Septic Safe Drain Cleaner

Septic Safe Drain Cleaner

Choosing a septic safe drain cleaner is crucial for those with septic systems, as some cleaners could harm the essential bacteria in your septic tank.

Tide pod pack of 90

Are Tide Pods Safe For Septic System Tanks?

Tide laundry detergent pods are marketed as safe for septic and the brand states that if used as recommended they will not damage septic systems. The reality is there is no real industry definition or certification for “Septic Safe”. There are several brands that sell plant-based laundry detergents in individual packs or “pods” that would … Read more

5 Best Septic Safe Dishwashing Detergents in 2022

Since we wrote this article on septic-safe toilet bowl cleaners, a lot of our readers have asked us for other lists of safe cleaning products to use for homes on a septic tank. Because of that we later published articles on septic-safe laundry detergent and now this list of our recommended dishwashing detergents for people … Read more