7 Bidet Myths & Misconceptions

In the United States, the bidet can be seen in a negative light. However, that attitude can be mostly attributed to a simple lack of knowledge. Bidets just seem like intriguing and slightly silly foreign devices that might show up in a hotel room in Europe or Japan. Yet a bidet is something that can … Read more

bidet and toilet

Are Bidets Sanitary? A Bidet Is Actually Much Cleaner Than You Think!

It’s not unusual to think that bidets are gross, unnecessary appliances that are found in many European bathrooms. However, a lack of information can cause Americans to poo-poo bidets when in actuality they can provide a deeper clean. It’s time to set the record straight on how bidets can help to keep people cleaning after … Read more


7 Different Types of Bidets

For those who are thinking about getting a bidet for their home, take a step back and analyze the different offerings. Yes, there are actually quite a few options when it comes to adding a bidet to the bathroom. Stand-alone units, bidet attachments, and even portable bidets are available. It just depends on the individual … Read more


Why Don’t Americans Use Bidets? Three Of The Most Common Reasons

The minute a visitor from another country goes into an American bathroom, they’ll notice that something very important is missing: a bidet. Why don’t Americans use bidets? While there is no one single answer, there are some popular theories as to why this bathroom appliance hasn’t caught on in the United States. From history to … Read more