15 Best Shower Shoes For Gym & College Dorms

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We’ve tested major brands of flip-flops, slides, clogs and water shoes to narrow down a list of top men’s and women’s picks.

Are you looking for a good pair of shower shoes? If you use the showers at the gym or a communal shower room in a college dorm that get used by lots of different people- then you surely want a pair of shower shoes to protect your feet from germs and fungal infections like “Athlete’s foot” which thrive in these kinds of public bathrooms. 

You’d think when it comes to flip-flops, you’d just go for a household name brand (Crocs, Adidas, etc) but there are a couple of other things to consider when looking specifically for shower shoes and a few reasons why the most comfortable (and expensive) brands should not necessarily be your best choice when it comes to shower shoes. 

While my son, who is now a college freshman, loves his Crocs Unisex Athens Flip Flops for the dorm and the gym shower other name brands, such as Under Armour and Nike, did make our list of top-rated shower shoes below.  

Several other lesser-known brand names also made the cut- proving you don’t always need to buy the most expensive or well-known brand names to get a decent product.

So, we’ve put the most purchased and reviewed slides online head to head and we’ve selected a model that will likely work wonders for most people, coming out ahead of the competition in the most important aspects to consider when buying shower sandals: the Shower and Pool Sandal by Vertico.

If you are concerned with the hygiene in the communal showers, then you’ll want a pair made with anti-microbial material. We recommend you check out these Showaflops

Because they will go through a daily washing and spend a lot of time soaking wet it’s important that they dry quickly…otherwise, they’ll end up smelly musty.

Another concern in any public shower (or even one you share with a couple of roommates) is that they are slip-resistant and if possible anti-microbial.

Best Shower Shoes: 2021 Top Picks

Vertico Men's Shower and Pool Slide On Sandal, Black and Gray - 9-10 D(M) US
Our Top Pick For Gyms and Dorms

Shower and Pool Sandal by Vertico: Top Budget Pick

As the name of the product suggests, these shower sandals are tailor-made for a bathroom environment. They aren’t made of the best quality material on the market though, and users have advised that it might be wise not to wear them outside as the material could not hold its own for long, but they are comfortable, incredibly light, and properly slip-resistant.

The lack of fabric in the design keeps moisture away as water slips easily through the plastic, making them ideal to wear when showering or even at the pool.

There seems to be a recurrent issue with sizing, though. If you’re planning on buying these, we recommend that you order one size bigger than planned.


  • Affordable price compared to options from major sporting brands. 
  • They dry up quickly and tend to be great at resisting water, making them ideal shower commodities.
  • The sandals are good at avoiding unfortunate slips in the shower.
  • A comfortable interior helps the user feel natural when wearing them.


  • Sizing is an issue. If you’re buying, it might be best to ask for one size higher than your current one.
  • Not ideal to wear often. The material is good enough to withstand water, but it might wear down pretty quickly if used constantly.

Read reviews of these Vertico shower shoes.

Shower and Water Sandals by Showaflops: Best Antimicrobial Shoes

Showaflops Mens' Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals for Pool, Dorm, and Gym - Grey/Orange Slide 13/14

These are incredibly comfortable sandals, ideal to wear in the shower. The design has holes spread out through the whole sandal in order to allow better drainage, keeping the flip-flops from creating small puddles on the inside.

Another great thing is that they come in a wide variety of colors and styles for men & women (click to see the full selection on Amazon)

They’re made with layers of antimicrobial material and specially designed to be used in wet environments: steam rooms, saunas, dorms, public showers, pools, school locker room, gyms, and camps –basically any public facility used by many people-these are feeding grounds for fungus and bacteria that can cause infection

The key design feature to these water sandals is a large number of drainage holes distributed throughout the sole of the footwear which helps them dry much quicker than other styles of sandals that have a solid sole. 

Overall, most people find them very comfortable although sizing issues may occur, which are often fixed by ordering the larger version of each size, or one more size than your actual one.

In any case, comfort and quality are almost guaranteed with your purchase. The fabric may be isn’t ideal and takes a while to make them dry, but they come with a small hook to hang them from a showerhead or shower curtain rod which helps to counter this issue.

If you wear them inside the shower, it’ll take you a while until you can use them around the house or dorm due to the amount of time they take to dry so these probably need to be used a separate pair specifically dedicated to showering- and a different pair for lounging around.


