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People with sensitive skin to the dyes, fragrances and bleach used (and in some cases a to wood itself used to make the paper) can have an allergic reaction to conventional toilet paper. The reaction can be seen by appearances of irritation on the skin, discomfort and itching. The allergic responses to toilet tissue can be prevented by using hypoallergenic toilet paper.  One option is to use is unbleached paper with no dyes or fragrances.  One of the best ones-that might interest you is Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper.  Another type of toilet paper prevent the allergic reactions of people who are allergic to tree products, the best alternatives tend to be products made of bamboo (actually a grass, not a tree). This is a tree-free toilet solution that works exactly like conventional toilet paper (which are normally made of tree pulp or recycled paper), we’ve reviewed two of the top bamboo options below. 

Let us now consider some things before purchasing hypoallergenic toilet paper.

  • Allergies – this is the first thing you consider. Some substances present in the toilet paper; like the dye, perfumes or even the material used to make the toilet paper (wood), often lead to allergic reactions.
  • Number of ply – the ply count of the toilet paper matters a lot. It ranges from two to four-ply. Toilet paper with higher ply are usually thicker, stronger, more absorbent and softer. The number of ply plays a vital role because either the user is allergic or not, the texture of the tp is based in preference.
  • Chlorine – chlorine is used to bleach toilet paper to give it its white color. Although, elemental chlorine gas leads to the production of dioxins that harm human health and the environment. Toilet paper free of elemental chlorine are often bleached with chlorine dioxide instead, although using other alternatives like unbleached toilet paper or tp bleached with oxygen or hydrogen peroxide are often preferable.
  • Cost – the amount you buy a toilet paper depends on how much you have to spare. Toilet paper come in different qualities, and this affect the price.

Let us take a look at some toilet paper that are hypoallergenic.

Best Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper:

  • Silk’n Soft Bamboo Tree-Free 3-ply, Double Roll Toilet Paper Review

The tree-free alternative of the Silk’n Soft Bamboo toilet paper is one toilet paper I suggest you try today if you are suffering from allergies from traditional paper. It is soft and gentle on the skin, and has some similarities with the virgin tree toilet paper if not more advantages. It is eco-friendly and free of chlorine. The presence of chlorine is usually a hazard to health and the environment. It is a three-ply toilet paper produced in a low-impact facility powered by bio-fuel. It is made with the bamboo used for paper that is extracted from a place in china.

The bamboo is rapid in renewing, and the place where it is gotten from is not inhabited by pandas. This is what makes it quite ideal for people allergic to toilet paper and have deep love and concern for the environment. It is made up of 60% bamboo, and the rest with sugar cane. Using this toilet paper produces up to 35% more oxygen per day. It is a very good quality material made from bamboo. It is known that bamboo is used to make different fabrics.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper, Septic Safe Biodegradable Bath Tissue with Eco Friendly Soft 2 Ply Sheets Review

The Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is made from organic bamboo and sugarcane stems. These two materials are often used for producing fabrics, especially bamboo. So rest assured that you are getting a good quality product. It is biodegradable and safe for septic ways. This 2 ply toilet paper is soft and easily dissolved in water, which makes it friendly to both the eco system and the septic system. Although we should not ignore that its soft feel is something one should consider, as the tissue is gentle on the skin.

Its softness is gotten from the soft fibers of sugar cane, and this makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin. The amazing fact here is that, the combination of strength and softness in one tissue paper is quite astonishing. This gives the tissue durability while in use, and also softness while in use. The strength of the tissue is from the toughness of the bamboo. Combining bamboo and sugarcane stems could not have done it better. This toilet paper does its job better that most recycled toilet paper of the same size.

Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, 100% Recycled Paper Review

This hypoallergenic toilet paper is made of paper, so while it’s not a tree-free option like the bamboo options above, this paper is completely unbleached and recycled. It is soft to touch and easy on the skin. People with very sensitive skin due to dyes, fragrances or softeners would find it quite convenient to use this toilet paper because it has this caressing feel while used without the chemical irritants. It comprises of about 80% post-consumer materials. This is one of the reasons it is hypoallergenic. It also contains no dyes, fragrances or inks, and is a septic-safe tp to use. The presence of the dyes and other substances are often the main reasons why there are allergic reactions to toilet paper. Seventh Generation made sure to produce this toilet paper specifically for people with allergies.

It is a two-ply tissue that is durable and cleans softly, although two-ply tissues are the least durable. The fact that it is a two-ply tissue makes it very ideal for  RV’s septic systems and sewer systems. It gets dissolved in water easily and does not clog pipes. It can also be used in low-flow toilets present in campers and is also a good biodegradable toilet paper for RV’s.


People with allergies should bear in mind that the kind of toilet paper used that are hypoallergenic are not restricted to safety from allergies. Since all hypoallergenic tissue papers have the prevention of allergies from use in common, there are other things to consider before purchasing them. Each of these tissues have a special characteristic that makes it suitable for different people. The type of material, the number of ply, the bleaching chemical used, and many other factors are necessary in considering the one that suits you needs. The user is to purchase any of the above listed options based solely on his own discretion and personal interest.

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