7 Best Shower Squeegees for Tile

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Shower tiles tend to get incredibly dirty with time, and cleaning those rippled surfaces without proper equipment could prove to be incredibly tedious. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up the most popular shower squeegees on the market in order to help you decide which one to get for your shower tiles. It doesn’t matter if your tiles are uneven or if your shower is slippery, we’ve got your back.

shower stall with hanging squeegee
Tile shower stall with squeegee hung on the wall.

Based on our research, we feel that the Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee by OXO is our top choice right now. That’s based on build quality and price, the OXO squeegee delivers value for money. That’s also based on our experience using OXO products in the past including everything from their rust-proof shower caddies to toilet brush and plunger combo.

Best Shower Squeegees (That Work Great on Tile)

Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee by OXO

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

This practical, stainless steel squeegee works well on a variety of different surfaces, and its material allows the product to stay free from rust for a long time, even when kept inside the shower. It offers a rubber grip as well, which keeps your hands from slipping when cleaning your tiles. You can also use it to clean glass!

In some cases it might seem like black plastic blades could cause the tiles to stain, but it’s not such a common issue and it could depend on the quality of the tiles rather than the squeegee itself. Although the product quality seems to be really good in general, the fact that OXO doesn’t offer replacement blades could feel like a huge disappointment for some buyers.

OXO has a long track record of creating affordable accessories for cleaning, bath, kitchen and other household items.  


  • The good quality grip that Oxo is known for.
  • Stainless steel helps the squeegee stay rust-free.
  • Quality suction cup holder included.


  • No replacement blades mean that whenever the product starts losing its effectiveness, you’ll have to buy a new one entirely.

Squeegee for Shower by Desired Tools

Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Black
Squeegee for Shower

This product isn’t as flexible as OXO’s design, but it still manages to offer good quality to its buyers.

It works on most surfaces and its usage isn’t limited to shower tiles, so getting your hands on this product might be a good idea if you intend to use the squeegee around your house. It also offers two replacement blades, which most people would judge as a great deal when compared to the price of OXO’s product.

The handle should allow comfortable usage of the product, but keep in mind that it could prove to be a bit small for some owners. The one main issue that seems recurrent is that the squeegee’s cleaning blade isn’t really as flexible as advertised, and when cleaning it could feel stiff at times. It could also leave moisture trails depending on the ripple consistency of the surface you wish to clean.


  • Works on most surfaces without issue.
  • Includes a total of 3 dual-edge blades
  • Comfortable soft handle, very practical and easy to use.


  • Blade design could leave trails when cleaning.
  • Flexibility doesn’t seem to be as good as advertised, but it can still work its way around most surfaces.
  • Not ideal if you’re looking for a large squeegee, given its relatively small size.

Stainless Steel Squeegee by Quntis

Quntis Bathroom Shower Squeegee - 10" Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Squeegees for Glass Window Mirror Window Door with Matching Hooks Holder
Quntis Bathroom Shower Squeegee

Quintis’ product is entirely made of stainless steel apart from the cleaning blade, which one could say it’s a very good thing considering its rust-resistant properties, but it can also feel very heavy when cleaning. The material also tends to make a lot of noise with normal movements, which might feel a bit annoying from time to time. In any case, it does seem to offer more positives than negatives.

This squeegee is extremely versatile and works for many different surfaces; the product is well made and performs at a higher level than other options in the market. Although it doesn’t offer replacement blades, the rubber seems to be very durable and shouldn’t wear down easily.


  • The stainless steel offers both a slick look and great resistance to rust.
  • It appears to be a high-quality tool for the price.
  • Cleaning rubber blade seems to last for a long time.
  • Good enough size allows comfortable cleaning.


  • It could feel a bit heavy when cleaning.
  • It doesn’t offer replacement blades.

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Jet Clean Squeegee Cleaning & Washing Kit

Jet Clean Window Cleaning & Washing Kit - Squeegee & Microfiber Window Washer- Pro Window Cleaning Kit-13.5" Cleaner for Glass, Mirror, Shower, Auto
Jet Clean Cleaning & Washing Kit – Squeegee

The Jet Clean Squeegee Cleaning & Washing Kit includes two professional tools: the washer and the squeegee with a scraper. The kit features a 13.5 inch-wide washer that has high-quality microfiber and the Power Scrub Strip, together with the squeegee and scraper of the same width.

This kit is effective in cleaning shower tiles, windows, and other glass surfaces. Its large and flat cleaning surface is coupled with the microfiber material and Power Scrub strip, removing dirt conveniently and quickly. The design is made to perform better than other products with curved or round cleaning surfaces.

The 13.5-inch squeegee comes with an attached metal scraper. First, the rubber squeegee removes any water or liquid, gets rid of water spots, and then the curved metal scraper removes the grime and any tough dirt left.

There are multiple ways to clean using this kit. The squeegee handle is designed to fit and lock into the washer handle – which means you can nest the two tools together. You can have them facing the same direction to double cleaning action, or have them face different directions to get more room and control when cleaning. You can also use them as individual tools.


