woodbridge toilet review

Woodbridge Toilets Review 2019

What’s the first brand that pops in your head when we mention bathrooms and toilets? Kohler and Toto are two of the most preferred brands in the industry. In fact to consider them as household names wouldn’t be an understatement. But word on the street is that another brand is gradually rising in popularity―Woodbridge. The … Read more

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7 Best Kohler Toilets Reviewed: Which One Should You Buy?

Let’s cut the chase―everyone knows that Kohler is one of the best toilet companies in the business. That’s why we would like you to be aware of all the features that it brings to the table. Kohler toilets are amongst the most popular brands in the world. The primary reason for this is their continuous … Read more

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Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews 2019: Which Toilet Is Best for You?

Design vs. practicality. What would you pick? In this day and age, millennials are all about merging style with valuable purchases. That’s because they want to get value for their hard-earned purchases. On the home front, this means that they’re interested in buying products that offer more than aesthetics. This trend compels toilet companies to … Read more

Toto toilet reviews

5 Best Toto Toilets – 2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Let’s not beat around the bush – anyone who’s looking for the best toilets knows that Toto is one of the most renowned brands that top the charts for reliable and high-quality bathroom furnishings. Even if it’s not the first brand that comes to your mind, you would probably know that this Japanese toilet manufacturer … Read more