  • Very comfortable sandals justify the price tag for buyers.
  • They don’t break down easily.
  • The material is very good and they tend to last for a long time.
  • Slip-resistant, high-quality design.


  • The fabric makes them take too long to dry.
  • Long drying time could prove to be annoying if you intend to wear them outside the shower.
  • Sizing issues should be taken into consideration when ordering.
  • The flip-flops don’t offer a proper grip and might feel loose at times.

Amoji Unisex Water Shoes| Best Closed Toe/Clog

Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Gardening Crocks Shower Shoes Slippers Quick Dry Summer Walking AM161 ArmyGreen 16-17 Women/14-15 Men
Amoji Unisex Shower Shoes Slippers

This uncommon water shoe designed by Amoji makes this footwear one of the most breathable on the market. Although they might look weird to you at first glance, the number of openings leaves enough space for the air to circulate freely.

The shoes are almost impervious to generating odor, as the air can easily pass through without staying concentrated in a single spot.

These shoes are ideal if you intend to spend a lot of time in an area with a vast concentration of water. In fact, if you need to use them in a university or college dressing room, these shoes are more than ideal. They are incredibly comfortable.

The only issue with these shoes is that the size doesn’t seem to be right when you order them. You might want to order one or two sizes below your actual size – the company seems to have the measurements wrong. They seem to ship bigger shoes almost all the time.


  • They provide a lot of room for the feet to breathe and the water to pass
  • Ideal to be used in common areas
  • They don’t generate odor
  • Incredibly lightweight


  • The material on the upper part could be softer
  • The edges are rough.

Best Women’s Slide Matari Bathroom Shower Slide

Matari Womens Mens Indoor Bathroom Shower Solid Slide-on Slippers Poolside Shoes (6.5-7.5 B(M) Women, Blue)
Matari Womens Bathroom Shower Slide-on

The Matari bathroom shoes have a strong grip which prevents the user from slipping on the bathroom, but most importantly, it features a design that can be worn by young people and more mature buyers alike.

They are made from polyvinyl chloride, which is a very light material. The shoes can be carried around incredibly easily, a feature that makes them an amazing choice for people who tend to move pretty often.

College students can simply put them inside their gym bags and store them in their dorm room without taking much space at all.

These shoes are also incredibly flexible. They can easily adapt to your feet’s movements without you having to worry about the sliders tearing. If your shoes come folded after you order them, we advise you to let them rest in hot water until they return to their natural shape – sometimes there are issues with packaging, causing this to happen.


  • The sole is very slip-resistant
  • They dry very quickly
  • They can get dry even when you place them inside a breathable bag
  • Ideal to be used in the gym or in college


  • The fit is on the small size, you may need to order up a size.

Best Unisex Flip Flop | Crocs Unisex Athens Flip Flop 

crocs Athens Flip Flop, Black/Smoke, 9 US Men / 11 US Women
Crocs Athens Flip Flop

Although the Crocs brand was originally known for its shoe-like sliders, they’ve evolved into a brand capable of manufacturing quality flip-flops and other footwear.

The Unisex Athens Flip is a perfect example of Crocs’ evolution – these flips are very comfortable to wear and they can be cleaned really easily.

Applying cold water or just a tad of soft soap is more than enough to get rid of any trace of dirt present on these shoes. The shoes have a very slight arch – you know the small curvature present of most flip-flops?

Yeah, it’s pretty moderate on this Crocs; it feels very comfortable. They’re easy to wear and you can use them for a few hours without getting tired of them,

As a huge bonus, these flips are completely unisex. You can let your friends or family borrow them without any problems. As long as the size is right, you’ll most likely be absolutely pleased with the design and the wear-comfort of these Crocs.


  • A unisex model which suits comfortably most men and women
  • Old school Croc style which looks and feels very good
  • They can last for up to 4 years if you use them on a daily basis
  • Great to be used outdoors, indoors or in the shower


  • The sandals seem pretty small and not too wide

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals - 44 M EU/13-13.5 B(M) US Women/11-11.5 D(M) US Men
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona

If you are familiar with the Birkenstock name, you’ll appreciate these Unisex EVA Sandals for their comfortable fit.  There’s a wide range of choices for you to select, and each size and model can be easily customized to fit the size of your shoe with the buckles and straps– even if your actual measures are one or two sizes above or below of the number you ordered.

