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Article Updated April 2018: Changed review from older 41531 to the new 41545 Portable Toilet.

Camco 41545 Portable Toilet
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If you are planning a road trip this summer with a family to somewhere remote or maybe decking out your van for life on the road. If so, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll invest in is a good portable camping toilet.  You may want to consider the Camco 41545 Premium Portable Travel Toilet With Three Directional Flush.  Camco is one of the best known brands on the market for durable and reliable camping and RV products.

The Camco 41545 portable toilet is sold in two size formats, each in a more affordable “Standard” model and another “Premium” version with nicer finish that makes it look less than a camping toilet.  It comes with either a 2.6-gallon holding tank or a larger 5.3 gallon holding tank.

The main buying decision would be the number of people that will be using the toilet and how often you’ll have to empty the tank. On both models the tank is detachable for easy waste disposal.

To make sure that there will be no leakage or strong odor, the manufacturer designed it with a sealing slide valve. This way you can conveniently use it at your campsite, as a toilet for your RV or boatAlthough it is compact and very light, the two side latches can secure the tank to the toilet as well as keep the waste and flush tank together. For easy transport, the handles are integrated.

Another feature that you will surely like is the easy-to-use flush, as well as the pull side slide valve that makes flushing waste an easy job. The refillable flush tank has a lid, seat, and bowl which can hold up to 3.75 gallons of fresh water. The flush tank is the same size on the 2.6 and 5.3 gallon models (it’s the holding tank size that differs between models.


  • Compact and lightweight, made of durable polyethylene construction
  • Includes a detachable waste tank that holds up to 2.6 gallons (larger version holds 5.3)
  • Waste tank has sliding gate valve and a cap for easy disposal of waste and for minimizing odor
  • The flush tank has a sturdy toilet seat and complete with lid, bowl, and a bellows-type pump
  • Flush tank is refillable and can hold up to 3.75 gallons of water
  • Features two side latches for securing the tank to the toilet
  • Includes integrated handles on the toilet for easy transport and portability
  • The whole portable toilet weighs 11 lb. but has a total weight capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Camco’s TST biodegradable toilet chemical included
  • Bigger version of the portable camping toilet can hold up to 5.3 gallons
  • Comes complete with a 1-year warranty


When choosing the best portable camping toilet, you have to take durability, ease of installation, maintenance, and comfort into consideration. And when it comes to all these factors, the Camco 41545 Portable Toilet has surpassed these qualifications. A lot of people who have bought this toilet can support this claim, rating it high as a proof.

Looking at the name of the brand itself, you can already ensure that the product is made of high-quality materials. Camco has always been one of the names atop the list of portable camping toilets, having been in the business for over 40 years. They are known for providing affordable products and superior customer service. True enough, they offer 1-year limited warranty that on the parts of the product.

Many people notice that the design of the portable toilet is not just beautiful but brilliant. It makes installation, maintenance, and transportation easy. Starting with the waste tank, you can see that this part has a sliding gate valve for holding the waste, preventing leaks, and for sealing the odor.

It can hold up to 2.6 gallons which can be immediately emptied by removing the cap at the back of the tank. The larger version holds 5.3 gallons.

Aside from this, this part is also detachable to make disposal easier.

On the other hand, the refillable flush tank can hold up to 3.75  of fresh water. It is complete with durable seat, lid, bowl, and bellows-type pump for flushing the water and removing the waste.

Just like the waste tank, it also has handles so you can attach and detach it anytime. To keep your toilet clean and without a smell, the product includes Camco’s TST biodegradable toilet chemical.

How to Clean the Camco 41545 portable toilet:

Regardless of which camping toilet you buy, one of the most important aspects is disposing of the waste products and emptying the waste holding tank. Some brands and models of toilets are easier to keep clean than others. This video shows in detail how to clean the Camco 41545. While it may be more information than you need, if you are seriously considering this model (or maybe you already have it), this video does a very good job showing hand-on the best way to clean the tank.


Standard vs Premium Models

As we mentioned above, the toilet comes in two sizes (2.6 and 5.3 gallon holding tank), but it also comes in two different finishes: Standard and Premium. As you can see below, the standard version is a basic model that is very functional but not the prettiest thing to look at. While aesthetics may not be a top priority for you when camping remotely or at a state park, if you are using the toilet for van life or a longer road trip (perhaps a pop-up camper that does not have a bathroom), having a nicer looking portable toilet can be a nice feature to have as it resembles more of a proper toilet and give more a feeling of comfort and it also looks more tidy.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet
Standard Model
Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet
Premium Model


Since the height of the toilet is only 12.5”, it could be uncomfortable for tall people to use. It is almost like sitting on the ground and the seat is also small. That is why it is recommended to buy the bigger version which is 16” tall.

While the installation does not take a lot of time, the cleaning could be difficult. Some people complained that it is difficult to empty because of the interior angles.


The negative reviews about the Camco 41545 Portable Toilet are rather mixed and depend on the user. However, one major thing that you need to consider is the size of the toilet. If you are tall, you should buy the 16” version where the seat is also larger.

The product has so many good features that make it a better choice over the others, one of which is the portability. Thanks to the integrated handles and latches, you can remove and transfer the whole toilet without worrying about leaks. Overall, this product is highly recommended. If you are still trying to decide which portable camping to buy, check out all our top reviews here.