Grouting of tiles.

Is Bathroom Grout Waterproof or Porous? Do You Seal It?

It goes without saying that tiling the bathroom will take up a lot of your energy, time, and patience. That said, the results are well worth it. Along with tiling, there is also the need to grout the bathroom floor and wall tiles to prevent water from seeping into the gaps. However, is grouting genuinely … Read more

plumber apply silicone sealant to the joint bathtubs and ceramic tile

What To Do If Bathroom Caulk Not Drying?

Caulking is an essential part of the bathroom. This sealant helps ensure that the moisture will not seep into surfaces. It is also airtight and is the sealant of choice for doors and windows. The caulk needs to be appropriately applied; otherwise, you will be left with a subpar sealant that won’t be able to … Read more

Bathroom with towel rock and hooks design

Where To Put A Towel Rack In The Bathroom?

While the towel rack is a vital part of the bathroom, it is often treated as a forlorn addition. At a glance, the installation of the towel rack seems to be pretty straightforward. However, the truth is that you do need to consider several factors first before deciding on where to install this standard bathroom … Read more

modern bathroom design

Where Does A Bath Rug Go?

The cherry on top when it comes to decorating or designing the bathroom is the bathroom rug. Not only will it help piece together the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, but it is also a necessary washroom accessory that offers additional safety. But, since the bathroom provides a limited floor space to work with, where … Read more