6 Useful Tips for Using Less Toilet Paper

Are you using too much toilet paper at home? That’s understandable, especially if you’re in a big household. But, there are simple ways you can do to reduce or maximize toilet paper consumption. We use toilet paper not just at home but anywhere because it’s already part of our necessities.  For many, it also serves … Read more

How Does Toilet Paper Foam Work? (Squatty Potty, Fohm, Etc)

Toilet paper foam is gaining interest in the market lately because it’s a healthier alternative to wet wipes. It’s a foamy substance put on toilet paper that provides effective and thorough cleaning. Pristine, Satu Laboratory, and Smith & Nephew’s Secura are just some of the popular brands for toilet paper foam. It’s not only this … Read more

Toilet Paper vs. Bidet – Which Is Better? (Pros & Cons)

Toilet paper is one of the most common bathroom essentials. Although there are many other alternatives used around the world,  in most US homes, it’s the standard for wiping and even a go-to from butts to small spills or to wipe clean a bathroom vanity. Toilet paper comes in different types, including texture, design, type … Read more

Best Biodegradable Toilet Paper For Camping

If you enjoy the freedom of being on the road in your RV and the compact efficiency that recreational vehicles provide, you probably also have become skilled at keeping yours organized and in tip-top shape. Part of maintaining an RV is, of course, the bathroom and everything that goes along with managing your black water … Read more