The adjustable straps and the material which they’re made from makes them very comfortable to wear, and also very lightweight. They can be used on any type of common shower area with no issues, and they can be carried around without taking up much space or feeling like they weigh too much.

If you like to hike and do other sorts of outdoor activities, these sandals can be ideal for your needs. They can withstand a lot of wear in areas where you wouldn’t really expect a regular pair of sandals to hold up so well. They will wear down, but they’ll do it slower than most other pairs of sandals. They’re very resistant ad well built.


  • They come in a wide variety of colors
  • Great slip-resistant build
  • Easy to adjust
  • They last longer than other pairs of sandals


  • The first few uses can be a bit uncomfortable
  • The footbed could be better

Kaiback Simple Slide Sports Shower Sandal

Kaiback Men's Simple Slide Sport Shower Sandal (10/11) Brown
Kaiback Men’s Simple Slide Sport Shower Sandal

These Kaiback shower sandals are made with a rubber sole, which permits the footwear to create a proper grip between them and the floor. They are built to be used in water, so they’re ideal for showers or any other shallow water environment. In most cases, they won’t slip easily and they’ll allow you to move freely without having to worry about the sandals losing grip.

There seem to be some sort of issue with sizing in these sandals as well. The size you order will almost certainly feel a bit smaller than what it’s supposed to be, so we advise you to buy a pair one or two sizes above the actual measurements of your feet.

The inside part of the sliders, where your feet rest, is very comfortable and can feel like it massages your feet as you move thanks to its design. They offer good value for money and are one of those models which seem to look good with almost any type of clothing. The color in which they come with certainly help with this – it’s pretty neutral.


  • Great and good-looking design
  • The sole grips very well to the floor
  • Fitting  is true to size
  • Great value for money


  • Loose fitting

Teva Mush II

Men & Women Models

Teva Men's Mush II Flip Flop,Brick Black,10 M US
Teva Men’s Mush II Flip Flop

These flip flops come in two very similar but gender-specific models, which allows the manufacturer to tweak the features of the footwear according to the needs of men and women. Unsurprisingly, you might need to order one size larger than your actual size if you want them to fit well – many shoe manufacturers seem to have this issue, and it’s even more common flip-flops and sandals.

Teva Women's Mush II Sandal, Zoey Coral, 9 M US
Teva Women’s Mush II Sandal

Both models are built to last in water areas and offer great comfort and solid grip to the floor – even in smooth bathroom surfaces such as those present in the showers of most colleges and universities.

The women’s model seems to be a bit “fluffier” than the men’s sandals. The women’s sandals seem to cushion feet better than the male model, but the men’s sandals are still very comfortable to wear and offer even better slip-resistant attributes.

The men’s model has a little plastic logo embedded into the sandal, which some people can find a tad uncomfortable.

Other than that, both sets of sandals feel very mushy. They’re comfortable and easy to move with.


  • One of the most comfortable pairs of sandals you can get for the shower
  • Great to be carried around – they’re lightweight
  • The low profile strap is comfortable.
  • They fit very well


  • They hold up pretty well, but they don’t last for too long
  • People with flat feet can find them uncomfortable.

Nike Benassi

Nike Men's Benassi Just Do It Athletic Sandal, Black/White Noir/Blanc, 12.0 Regular US
Nike Men’s Benassi Athletic Sandal

As you would expect, these Nike sandals are a tad pricier than the rest of the products on our list that are made by lesser-known brands. These come in a large variety of colors, allowing you to choose which one suits you best. College students and athletes that work out a lot should be very pleased if they decide to buy these, as they look very good and are well built to withstand a lot of use and abuse.

Although these sandals are very nice looking, some of the other products on this list beat these out on comfort.

These are very well designed on the inside part of the sandal, but some sizes come too big and have a loose fit, while other sizes can appear to be small and too tight, so the sizing is surprisingly hit and miss from a company like Nike.

It depends on the feet of the wearer, but you might want to check out what people think about each size before ordering it.

In any case, the strap is padded and feels very comfortable when you’re wearing the sandals. They’re slip-resistant, but some of these other models can grip better to smooth surfaces. They’re definitely made for athletic feet – if you’re not a gym rat these could be perfect for you! 

