closeup of bathtub

10 Types of Bathtubs (Tub Shapes & Styles For Every Bathroom)

So, you are trying to spruce up your home by doing some remodeling here and there. Well, did you know that your bathroom is just ripe for a complete renovation? A simple change to your bathtub style can significantly change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Not only are these bathtub types aesthetically pleasant, but they … Read more

Top luxury lotion brands

20 Best Luxury Lotions (Nourish Your Skin With Extravagance In 2019)

Luxury items are irresistible. From bags to shoes, to cars—everything is highly sought-after. But who says a little thing like an expensive lotion is grandeur if it reciprocates desirable benefits? Applying lotion after a shower pampers the skin with ultimate nourishment, softening, hydration, and replenishment. Finally, it spoils the sense of smell with a delicious … Read more

Shower gel body wash

20 Luxurious Body Washes {Luxury Body Wash, Bath & Shower Gels}

A quality body wash offers more skin benefits than regular bar soaps. For this reason, more people prefer using body washes because of their formulation, mostly using a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients that have several benefits not only to the skin but to the body as a whole. Luxury brands like Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Versace, … Read more