Brizo Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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If you are looking for luxury fittings for your bathroom, then you know that Brizo is one of the best there is. Brizo represents the fashionable side of sanitary fittings. Upgrade your bathroom’s style and sophistication with this brand.

Brizo prides itself on creating designs that are very distinctive. As the company says, they don’t just complete rooms — they inspire spaces.

The brand is an industry leader that creates high-end pieces and full collections for the bath, shower, and kitchen. It is a company that does not stop innovating and creating new designs. It constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation, design, and craftsmanship. It is very particular with its details, down to the tiniest ones, and makes sure that each piece is meticulously handcrafted.

Brizo Brand
Brizo Brand Logo

Brizo History

Brizo’s parent company is the Delta Faucet Company, which we have featured a while ago (be sure to click on the link to check out more about this brand). Delta is completely owned by Masco Corporation, a world leader in manufacturing home improvement items and building products. 

Masco founded Delta in 1954 and began with the single-handle faucet. This product introduced Delta into the industry, and it soon became a household name all across the US. Today, Delta is a leader in innovation and design, and manufactures a wide range of both residential and commercial products. They offer an extensive line of faucets and flush valves. One of Delta’s brands is Brizo

Brizo was launched as a premium brand, which is set to meet the demand for luxurious aesthetics and high-quality performance. It features a collection of uniquely designed faucets and sanitary fittings that are able to create a fashion statement for your home. The brand is deeply rooted in both the design and fashion communities. This is why it has become the primary sponsor of Jason Wu, a world-renowned premier fashion designer.

Brizo also sponsors the St. Jude Dream Home® Giveaway.

Today, the brand – together with Delta Faucet Company – is known internationally. You can find Brizo fittings from Shanghai to Dubai to Tokyo to Dubai to the US. It is a luxury brand found in five-star hotels, restaurants, as well as skyscrapers, public destinations, and commercial buildings of all types.

All of this is thanks to the brand’s reputation in delivering quality, innovation, reliability, and durability wherever you might be in the globe.

Stylish Bathroom Fittings
Stylish Bathroom Fittings | Photo by Andrea Davis

Brizo Product Lines

Jason Wu for Brizo

As mentioned earlier, Brizo is the primary sponsor of Jason Wu because of its position at the forefront of style and design. As a collaboration, these two fashion giants have ultimately led to the creation of the Jason Wu for Brizo™ Collection.

Brizo also sponsors St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home® Giveaway, which showcases not only the design innovations of the brand, but also its continuing commitment to upgrading not just the look and feel of every bathroom, but also entire communities. It was the first brand to become the cause’s national sponsor, and in doing so, it has inspired other companies to also get involved and help out.

By Brizo

Brizo products are luxury items, that is why you can avail of them exclusively in showrooms. They are pieces that are inspired by art. And like any great artist or designer, the brand also signs each piece with its trademark signature: By Brizo. These two simple words go a long way and speak volumes.

H2Okinetic® Technology

A selection of Brizo products features H2Okinetic® technology. This tech specializes in the study of water as it moves. As a result, they are able to control the water’s shape, thermal dynamics, and velocity. This, in turn, allows the technology to reinvent showering as you know it. You get a more luxurious, warmer spray that creates the feeling of a full, high-flow shower but using only a fraction of the water.

This experience is unique and unlike other showers. It is made possible by summoning the water’s natural energy and controlling it to move through specially designed chambers placed in the showerhead. Each chamber is engineered to work like a vortex which oscillates and molds the water as it exits. You receive a water wave pattern that gives you a concentrated and denser spray.

When it is mixed together with larger drops of water – similar to those found in a tropical rainforest – you’ll get a fully indulgent yet warmer shower experience. All of this happens even with low water pressure – as low as 20 PSI!

Experience this shower tech from select Brizo showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays.

Luxury in the Bathroom
Luxury in the Bathroom | Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Is Brizo a Good Brand?

This brand is fully committed to producing high-quality, world-class fittings that are the epitome of luxury, fashion, and premium quality. Their products are meant to upgrade the style and fashion of each bath and shower. 

However, the brand does not stop there — it also is committed to practicing sustainability with its primary products. You can see this with their WaterSense labeled products, such as showerheads and faucets, which are available throughout different bath collections. In addition to H2Okinetic technology, Brizo is truly at the forefront of water conservation and efficiency.

In fact, it has become a 3-time WaterSense Partner of the Year under the Delta Faucet Company. In 2015, it was named as one of the WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award recipients.

WaterSense® Certification

Brizo isn’t just about fashion and style. It is also dedicated to playing its part in protecting the country’s water supply. For this reason, it offers a selection of faucets and fittings that are water efficient. Of course, it goes without saying that these environmentally conscious products are still designed to provide luxury to each home.

The company has teamed up with local and state organizations and departments to make sure that they are compliant with industry standards and regulations. These include the 1.2gpm-ECO lavatory faucets and the 2.0gpm-ECO shower components, which pass the California Energy Commission’s Title 20 requirements.

Brizo has also partnered with WaterSense and is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote the smart way of using water and to engage in ways that actively secure the country’s future water supply. It has a WaterSense certification, which means that its faucets meet the requirements for water efficiency set by the EPA. This is a maximum flow rate of 2.0gpm for hand showers and showerheads, and 1.5gpm for lavatory faucets. All products with the WaterSense label utilize 20% less water compared to non-WaterSense ones. 

The Brizo brand has an ongoing focus on upholding sustainability practices, together with the Delta Faucet Company.

Brizo Warranty

Parts and Finish

Brizo covers all parts and finishes of faucets, with the exception of batteries and electronic parts. The original purchaser must file the claim, and the item should be free of material and workmanship defects during the duration when the original purchaser has owned the home where the faucet was first installed. For commercial installations, the warranty is valid for five years after the date of purchase.

Electronic Parts and Batteries

Brizo covers the electronic parts of faucets, with the exception of batteries. The original purchaser must file the claim, and the item should be free of material and workmanship defects for five years from the purchase date. For commercial installations, the warranty is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

Warranty Claims

During the eligible warranty period, for all legitimate warranty claims, the Brizo company will replace or repair (with no charge) any part that is proven defective in workmanship and/or material under normal use, installation, and service. The company has the option to refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the purchased product if it has deemed replacement or repair to be impractical.

What is Not Covered

The warranty does not cover labor charges that you might have incurred for the installation, repair, replacement, or removal of Brizo products. The company is also not liable for damages caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, incorrect or improper installation, repair or maintenance, or reasonable wear and tear. 

To make sure you avoid damages, only hire professional plumbers for installing, repairing, or removing Brizo products. If replacement parts are needed, only use genuine ones.

How to Obtain Warranty Claims

To get warranty replacement or repair, make sure you are eligible based on the terms mentioned above. Then, you can obtain a warranty claim by calling the company at 1-877-345-BRIZO (2749) or by writing to:

Customers in the United States and Mexico               

  • Brizo Kitchen & Bath Company
  • Brizo Product Service
  • 55 E. 111th Street
  • Indianapolis, IN 46280
  • [email protected]

Customers in Canada

  • Masco Canada Limited, Plumbing Group
  • Technical Service Centre
  • 350 South Edgeware Road
  • St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada N5P 4L1
  • [email protected]

Prepare your original sales receipt or proof of purchase. For more information, you may visit their website’s terms on warranty coverage.

Where to Buy Brizo 

You can check out Brizo’s website to check out all authorized online retailers that carry their products. 

Alternatively, you can purchase original and genuine Brizo products on Amazon, Wayfair, and Houzz. (Each link will filter all Brizo products available on each retailer)