Best Training Urinal for Boys | 2018 Reviews

Experts will all agree that potty training boys can tend to be a lot more difficult than potty training girls.  First of all, it may be difficult for them to be able to learn how to aim. This is sometimes why parents get the little potty chairs that they sit on to pee.

boys bathroom row of urinals
A training urinal can be a good way to train boys for using public toilets (schools, restaurants, shopping malls, etc).

 The good news is that there are some great training urinals that can help your child learn to pee standing up, making it easier to train them.

There are some many training urinals out there on the market.  One of our favorites is the Cuddle Baby Generation II Boy Urinal Potty Training Game.  This urinal actually turns potty training into a game for your child, making it fun for them to use the potty like they should.  Let’s check out this urinal and other great options as well.

What to Consider

When shopping for a training urinal for your child, there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration. First, you will want to find a urinal that is easy to keep clean. Boys tend to make a big mess when they are potty training, and these messes are not much fun to clean up.  Because of this many parents opt for a potty training chair designed for boys, the main difference being that it has a pee splash guard, something usually not found an a potty training chair for girls. 

boys using urinal
Boys using urinals

The only problem with relying fully on potty chair for a boy or even a simple potty seat ring that sits on top of the toilet seat is that boys won’t learn the most important skill- aim! Because of the the urinal can be a great potty training tool to get them used to peeing they way they usually will as an adult man-standing up.

Another great feature to look for in a training urinal is a target. Targets help to keep your child on track with learning where to pee.  It also helps to make it something fun for them, and may make them want to use it more often. This can make training them easier on you, and we all like easier.  

You should also pay attention to the size of the bowl.  A smaller bowl is going to lead to splashes and messes, while a larger bowl may help to prevent some of this.  Be sure to keep this in mind when you are shopping around.

Finally, make sure that you consider how the urinal is to be mounted and where you will be mounting it.  Some urinals will come with adequate mounting hardware, making it easy for you to mount it on your bathroom wall.  Others may not have the best mount-ability options.

Our Top Picks for the Best Training Urinal for Boys

#1 – Cuddle Baby Generation II Boy Urinal Potty Training Game Review

Training urinal for boys by Cuddle Baby Generation
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Our top pick is the Cuddle Baby Generation II Boy Urinal.  It is available in several different designs and colors, and really has a lot of great features that you will want to know about.  One of the best features is that it turns toilet training into a game!


  • It can be mounted just about anywhere, at any height, making it fully adjustable to fit boys of any height.  
  • The game is actually a story that your child can learn about while they learn to toilet train.  
  • They even get stickers for doing a job well done!
  • The bowl is large, making it easy for them to actually make it into the bowl instead of making a mess on your bathroom floor.


  • When aiming at the spinner, sometimes the urine can splash back towards them if the stream is too forceful.
  • Some consumers have reported that it does not stay mounted as well as they would have hoped.

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#2 – ShakeLady Boys Potty Training Urinal Standing Penguin with Aiming Target

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 Next up is the ShakeLady Boys Potty Training Penguin urinal.  It also has a target that is designed to help your child learn to aim.  It has a really cute design, which really attracts children to it. It is suitable for boys up to six years old. It is also available in multiple colors.


  • It is really easy to mount with a suction cup, or it can be stood on the floor for younger children.  
  • It is made up of safe, non toxic materials that are easy to clean.  
  • You don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria building up.
  • It stays securely mounted, without falling down.  Unsecured urinals can really lead to quite a mess, so this is definitely a plus!


  • The bowl is not very large, which may make it harder for beginners to aim into it.  
  • Can lead to some mess if they are not careful.
  • The spinner has a tendency to splash back at times, depending on the flow.  Thankfully this isn’t noted to happen very often.

#3 – GrowRight Environmental Friendly Potty Training Urinal

GrowRight Environmental Friendly Potty Training Urinal
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We also really liked this urinal design by GrowRight.  It’s a very unique looking dolphin shaped urinal. It has an eco-friendly design, and is made up of a non toxic material that is safe for your child.  It also has some other great features that you should know about.


  • It has a removable mounting plate that makes it easy to mount this urinal on the wall in your bathroom, and take it down when you need to as well.
  • It comes in two cute designs – a dolphin and a frog.  Both styles are sure to be eye catching for your child, and fun for them to use.
  • The bowl is really deep, and it makes it easy to prevent any sort of splash back mess.


  • It is a little bit smaller than it seems it would be, and this has been a disappointing feature for some consumers.
  • It does not have any sort of target to aim at.  It just has the really large bowl, but for kids that love targets this one may not be the one.

The Bottom Line

public urinalThe good news is that there are some great training urinals out there for boys.  Our top pick is the Cuddle Baby Generation II Potty Training Game. Most kids really love the game aspect of this urinal, but on top of that it is really easy to mount and easy to keep clean.  It also has a fun design. Try this one out, or consider one of the others that we have reviewed. Let us know which one you like best!

These urinals can be a good combo with a good potty training seat with a built-in ladder so boys learn to do #1 in the urinal and #2 on the adult potty with the help of a kids toilet seat and a ladder to help them up. The two will help your boy become independent and learn to do both by themselves and prepare them to use public restrooms as well as go on their own once they get to school.