Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet Review 2018

If you are looking for a portable camping toilet that you can easily take along while camping or traveling, this Turbo Toilet from Black Pine Sports might be your best option.

This portable toilet is unlike any other you have seen before because of its unique design. It is not like a detachable toilet that has water pumps or flushes. Instead, it is a pop-up portable toilet that provides the simplest solution to your portable toilet needs when you are exploring the great outdoors.

Aside from this, it is inexpensive and environment friendly, too. Once you get the hang of using this amazing portable toilet, you are sure to love it even more. When nature calls, all you need to do is to remove the toilet from the bag and it will pop open.

Make sure to put the odor control powder that is included in the package. Though the toilet looks small and simple, you can rest assured that it is sturdy; in fact, it can even hold up to 330 lbs. of weight.

When you purchase this product, you will receive 12 biodegradable replacement bags and 12 packets of odor-control powder. Lastly, you can choose from three colors available which are blue, camo, and yellow.

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  • A unique pop-up portable camping toilet, great for any outdoor activities
  • Only weighs 4.6 lbs., which makes it easy to bring anywhere
  • Includes 12 biodegradable replacement bags for disposal of waste
  • Includes 12 packs of odor-control powder that absorb and transforms up to 2 liters of waste into gel
  • The toilet seat is suitable for heavy people with a total weight capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Easy to set up anywhere
  • Available in three colors: blue, camo, and yellow


Blackline Sports is a line of camping gear founded in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are committed to creating products that are made of high-quality materials and a good design. They are known for providing camping and outdoor equipment that families can rely on.

True enough, their Turbo Toilet has become one of their greatest creations. Many who have bought the portable and pop-up toilet are satisfied by its affordability and usability.

From the looks itself, this pop-up toilet is sure to capture anyone’s attention because the design is unique and unlike any other portable camping toilet on the market. Instead of polyethylene, it is made of biodegradable bags that you can dispose of after use.  Since this unit stores the waste in bags, rather than other heavier toilets that use a waste water tank, there really isn’t a need to use special camping or biodegradable RV toilet paper since there is no septic or blackwater waste system used- you just dump the bag when you are done, similar to what you’d do with doggie poop bag.

One advantage of this design is that it is so much lighter to bring compared to other brands. And since it is a pop-out type, you just have to remove it from the zipper storage bag and attach the biodegradable bag to use. Always keep it in your car so that you or your kids can conveniently set it up anytime.

If you are concerned about sanitation and odor, the package includes 12 packets of odor control powder; this powder can absorb and transform up to 2 liters of liquid waste into a solid gel. This way, you can manage your portable toilet and dispose of the waste in an easy manner.

The toilet is sturdier than it looks like; the strong spring and bracket system make it possible to carry a maximum weight of 330 lbs. For your preference, you can choose between the blue, camo, and yellow pop-up toilets available. The advantage of the pop-up style is that it packs down to a light and compact unit which can be brought in on camping or backpacking trips…or just help you save space in your RV or camper van.  This is a good combination with a pop-up privacy tent to create a more complete bathroom solution to any campsite and give a create a private space. There’s nothing like pooping in the comfort of your own home, but when you’re out in the woods at least you can try to make things as comfy and private as possible.


Although this product receives high ratings and positive reviews, it is not without a flaw. In order to decide if this pop-up portable toilet will work for your needs, you should know its limitations. One of the most common disadvantages is the size of the toilet, which is relatively smaller than the standard toilet.

Aside from this, the height can be uncomfortable for taller users. However, since it is lightweight, you can make the necessary adjustment, like putting it on higher ground, so that you will be more comfortable. Furthermore, there are also complaints about the odor powder used for solidifying liquid waste. Some even recommend to using another brand of odor-control powder.


The Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet is affordable compared to ordinary portable toilets. It weighs less than many other top portable camping toilets on the market, which makes it easy to set up and dismantle. It is environment friendly because of the biodegradable bags.

Although there are limitations, you can easily make the necessary adjustment to suit your needs. If you are a frequent hiker or camper, then you are most likely used to compromising and being resourceful.

So experiencing a little inconvenience would not matter if you have this amazing pop-up camping toilet you can take anywhere.