*Update: the one main complaint (from my college son) is that the strap takes a long time to dry out so even the next day it can still feel clammy.  The jersey lining on the interior


  • They look very nice
  • Padded and comfortable strap
  • Great anti-slip design
  • Ideal to be worn by college athletes
  • They do a great job at preventing showering barefoot at a dorm or gym shower, one of the least healthy habits of college students


  • You might need to get a bigger size if you want them to feet comfortably
  • The strap takes a long time to dry out. 

FitFlop Women’s Superjelly Rubber Flip Flops

FitFlop Women's Superjelly Flip Flop, Flame, 5 M US
FitFlop Women’s Superjelly Flip Flop

The Fitflop Superjelly takes the top prize in the style category.  If you’re looking for a designer looking pair of waterproof flip-flops that double as shower shoes and style is a top priority for you, then these are definitely worth a closer look.

The sole is very comfortable and it adapts to almost any type of feet size with no problems.

The one main issue is that they could have a better strap. These sandals’ strap can cause blisters and it will be uncomfortable to wear during the first few uses, at least until it wears down a loosens up a bit.

The design is also particularly different from that of the other types of shoes that we’ve reviewed on our list. The front part is a bit higher than you might expect but it many reviewers found them comfortable to walk in.


  • The design allows the feet to move freely in the shower
  • The strap is tougher, but it makes it fit tightly
  • High steep model


  • The design might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • They’re a bit too narrow

adidas Adissage Slide, Black/White/Black, 8 M US

Men’s & Women Models

These sandals feature the traditional Adidas three-stripe design, they come in Men’s and Women’s versions. Both shoes are imported and made from synthetic fabric, and both the sole and the inner part of the sandals provide great grip between your feet and the floor.

Moving with both of these models will make you feel like your feet are being massaged constantly. The rippled surface might not seem comfortable at first glance, but it’s actually one of the main features which make these sandals so comfortable to wear. You might need a few hours wearing them until you get fully used to them, but once you do, you’ll very likely be pleased with your purchase.

Both models are built very similar and they look almost the same as well, bar their color.

adidas Adissage Slide Sandal, Red, 13 M US

Unlike most Adidas products, these sandals don’t seem to last long. They can wear down relatively quickly unless you take good care of them.

If you only plan on using them in your college shower, in your dorm or in your house, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding their build quality. If you want to wear them everywhere you go, we’d suggest you take a look at some of the other sandals that we’ve reviewed.

These are very popular and we see them all over, from public pools to kids at summer camp Adidas has become of the go-to brands for quality slides. We’re not the only ones that think these are worth buying, here is a quick clip by College Youtuber and where she recommends these for fellow students.


  • The dotted surface creates an uncommonly powerful grip when the shoes are exposed to water
  • Accurate sizing and fit
  • Ideal to be used in the shower


  • These may be uncomfortable at first until fabric adapts to the size and shape of your foot. 

Under Armour Locker – Best Men’s Slide

UNDER ARMOUR Men's Locker III Slide Sandal, Black (001)/Metallic Silver, 10
UNDER ARMOUR Men’s Locker III Slide Sandal

These very high-quality Under Armor sandals have a very slick design and their fabric allows the product to dry rather quickly. In fact, the shape of the sandal is what makes water flow out of the shoes as soon as it lands on them when you’re showering.

It’s a very well-thought shape which makes this product ideal for people who like to shower with sandals, especially in common bathrooms such as those found in colleges and universities.

Although some people would rather use cheap sandals for communal shower floors, these actually provide the owner with reliable footwear which can be used around common areas without having to worry about them wearing down quickly. They’re very well built and resistant.

Some people hate microfiber on their shoes as it can feel very uncomfortable when it’s constantly touching the skin. Thankfully, these sandals don’t have any of it present on the inside of the strap or even in the upper part of the sole itself.


  • They adapt very well to most types of feet
  • These are great to be worn in the shower or even in college dorms
  • They don’t have any microfiber on the inside
  • Long and comfortable-to-the-touch strap


  • The manufacturer seems to have some issues with sizing
  • You might find other sandals a bit more comfortable.

Quicksilver Molokai

Quiksilver Men's Molokai Layback Sandal, Black/Blue/Black, 11 Medium US
Quiksilver Men’s Molokai Layback Sandal,

The Molokai by Quicksilver has managed to manufacture a very simple, lightweight and sturdy flip-flop model which is ideal to be used in common showers. The fabric allows water to easily move away from the shoe, and even if the flip-flop is submerged in water, it will be able to dry out pretty quickly. You don’t have to worry about cleaning them often either, as they don’t tend to get dirty too easily.

