10 Benefits Of Lemon Verbena Soap For Skin, Face & Hair

Lemon Verbena has gained popularity in recent years. Although it is native to South America, the rest of the world quickly caught on this superfood trend. The plant became accessible to everyone, which is great because of the many benefits that it has. It is a powerful medicinal ingredient as well as an effective additive … Read more

Olive Trees Europe

5 Benefits Of Olive Oil Soap For All Skin Types

Brief History of Olive Oil Soap Where did olive oil soap first come to be? It is said that ancient Greeks and Egyptians used olive oil not just in culinary applications, but also as a beauty product. They used it to obtain shinier and softer hair, as well as fight premature signs of aging. Olive … Read more

Soaps from around the world

7 Soaps From Around The World | Traditional Types Of Soap

Soap making has a rich history. Let’s find out more about the stories of the different soaps from around the world. Castile Soap Castile soap traces its history to the Levant, back where Aleppo soap makers created soap using laurel and olive oil for thousands of years. It isn’t verified, but it’s believed that in … Read more

Greek Culture

Soaps from Greece | Greek Soap Brands | Olive Oil Soap

History of Greek Soaps The origins of soap making root from Ancient Greece. In the Lesbos island, Greeks sacrificed animals to honor the gods. They incinerated the animals and took the ashes, later on, to mix with the rest of the dead animals. According to literature, once it rained hard, a yellow residue from the … Read more