Coffee gounds and septic tanks

Are Coffee Grounds Safe for Septic System Tanks?

Septic systems are not designed to be used as a garbage disposal to process food waste or scraps. Coffee grounds and other food items will not break down in the septic tank and can even cause problems and clogging.  As we’ve discussed here, a healthy septic system needs a balanced ecosystem of healthy bacteria that … Read more

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Best Bath Soap for Sensitive Skin | Top Rated Reviews 2018

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best bariatric bathroom toilet commode

Best Bariatric Commode | Heavy Duty, Over Toilet & Bedside

Obesity and excess weight are a very common issue in today’s society, and the consequences of these conditions are often detrimental to the regular development of normal everyday life – mainly when the issue presents itself as extreme obesity. Thankfully, modern manufacturers have adapted to the needs of many affected by these issues. There are … Read more

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