These flip flops are a bit small, so you might want to order them a size bigger just to make sure they’ll fit. You can use them for any occasion as well, they’re not strictly made for showering, but they do thrive under that endeavor. If you want to buy these sandals to wear them around your dorm room, you might be better off purchasing a different and more comfortable pair.

They’re not super uncomfortable, but you might want to avoid wearing them for long periods of time. You’ll be more pleased with the product if you use them only when you’re going to shower.


  • They’re cheap and an ideal shower
  • Simple design
  • They feel very sturdy
  • The flip-flops can be used in the shower, the beach or any other commonplace without wearing down too quickly


  • They could fit a but loosely depending on your shoe size

New Balance Shower Slide

New Balance Men's 200 V1 Slide Sandal, Black/White, 10 D US
New Balance Men’s 200 V1 Slide Sandal,

These wide New Balance slides are ideally made for students with big feet – they’ll comfortably adjust to almost any type of foot, provided you buy the right size. These are extremely comfortable as well as slip-resistant and waterproof, so you can wear them anywhere you want without feeling that your feet are getting sore.

The build and fabric are very smooth as well. The touch of the synthetic material against your skin is highly unlikely to cause you rashes or itching. After showering, all you need to do is wait a short while and they’ll be dry enough to wear around the dorm or house without causing any messes.

These slides are also highly unlikely to produce odor thanks to the high quality of the fabric with which they are made.


  • Although they’re made of plastic, they’re comfortable enough to be worn for a while
  • They’re soft
  • Ideal to be used only near the pool or in the shower


  • The straps seem a bit too loose
  • The build could be sturdier

Suave Men’s Rubber Sandal by Gear One: Review

These are the cheapest go-to option we could find for anyone in need of really inexpensive bathroom footwear.

Unlike Vertico’s product, these seem to be a little too faithful to their price tag, and they look and feel a bit too rigid.

Users have been very happy with their purchases in general, as they claim they are getting exactly what they expected when they bought them based on what they paid. Issues with sizing are almost non-existent and they are good at avoiding slips in wet surfaces.

You may find that they aren’t really that comfortable, but they work very well as shower shoes and given their affordable pricing these sandals are often bought as simple shoes to make quick trips outside the house. They aren’t anything special, but if you’re looking for a quick and cheap buy, these are for you!


  • Good for taking showers as the soles are reported to resist slips very well.
  • General agreement on properly sized footwear, a plus for every online buy in today’s market.
  • Although not made from top quality rubber, they don’t appear to break down quickly.


  • Not the best quality sandals out there, they seem a bit too cheap-looking (not a surprise at this price point).
  • Not the most comfortable.

Avoiding Athlete’s Foot:

This short video from the American Academy of Dermatology gives some great tips on how to avoid getting athlete’s foot or other similar fungal infections.

Not surprisingly, their top recommendation is to:

Wear shower shoes, flip-flops, or sandals when walking around pools, gyms, shower or locker areas, and hotel rooms. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot may be on the floor. Even when taking a shower in a gym, it is important to wear shower shoes or flip flops.

For more tips see the AADs article here. 

Shower Shoes Buyers Guide

locker room
You definitely do not want to go barefoot here.

Durability: Most shower sandals are subjected to heavy wear and tear over their lifespans, and the condition in which they’re used tends to be rougher than the other day-to-day shoes. In any case, it is of utmost importance that the quality of the footwear is good enough to not wear down quickly.

  • Comfort: Along with good quality, it is important that shoes manage to feel comfortable. Some companies tend to sacrifice this quality completely in order to prevent sooner-than-expected tearing. From a buyer’s perspective, such a decision could be critical at the moment of purchasing the flip-flops.
  • Slip resistance: The sole of a shower sandal should be able to allow the user to stand still or move freely without tripping or slipping under normal circumstances. This feature is often the most sought after when purchasing a pair of sandals, as low-quality slip resistance could turn a shower into a small incident in a matter of seconds.
  • Antimicrobial material: Even if the shoes have plenty of holes for drainage and ventilation, it’s still an added bonus to have a pair made out of materials that are specifically designed to resist microbes and lessen the chances you catch a nasty fungal infection from your fellow shower goers. While the ones below are not all anti-microbial, we did find one really good pair (see the Showaflops that we’ve reviewed below).

flip flops


Flip-flops or Thongs: These have a very flat sole with very little cushioning. They have a very loose fit and are held on the foot just by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot. While some consumers also call these “slides”, we consider them really as a separate category of shoe since the way they are secured to the foot is different.

orange flip-flop
Some flip-flops do have thicker cushioned soles.

