Toilet flush handle

Different Types Of Toilet Flush Handles (Toilet Levers)

Considering how much it is used, the toilet is a relatively low-maintenance bathroom essential. Apart from a clogged toilet or a worn-out toilet flapper, one of the most common mechanical problems is a broken lever or flush handle. No surprise there, as it’s the part of the toilet that gets used the most being pushed … Read more

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Concentric Float Valve

4 Types of Toilet Fill Valves

The toilet fill valve is one of the two noteworthy parts fundamental for a toilet tank to work: the fill valve, which fills the tank with water and the flush valve, which discharges the water into the toilet for flushing. A  fill valve brings water back into the tank after the toilet is flushed. The … Read more

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Toilet flange

6 Different Types of Toilet Flanges (+ Common Toilet Flange Problems)

Toilet flanges connect the toilet to the floor and the drainpipes that lead to the sewer. There are a few different types of flanges, made of different materials (brass, copper, cast iron) depending on the intended use. Toilet flanges are also called “closet” flanges. This term came from the days when we called the bathroom … Read more

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Shut off valves are important

9 Different Types Of Shut Off Valves (Under-Sink and Toilet)

A Shut Off Valve is a valve that stops the flow of fluid in a plumbing system. To make it simpler, a shut-off valve is a mechanism that cuts off the water supply to a pipe once activated.  However, shut off valves are not exclusive to plumbing systems. They’re also used to regulate the flow … Read more

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