Black Bathroom Fixtures Pros & Cons

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Round mirror over sink with marble counter top in stylish bathroom interior.

Black fixtures or tapware recently gained some traction in the industry in terms of popularity. We can easily see why, as it does feature a sleek and modern appeal that feels fresh and hip. However, if you are still on the fence on whether to update your bathroom with black fixtures, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be listing all the pros and cons of black tapware. 

Black bathroom fixtures’ advantages and disadvantages mainly lie in aesthetics. Therefore, you will need to consider three factors when deciding to install black tapware in your bathroom: the interior décor, budget, and maintenance.

Now, let us begin our dissection of the new and trendy black bathroom fixtures and determine if the pros outweigh the cons. 

Black Bathroom Fixture Pros:

  • Sleek and Modern Appeal
Modern bathroom in black design

Well, the most apparent reason to get black tapware is how cool and sleek it looks. Black bathroom fixtures come with a highly modern luxury charm and will significantly enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Also, it is not that common to see black tapware at the moment, and having this type of fixture in your bathroom will give it a nice visual pop. 

In addition, black tapware simply has a more distinct and unique look that other typical bathroom fixture designs cannot match. So if you want to add an exceptional aesthetic hook to your bathroom, installing black tapware will surely get you the desired results. 

  • Everything Goes with Black

Since black is a neutral color, you can pair it with pretty much any color. Black goes well with bright and subdued color shades and will undeniably enhance the room while delivering different results. You can bet that these black bathroom fixtures will complement your bathroom’s interior, whether you are going for a traditional or modern approach in its aesthetics. 

  • Scratch and Stain Resistance

A practical reason to go with an all-black bathroom fixture finish is how easy it is to maintain this type of tapware. In addition, compared to metallic and chrome bathroom fixtures, black tapware comes with high stain resistance thanks to the electroplated finish utilized in black bathroom fixtures. 

In addition to being scratch-resistant, black tapware has excellent scratch resistance, which is once again attributed to its use of an electroplated finish. 

  • Reasonable Price

Besides the stunning aesthetics of the bathroom, black tapware is also reasonably priced and won’t be too heavy on the budget. Also, you can now easily find one at your local hardware or plumbing store due to its fast-rising popularity in the market. With its wide-ranging price tag and availability, black bathroom fixtures are just within arm’s length compared to other niche designs.

Black Bathroom Fixture Cons:

  • It Will Fade Eventually

Despite incorporating the electroplated finish method, black tapware is susceptible to fading. After several years, the black sheen of these bathroom fixtures will slowly and inevitably fade. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this from happening at the moment. 

That said, you can delay the color fading with proper maintenance. First, make sure you wipe off the surface of your black tapware after use. We recommend using a microfiber cloth as it is pretty efficient in drying off any wet surface. 

  • Not Compatible with Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

Another downside with a black bathroom fixture is that the finish is not precisely designed for use with standard bathroom cleaning products. We refrain from using chemical bathroom detergents and wax-based cleaning products on your black tapware as it can speed up the degradation of the black finish.

When cleaning black tapware, we recommend using mild soapy water and wiping it clean with a microfiber cloth.  

  • Dirt and Grime Are More Visible

If you plan to install black bathroom countertops, be aware that makeup powder and dust are pretty visible on their surface. Make sure to wipe the surface off after every use to retain the fixture’s sleek black appearance.

The last thing you want is for the powder to smudge over the surface of your black countertop. While relatively easy to clean, leaving that stain to settle in can become a problem soon. 

Other Black Bathroom Fixture Considerations

Now that you have an idea of all the typical pros and cons attributed to black tapware, below are other factors that you will need to consider before deciding on this matter. 

Is Black Tapware Easy or Hard to Clean?

While extra maintenance is necessary, black bathroom fixtures are relatively easier to clean than chrome and metallic models. This claim is doubly true if we are talking about matte black tapware. Cleaning is pretty straightforward and can be accomplished with soapy water and a clean cloth. It is crucial to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools, though, as it can scratch the black finish. 

Which Styles Work Best with Black Fixtures? 

black bathroom faucet design

As noted earlier in the article, black tapware can work with all sorts of designs, styles, and colors. Black tapware is compatible with all kinds of styles, whether traditional, modern, or something a bit more eclectic. 

Black bathroom fixtures will complement chrome fixtures for a contemporary twist or bronze furniture to keep a rustic ambiance. Personally, combining black fixtures with chrome or metallic furniture creates a more cohesive design for your bathroom. That said, don’t let us prevent you from experimenting with your bathroom’s aesthetics. 

Bathroom interior décor does not have a set rule, especially with the introduction of the black bathroom fixture. Choose whichever design you want and go with your personal preference. Black is compatible with all colors and styles so that you won’t have any problems regarding this particular issue. 

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Final Thoughts

Black fixtures have embedded themselves into modern home décor, beginning with the kitchen and the bathroom. The aesthetic value that it brings to any setting is undeniable, though, and its highly versatile quality makes interior decorating a fun experience. 

The biggest question is whether black furniture is just a fad or will it be a permanent staple of house design moving forward. Everything considered we believe that this is not just a passing fad and will be a popular style for quite a long time. 

Use the information about the pros and cons listed above to ensure you make the most out of the trendy black bathroom tapware. Of course, it is not without its faults, but the enticing visual quality it brings to the table pretty much counteracts some of its downsides.