Some people that cannot tolerate the flip-flop strap between their toes (due to bunions, corns, or just general discomfort) may be very comfortable in a slide-type shoe that had a wide strap across the lower part of the metatarsal bones.


  • Very lightweight.
  • 100% waterproof (unless straps are made of fabric).
  • Easiest to get on and off.
  • Generally the least expensive.


  • The heel is not secured.
  • Very little cushioning.
  • Feet can slide around a lot.
  • The shoe construction often fails at the Y-strap as it can easily pop out after time when the foam wears down.

Examples on our list: The Crocs Unisex flip-flop and the Quicksilver Molokai.

Slides or Sliders: While some consumers group these together with the category above, the main difference is that they are held on by a wider strap that goes across the lower base of the foot. There are no straps going in between your toes. Also, the construction is often stronger because the strap is connected at both sides of the shoe and the pressure is not concentrated on one point (like the Y strap on a flip-flop). They are backless and open-toed, essentially an open-toed mule but without a raised heel.


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • No strap going between your toes (an advantage for some).
  • Slightly more stability and cushion.


  • No heel support
  • Can be difficult to get a secure fit for usually wide or narrow feet.

Examples on our list: Adidas Adissage and the New Balance Float

closed toe water shoes
Closed-Toe outdoor shoes can also be a decent option for the shower.

Water Shoes: 

The main difference between this style and the previous is that this is a closed-toe design with straps or webbing that covers most of the top of the wearer’s foot. They are heavier and more solid than the other styles we’ve mentioned.

Some of these are more designed for outdoor activities like hiking but there are models with quick-drying waterproof fabric that also serve well for showering. These are especially useful for slippery floors or places where you want to keep your feet better protected.


  • Solid Design
  • Covered toes.
  • More grip, less slippery.
  • The heel is securely fastened into the shoe.


  • Heavy.
  • Much more cumbersome to get on/off.
  • Can be a little overkill to purchase just for shower use, but worth the money if you want to also wear them for water-sports and outdoor activities.

Examples on our list: Amoji Water Shoes

rubber clog
Rubberized clog (like the well-known Crocs) is one of the best-sellers.


We traditionally think of clogs as wooden shoes used in many parts of the world as work footwear for agricultural or industrial workers that spend a lot of time on their feet. An example of this type of shoe is the  Swedish träskor.

In recent years these have been made popular with people from all walks of life wearing them. Much of the trend was restarted by the now household brand “Crocs” that introduced a rubberized version of the clog in the US markets in 2002. They are now sold in over 90 countries and are worn by everyone from ER doctors to celebrity chefs.


  • Very comfortable design and shock-absorbing foam cushioning.
  • Very durable (especially if worn on indoors surfaces)
  • Many models have a back strap that secures the back of the foot and makes them more secure to walk in.
  • Totally waterproof and plenty of drainage holes to dry out quickly.


  • Many people don’t like the “goofy” look.
  • Relatively high price for the materials.

Examples on our list:  Classic Crocs™

Final Verdict:

It’s likely that you already own a pair of sandals or flip-flops, but if you’re planning on hitting the gym or maybe you’re going away to college you’ll want some shower shoes that are designed to be used while showering you’ve come to the right place. The true deciding factor for our choice ultimately came down to the durability of the sandals and their ability to hold up to repeatedly getting wet and drying without getting musty or even moldy.

While there is some high end (and expensive) name brand sandal shoes, our lesser-known pick actually came out on top in our grade book with higher marks for durability and value.  The Shower and Pool Sandal by Vertico pushed through the competition’s features with both an affordable price and a good design while the Showaflops squeaked ahead in the clean and microbe-free category.

We think this is one of those cases were the most expensive option on the market isn’t necessarily the best one.

Are you heading off to college or shopping for a gym or dorm shower gear? Check out our other shower-related reviews, like these top picks for shower caddies.

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