cotton bath towels vs bamboo bath towels

Bamboo Towels vs. Cotton Towels

As you may already know, bath towels can be created with a wide array of different materials. Each one has different benefits for the skin, and some are able to dry out moisture faster than others. We’ll be taking a look and comparing two of the most popular types of towels on the market to … Read more

bamboo spa bath sheets

Best Bamboo Bath Sheets

We’ve already talked about the best bamboo bath towels, but if you’re looking to purchase something a bit bigger, you might want to consider buying a bamboo bath sheet instead. These are usually 6 inches wider and 5 inches larger than regular towels, making it easier to wrap them around yourself when you leave the … Read more

best bamboo towels

Best Bamboo Towels | Bath Towel Reviews 2020

If you’re here, you might’ve already read our other article where we explain the benefits and attributes of bamboo bath towels compared to cotton bath towels (if not, you can find it here). Bamboo towels offer an array of quality attributes that certainly better the quality of your post-shower time in the bathroom. There’s nothing like … Read more