eago toilets

Eago Toilets Reviews 2020

Word on the street is that modern bathrooms are taking the eco-friendly route. But what does that mean for your toilets? The modern toilet designs are becoming sleeker, comfortable and more water-efficient. It ditches the ball and chain designs to evade common toilet problems. That means better functioning systems, no flappers and longer lifespan. EAGO … Read more

Mansfield toilets review

Mansfield Toilet Reviews 2020: Which One Should You Buy?

What are the three main things you want in from your household toilets? From a comfortable height, elongated bowls to dual flushing systems―there are several things to consider before you purchase a toilet. However, it all comes down to style, efficiency, and affordability in the end. Luckily, Mansfield offers you all that and more. The … Read more

woodbridge toilet review

Woodbridge Toilets Review 2020

What’s the first brand that pops in your head when we mention bathrooms and toilets? Kohler and Toto are two of the most preferred brands in the industry. In fact to consider them as household names wouldn’t be an understatement. But word on the street is that another brand is gradually rising in popularity―Woodbridge. The … Read more