Best Bariatric Incontinence Briefs for Men | 2018 Reviews

There are many different products that could help you fight against bariatric incontinence, but just like it happens with urine-absorbent briefs, finding the best bariatric incontinence briefs for men could prove to be a tad difficult. Some brands are well known for their excellence, while others aren’t as highly praised but offer good results. It’s … Read more

best bariatric bathroom toilet commode

Best Bariatric Commode | Heavy Duty, Over Toilet & Bedside

Obesity and excess weight are a very common issue in today’s society, and the consequences of these conditions are often detrimental to the regular development of normal everyday life – mainly when the issue presents itself as extreme obesity. Thankfully, modern manufacturers have adapted to the needs of many affected by these issues. There are … Read more

Best Diaper Pails for Disposable Diapers | Adult Incontinence

Having an independent can or storage for used diapers is always an issue of utmost importance, particularly for those who take their health and hygiene seriously. While we traditionally think of new or expecting parents shopping for diaper pails for babies, adult incontinence is a real problem for a growing number of seniors with bladder … Read more