10 Best Shower Mats for Seniors

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Some showers have very slippery surfaces, an issue that becomes detrimental if you have a tendency to easily fall over. This is especially true for elderly adults, whose hips and legs tend to be far weaker than the average person’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a shower mat for yourself, for your parents, or for your grandparents… We’re here to help you decide which one to get!

After reviewing many products and picking the market’s top choices, we’ve concluded that the Gorilla Grip Original Shower Tub Mat is a great choice for most standard elongated showers. For square shower stalls, we recommend you take a look at the Vive Non-Slip Shower Mat as a good budget pick. We’ve included several other options below for different shower sizes from square to extra long as well as a good stick-on option for extra security that sticks directly to the shower stall floor.

Best Anti-slip Bath & Shower Mats

Gorilla Grip Original Bath, Shower Tub Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower Tub Mat, 35x16, Many Colors, Washable, XL Size Bathroom Bathtub Mats, Drain Holes, Suction Cups, Yellow Opaque
Gorilla Grip Original Shower Tub Mat,

Although this mat looks smooth in plain sight, this mat by Gorilla Grip actually has a very simple but effective texture on its surface. This permits your feet to create a grip with the mat, which in turn helps prevent slips while taking a shower. There are also a ton of holes that go through the mat, allowing water to flow and avoid water pooling on top of the mat. A total of 324 suction cups keep this mat securely stuck to the bathtub – which is one of the top priorities for preventing falls. 

At just under three feet long (35×16) it covers the main standing area of almost all standard bathtubs. As an added bonus, especially for seniors, is that it’s washable, you can simply throw this thing in your washing machine keeping it mildew and mold-free without having to bend down and scrub it. 


  • Very easy to wash
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Texture offers great slip-resistance
  • Hole design allows water to freely flow through the mat


  •  Price, more expensive than competitors

Shower Mat by Vive – Budget Square Pick

Vive Non Slip Shower Mat - Non Skid Bathtub Floor for Kids, Adults, Elderly - Square Bathroom Stall Slipmat Bath Tub Suction Grip - Washable Nonslip, Mold & Mildew Resistant Antibacterial PVC (Blue)
Vive Non-Slip Shower Mat

This mat’s particular design fits in the center of most square showers, as it has a drainage hole made to be placed exactly above the shower’s drain. This permits the water to properly flow while also keeping the surrounding area slip-free. The design and simplicity also make it a great product for the elderly.

Although the design is great for allowing the water to pass through, some shower floors might still keep water remnants beneath the mat. Even though it’s not ideal, it could be fixed by simply making a small opening in one of the mat’s corners. The product isn’t as large as other competitors, but it certainly offers what it advertises.

Don’t be fooled by its size, though. Although smaller than others, it covers just enough ground in order for you to take a shower comfortably, and its grip to the floor also seems to be quite good even when compared to the best products on the market.


  • The product’s design allows it to be placed in the center of the shower while also keeping an open way for the water to flow.
  • Sticks to the ground as intended and doesn’t move once it’s placed.
  • Good quality material and light texture make the product ideal for seniors or children.


  • It could prove to be a bit small depending on the size of your shower.
  • Might accumulate water beneath the surface of the floor has irregularities.

Gorilla Grip Patented Shower Stall Mat – Square

Gorilla Grip Patented Shower Stall Mat, 21x21 Bath Tub Mats, Washable, Square Bathroom Mats for Showers with Drain Holes, Suction Cups, Turquoise Opaque
Gorilla Grip Patented Shower Stall Mat, 21×21

Just like the rectangular model above, Gorilla excels by offering great slip resistance in a big enough area of your shower stall.

The square 21×21 shape fits standard shower stalls.  The brand is known for manufacturing products that stick well so it makes logical sense that they know how to make a mat with enough suction cups to do the job.
The mat is made of quality materials and comes in a decent variety of colors. 

One noticeable feature about the mat is the lack of holes (or greater separation between suction cups) in the center of the mat. Many competitors do have this. However, the sheer number of holes in the Gorilla Grips model allows the water to flow efficiently and prevents pooling.

The one disclaimer that the brand is very transparent about is that this mat is not suitable for textured shower floors. “textured and tiled surfaces do not allow for the suction cups”. 

On the plus side, it’s good that the brand offers the warning and realistically that same fact is true for virtually any mat using suction cups – they just aren’t guaranteed to stay in place.

If that is a concern, we’d recommend using SlipX Solutions Adhesive Non-Slip Safety Treads on your shower floor.


  • The product sticks to its promises  
  • Ideal size for small showers.
  • Brand recognition and reputation


  • Price, although not a drastic difference
  • No center hole for the drain
  • Not intended for texture tiles.

Bathroom Bath Shower Mat by KOA:

Bathroom Bath Shower Mat Vinyl Material Extra Long 39 x 15.5 Inches (White)
Extra Long Bathroom Bath Shower Mat

This mat has an above-average size, ideal to be used in long bathtubs or big showers as long as it doesn’t cover up the drain. The suction cups underneath it should grip to most common bathroom surfaces without too much trouble and its vinyl composition allows the product to be washed on a machine without any inconvenience.

Apart from being a good choice for elderly adults, this product is also widely recommended for children as its size suits a child’s movements and the material will almost assuredly keep them from slipping. It is strongly suggested that you properly wash this mat before placing it on your shower – it could sometimes develop a small slippery layer during shipping which could cause the product to not fully represent its actual quality when placed.

If your bathroom’s shower surface isn’t too smooth and even but rather has a few irregularities, we suggest you check out other products as this might not be ideal for your needs.


