best wooden toilet seats

8 Best Wooden Toilet Seats For 2021

Many people are replacing their existing toilet seats with wooden ones to give their bathrooms a warmer feel. Depending on the style of your bathroom, wood accents can be a great way to add warmth and character. The wood also gives it a nice touch compared to typical white toilet accessories and vanities.  There is … Read more

best oversized toilet seat for heavy people

Best Toilet Seats For Heavy People In 2022

Heavy people often need to buy larger, heavy-duty versions of common household items such as heavy-duty bathroom scales and larger furniture such as wider, more robust recliners.  So it shouldn’t seem strange also to be looking for a good toilet seat for a heavy person that can withstand the extra weight. Backstory: My brother recently … Read more

toilet elevator riser

Best Raised Toilet Seats 2021 Reviews

When my 83-year-old mother recently found out she had to have total hip replacement surgery it wasn’t clear how quickly she would recover – so we had to make the decision to either do a full remodel of the bathroom or come up with a few temporary fixes to make the toilet and bath more … Read more