Best Toilet Bowl Tablets | Drop-In Reviews 2018

We all like to have a nice, clean bathroom but maybe you’re like me and hate cleaning the bathroom- especially the toilet. The toilet bowl is a bathroom fixture that is most prone to germs and unpleasant odors so it definitely needs to be cleaned, but anything that let’s me go longer in between scrubbing the toilet bowl is worth looking into.

One small and cleaning product that I’ve found helpful is a simple toilet tablet that can make the process a lot easier and more hands-off. I like the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drop Ins, so featured it as our top pick but we’ve also included a few other picks.

Toilet bowl tablets, also called toilet drop-ins, toilet rim cleaning blocks or discs are quite popularly used. Here we highlight some of the best toilet bowl tablets. But first, let’s consider some essential points while looking for an automatic toilet cleaner. While these won’t prevent you from needed to give your  toilet bowl a proper cleaning, they can keep your toilet clean and give you a little more time between deep cleanings.

best toilet drop in tablets
Best Drop-in toilet tablet cleaners

What to look for:

  • Drop In vs. Clip On: Some automatic toilet cleaners are simple “drop-ins”, you just drop them into the water inside the tank while others clip onto the inside lip of the tank.
  • Bleach Content: We’ve reviewed some contain chlorine bleach and others that are bleach-free. If you have persons in the house that have a sensitivity to chlorine.
  • Eco-Friendly:  Whether you have a sensitivity to chemicals or live on a property with a septic system, we’ve included some more natural options.
  • Color:  Some of the drop-ins come with a blue dye that some people like-finding it a pleasant color and also some like to know that it’s working (or hasn’t totally dissolved) since they can see the blue tint with every flush. Others may prefer the more natural look of transparent, since it just looks like a normal flush with water (without and unnatural looking color).

With so many brands of toilet bowl cleaners available in the market may leave you quite confused, here, we attempt to make your job a bit easier by highlighting three of the best toilet bowl tablets trending in the market today.

Best Toilet Drop-In Tablet Cleaners:

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drop Ins Review

Drop in toilet cleaner by Johnson
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drop-Ins

This automatic toilet cleaner by SC Johnson will keep your toilet bowl clean on a regular basis since the cleaning is a continuous process. Each flush not only cleans but also deodorizes the toilet bowl, minimizing the effort and frequency that you’ll need to manual clean.

Another useful feature of these discs is that they are not harmful to children or pets, a reassuring fact for those of you who have a dog with a penchant for toilet bowl water, but it is still avoidable!

These toilet drop-ins are also safe for the various parts of your flush tank. When these products first came on the market, some pluming professionals warned consumers not to buy drop-ins. The main reason was that some of the early products were corrosive, over time eating away at the rubber parts used inside the toilet tank – like the toilet flapper.

In the long run these would wear out the seal and the toilet would stop flushing correctly. Luckily, many newer products on the market, like these Drop-Ins by SC Johnson have resolved the problem by using ingredients that are safe for the toilet tank and the parts used inside.

For those of you who get a supply of hard water, there is good news in that aspect as well, as Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drop Ins work well for descaling the lime deposits from your toilet bowl. These discs are also easy to use – just drop one into the back of your toilet flush tank, and it starts to work – you don’t have the hassle of installing complicated equipment. You just replace the toilet drop-ins once the blue coloration of the water begins to fade.


  • Easy to use
  • Relatively safe for children and pets
  • Pleasant blue color
  • Effective descaling agent
  • Cost-effective


  • Some customers feel it depletes too fast
  • Occasional packing issues

CHURCH & DWIGHT Kaboom Toilet Clean System Review

toilet drop in cleaner by Kaboom
Kaboom drop-in toilet cleaner

This toilet cleaning system is a cartridge-based one, so, you need to install the cartridge and disc once and then you just refill the cartridge with the toilet tablets whenever required. Clipping the system to the back of the toilet tank may need a bit of innovation, as the structure of toilet tanks may differ, but the procedure is relatively simple if you just follow the instructions on the packaging. You do not need to use any tools for the installation of the cartridge.

The Kaboom Toilet Clean System is an automatic toilet cleaner system which helps to reduce the need to scrub your toilet bowl and imparts a pleasant, clean odor. This toilet bowl cleaner also helps to remove mold accumulation.

This toilet cleaning system lasts longer than others reducing the hassle of having to reload the cartridge with discs that often. The general feedback from customers is that this automatic toilet cleaner system is quite useful in removing unpleasant odors and keeps the toilet bowl clean. In theory it should be super easy to snap in. However, initial installation can be a bit of an issue for a small percentage of people that have unusual shaped tanks.


  • Useful for cleaning and eliminating odors
  • Lasts longer
  • Relatively cheaper than other similar brands
  • Environment-friendly chemicals
  • Reduces the need for manual cleaning

Another advantage is that there are generic refill tablets that fit the Kaboom system which work out quite a bit cheaper if you are looking for an affordable option.


  • Initial installation can be a bit tricky
  • May not fit in all flush tanks
  • Refill discs are quite expensive

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Toilet tablets with bleach

Here is a brand of toilet drop-ins that claims to kill 99% of germs on a regular basis. The discs last for three months. They contain a high percentage of bleach so, while somewhat effective in killing bacteria and removing bad odors, the smell of chlorine can be slightly overbearing to sensitive souls! The Clorox Automatic Toilet Cleaner is useful for getting rid of stains caused by lime and mineral build-up which are caused by hard water.

The Clorox discs are easy to use – just lift the lid of the flush tank and after flushing to empty the water from the tank, place the tablet towards the back of the tank. The cleaning action starts almost immediately and lasts for about two months, although the deodorizing effect continues up to three although in theory on tablet can be good for up to 10 flushes per day for 3 months (max 900 flushes).

Most customers who used this automatic toilet cleaner claimed that they were quite satisfied with its effectiveness regarding cleaning power and deodorizing action.


  • Long lasting
  • Strong action
  • Removes stains and odors effectively
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective


  • Complaints of poor packaging (broken tablets)
  • The bleach odor can be overpowering for some users

The Final Verdict

So, we concluded that the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Drop Ins is the clear winner out of all the other brands.  This toilet bowl cleaner is easy to use, efficient and does not give off an unpleasant odor. Most importantly, this name has received excellent reviews from customers who used the product, which is a clear indication that it is a product worth using.

However if you prefer a cleaning block that clips in the tank, the Kaboom System is a good choice. Finally if you prefer a stronger product with bleach, the Clorox option delivers heavy-duty cleaning power and the company claims to kill 99 of germs with their drop in solution.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Please feel free to send us your valuable feedback, comments and questions, if any, and we will be glad to respond.