  • Two tools in one (great if you have glass shower doors).
  • A high-quality microfiber window washer.
  • Squeegee handle will insert and lock into the washer handle (tools nest together)


  • The extension arm sold by the same company doesn’t fit the squeegee
  • The squeegee won’t fit other regular extension arms

Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee

Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee, 18"
Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee

The Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee is designed to be bigger than others in the market. At 18 inches, it is preferred by many commercial establishments. If you want to experience a fast and strong cleaning time, try this out.

The squeegee is made of high-grade rubber blades that can clean the biggest surfaces. It’s very easy to use despite the size and promises no streaks or leaks. You can attach it to the brand’s telescopic pole, which is sold separately if you require more reach.

It will last for a long time because it’s made of stainless steel that is rustproof, too. The handle won’t cause strain because it is designed ergonomically. It’s actually quite comfortable to hold.


  • Rustproof
  • Ergonomic design
  • Huge reach at 18 inches (efficient and fewer strokes)


  • Users claim that it bulges in the middle, which causes some portions of the blade to lose contact with the surface being cleaned
  • Some users had to disassemble and reassemble the tool for it to work properly
  • You may need to come back to areas that were missed by the middle of the squeegee blade

Ettore 12-Inch ProGrip Squeegee

Ettore 12-Inch ProGrip Window Squeegee with Silicone Streak-Free Rubber
Ettore 12-Inch ProGrip Squeegee

The Ettore 12-Inch ProGrip Squeegee is available in different sizes to fit the needs of different homes and bathrooms. It is crafted with high-grade rubber and a comfortable, ergonomically designed no-slip handle.

You can use the brand’s REA-CH extension arms, sold separately – if you need more reach when cleaning.

It can work on multiple surfaces: shower and bath tiles, windows, and glass surfaces. It’s quite small and easy to maneuver, transport, and store.


  • Very affordable
  • Good for small spaces
  • Comfortable handle
  • Available in different sizes


  • Some users will find it to be too small for their cleaning needs
  • Others reported receiving handles with an area that exposed the sharper parts of the metal
  • There are occasional streaks when using it clean windows

Modern Domus Neverending Reach Squeegee Window Cleaner Kit

Modern Domus Neverending Reach Squeegee Window Cleaner Kit! Shower Squeegee, High Window Cleaning Tools, Car Windshield Tool Doors - Indoor/Outdoor Washing Equipment Extension Pole 4 Washer Heads
Modern Domus Neverending Reach Squeegee

This Modern Domus Neverending Reach Squeegee lives up to its name: it comes with an “endless” extendable pole that gives you a wider, higher reach. Does your bathroom have high ceilings? No need to get on top of a chair just clean the tiles all the way to the top. Plus, the kit includes four different washer heads, for different washing needs. A bonus replacement microfiber cloth is also included.

The tool in itself is very lightweight. So if you’re thinking, okay – this one is long and can reach high places, but can I carry all that weight? The answer is yes – thanks to the lightweight materials used to craft the pole. There is no compromise to its sturdiness, though. You can go from 15 inches to 65.5 inches in no time. And if that height is still not enough, you can purchase extra pole sections from the same company.

The squeegee comes with two heads – one at 8.2 inches, and another at 12.2 inches. There are two microfiber heads of the same sizes, as well as microfiber cloths. If you need more, you can purchase more from the same company.

These microfiber cloths are absolutely machine washable. After cleaning your bathroom tile, window, or glass, just toss them into the washer and that’s it. The extension pole can be pulled apart easily when not in use, which makes for better storage. You can even keep it in your car’s trunk if you’re traveling.


  • Great reach and height possible (65.5 inches fully extended)
  • You can purchase more cloth and parts if you run out
  • Lightweight pole


  • The extension handle will only fit with the microfiber wand, not the squeegees
  • The cleaning is great, but the green cloth tends to shed
  • Once worn and torn, streaks become much more common
No to dirty shower tiles!
Say NO to dirty shower tiles! | Photo Credit: darkbuffet

What to Consider When Buying a Shower Squeegee for Tile Walls

Rust-free lifespan

Squeegees are usually kept inside the shower or in the bathroom, so being able to withstand water and vapor are crucial features to have for one of these practical tools. The longer it manages to stay rust-free, the less you’ll have to worry about getting a new one.


The product’s size needs to be large enough to allow users to comfortably clean around, but it shouldn’t be too big to make cleaning a nuisance. An average, decent-sized squeegee is an ideal addition as a cleaning tool.

Ease of use

Although the easiness to use goes hand in hand with size, it’s actually defined by a wider set of attributes. The practicality of the grip, the sliding capabilities of the squeegee itself, and the quality of each ‘slide’ will ultimately make a huge difference and define how easy the product is to use. A big factor of ease of use comes with the weight of the actual tool. The more lightweight it is, the easier it is to handle.

Shower squeegee
Shower squeegee for uneven bathroom tile.

The Final Verdict

Clean tiles
Clean tiles | Photo Credit: jessie essex

The Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee by OXO seems to be one step higher than its competitors considering how comfortable it seems to be and how easy it is to clean with it. In any case, other options are still worth considering and you should take a peek on each product yourself to see which one you’d prefer!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your bathroom or shower area, if you have slippery shower tile and are frustrated with your shower curtain rod not staying up…be sure to read our reviews shower curtain rods that work well on smooth tile. You might find exactly what you’re looking for over there!

Keep your bathroom clean
Keep your bathroom clean | Photo Credit: atravellingmom

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