bathroom sink faucets

9 Delta Faucet Bathroom Faucets You’ll Love

Delta Faucet is known internationally as a top-tier plumbing manufacturer. It believes in three main pillars: the power of water to affect people’s daily lives, the power of simple solutions, and the power of human insight to inspire innovation. These tenets guide the company in creating solutions for its customers’ needs. It’s not surprising to … Read more

Zurn Industries Bath and Kitchen

Zurn Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

Zurn is one of the smaller brands we’ll be reviewing, but that does not count for the quality of their products. They have a mission of building trust and value not just with their customers, but with the global market as well. This can be done by acquiring a superior understanding of the industry. Zurn … Read more

best Grohe bathroom faucets

9 Grohe Bathroom Faucets You’ll Love

You’ve probably seen – or used – a Grohe faucet before. It’s hard not to since this company has been creating bathroom products for decades. Even though it started in Germany, its influence and reach have spanned several countries on different continents. It’s one of the leading brands in bathroom fixtures. Not convinced? Give our … Read more

Kohler bathroom-sink-faucet

9 Kohler Bathroom Faucets You’ll Love 

Kohler, Co. has been paving the way for modern plumbing technology and manufacturing since 1873. Since then, they’ve been providing homeowners with high-quality products and services while still remaining true to environmental ethics. Below, we’ve listed some of their bathroom faucets that feature amazing innovations and beautiful styles. To learn more about the company, its … Read more

Waterstone Faucets Company

Waterstone Faucets Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

Waterstone Faucets has been combining technology with art since 1999. They create products that are durable and reliable enough to last a lifetime in every household. The biggest thing about Waterstone is that all of their items are made in the USA, and the brand is particularly proud of this legacy. In fact, it spent … Read more