for centuries. Why is that? … Read more

How Long Does A Toilet Last?

How Long Does A Toilet Last?

Per National Kitchen and Bath Association statistics, 13% of Americans remodeled their bathroom in 2015. About half of those remodels included replacing a toilet.

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Should You Caulk Around Your Toilet?

A common discussion about toilet installation is whether it is best to caulk around the toilet or not. As you will find out in this article, both sides of the argument have some valid points, which makes deciding a bit more complicated. So, should you caulk around the toilet or not? Let us go through … Read more

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Gravity-Assisted vs Pressure-Assisted Toilets (Pros & Cons)

There are different types of toilets that are available in the market today. Therefore, it is best if you familiarize yourself with these variations, especially if you are renovating or in the process of building your home. Besides the different brands and designs of toilets, some commodes incorporate other flushing technology. Understanding the strengths and … Read more

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Why Are Toilets Made of Porcelain?

The toilet, a bathroom fixture that has been around for centuries, ever since 1696. While the plumbing system certainly benefitted from technological upgrades throughout its history, the toilet bowl itself remains relatively unchanged. The toilet bowl is still mainly made from porcelain for hundreds of years. So why exactly was the toilet bowl design never … Read more