How Long Do Sinks Last? [Answers By Sink Material]

Nothing lasts forever; this quote pretty much applies to everything, and it most definitely applies to home furniture and fixtures. The sink is among the most used household fixtures and will need to be as durable as possible to deliver the longevity required. In this article, we will discuss how long sinks last and the … Read more

Widespread vs Centerset Faucets

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Vessel Sinks Pros and Cons

The vessel sink delivers a more luxurious appeal, which makes it commonly paired up with bathroom vanities. It adds a nice touch of class to any bathroom and will surely enhance the overall aesthetics if that is an element that you are striving for in your home. Now, if you are interested in incorporating the … Read more

Bathroom sinks overflow

Do Bathroom Sinks Always Need An Overflow?

The overflow is one of the most common features found in a bathroom sink. Look at the backside of your bathroom basin, and you will usually find a small hole there. The overflow can also be found in bathtubs and is a component that offers a couple of convenient functionalities. Now, is the overflow a … Read more

Bathroom interior with white sink and faucet

How Deep Are Bathroom Sinks?

One of the main questions that need answering in regards to the bathroom washbasin is depth. How deep should a bathroom sink be?