Is Shower Door Glass Normally Tempered?

Adding a glass shower door to your bathroom is not only a practical decision, but it can also enhance the overall appearance to something sleeker and classier. However, while a glass shower door certainly adds to the bathroom aesthetic, it also has specific safety concerns. Mainly the off-chance that it shatters, which leaves dozens of … Read more

Which Side Of A Shower Curtain Liner Faces Out?

Which Side Of A Shower Curtain Liner Faces Out?

Shower liners offer bathroom floors an extra layer of protection from water stains, mold, and mildew. If this is your first time buying and installing one in your shower, you might get confused about which side faces which direction. It is vital that you install the shower curtain liner properly to ensure that it will … Read more

Classic bathroom with green shower curtain and tile floor.

What Height Do You Install A Shower Rod?

Shower curtains add a dash of class along with their essential bathroom functionality. However, to install a shower curtain, you will first need to install a shower rod. Now, the question that commonly arises once you are in the shower rod installation is how high you should place it from the floor? To help you … Read more