  • It offers great length which allows the product to excel in long showers or bathtubs.
  • The mat sticks pretty well to most plain surfaces, keeping owners from tripping while showering.
  • The slip-resistance surface works well when properly attached to the tub’s floor.


  • Folding marks caused by shipping might stay on the mat for longer than desired.
  • Won’t properly stick to irregular surfaces.

Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat 39”x16” (for Smooth/Non-Textured Tubs Only) Safe, Clean, Anti-Bacterial, Machine-Washable, Superior Grip&Drainage, Vinyl Bath Mat, Opaque White …
Tike Smart Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat 39”x16”

This mat is specifically made to fit on large tubs. It will stick to almost any smooth bathtub (and even showers), but the product won’t work well if your bathtub has an uneven surface. It needs a smooth floor to properly stick, otherwise, it won’t work well.

Its design allows you to easily get rid of residue water every time you clean it. It’s a great product when it comes to avoiding microbe growth in your tub.

It’s also built with very soft fabric, which doesn’t only prevent you or your loved ones from falling when showering, but it also allows you to step anywhere comfortably without worrying about mat irregularities.

As one huge additional bonus, this mat is also incredibly cheap. It’s not that easy to find large mats if you’re on a low budget – especially if you’re looking for quality. This affordable mat works very well and provides a great grip to your feet.



  • If your bathtub’s floor isn’t too clean, you might have problems making it stick to the surface
  • It can be quite annoying to clean

SlipX Solutions Clear Square Shower Stall Mat

SlipX Solutions Clear Square Shower Stall Mat Adds Non-Slip Traction (21" Sides, 160+ Suction Cups, Great Drainage)
SlipX Solutions Clear Square Shower Stall Mat

This mat by SlipX is made with vinyl fabric, which makes it very good at preventing you from slipping while showering. It also has a bunch of suction cups at the bottom – it’s one of the best mats that you can buy when it comes to sticking to most bathtub surfaces.

It is advertised as a product that only works on non-textured surfaces, but it can even stick well in textured surfaces if your bathtub doesn’t have a lot of irregularities. This mat is ideal for small tubs, though: it doesn’t come in big size so you have to be especially careful around the border of the mat where it won’t cover all of the shower stalls- depending on the exact size of your shower stall you could have several inches on all sides of the mat that are not covered. So it’s important that you measure your stall well before buying. 

The mat is also odor-free, which is an advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked: low-quality mats tend to gather a lot of water and they start producing an awful smell with time. This mat avoids this issue very well.


  • It has a ton of suction cups which provide great grip
  • The mat works with certain textured surfaces as well as most non-textured ones
  • Made for small tubs
  • It doesn’t smell bad after a few days of usage


  • It’s not too big
  • It might arrive folded after shipping, which prevents it from properly extending on your tub’s floor.

FeschDesign Non-Slip Bath Mat for Tub & Shower

FeschDesign Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub & Shower | PVC- & BPA-Free, Anti Bacterial, Natural Rubber Bathtub Mat | Original GripTight (TM) Technology | 28" x 16", White
FeschDesign Non-Slip Bath Mat

The FeschDesign mat is made of high-quality rubber, and it offers a unique design on its upper part. It doesn’t only look good in most bathrooms: it also provides a great grip for your feet when you’re in the tub – even if you tend to shower with high water flow.

The design makes the mat a very easy-to-clean product as well. Since it doesn’t have a ton of irregularities on its upper part, you don’t have to worry about the mat collecting water and smelling badly after a few uses.

Seniors can easily use this product and set it up without issues. It sticks very well to most smooth tubs and it doesn’t move once set up.


  • It’s made of rubber, but it isn’t prone to causing allergies
  • The mat offers a unique design that most owners should find appealing
  • Very easy to clean
  • This product can be easily installed and used by seniors without any assistance


  • You might need to clean it often
  • Might smell only during the first few days of usage

Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat 16" x 28" Natural Rubber
Epica Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

This relatively small mat is ideal for those people who own small bathtubs as well as people who tend to shower without moving too much. It is very well made and built to last for a long time. As an added bonus, customer service offered by the manufacturer is absolutely amazing, and they’re open to helping out buyers if any issues arise.

The product feels very comfortable to step on, almost like a cushion inside the shower. The one main drawback that we can tell you about is that the mat can lose its grip after using it for a few months.

During the first 4 or 5 months, it will stick incredibly well to most tubs, offering a great grip for young and senior owners alike.

Unlike many other products on our list, this mat can stick to tiled floors very well. Its suction cups are extremely solid and can offer true grip regardless of the floor in which the mat is placed.

People use bath mats for many different reasons. Products such as the Epica Anti-Slip Bath Mat provide owners with comfort and freedom.


  • Small mat, ideal for small showers
  • It can stick to floors with irregularities, not only to smooth surfaces
  • It feels very comfortable at all times
  • The product has a great grip


  • It can lose its effectiveness after a few months of usage

Non-Slip Safety Shower Grip Treads

Looking for another type of non-slip product? We encourage you to check out these anti-slip shower grip treads… They can prevent you from falling and slipping, while also being an ideal alternative for seniors – they don’t have to be cleaned too often.

SlipX Solutions Adhesive 7.5" Safety Treads Add Non-Slip Traction to Tubs, Showers, Pools, Boats, Stairs & More (12 Count, Reliable Grip, Clear)
SlipX Solutions Adhesive. Add Non-Slip Traction to Tubs, Showers

These threads can grip incredibly well to most bathtub floors without needing a lot of time to set up. They are incredibly effective and don’t take as much space as a shower mat.

As a matter of fact, these threads are easier to clean and healthier than a mat, as they don’t tend to allow the growth of bacteria on their surface. This product is a great anti-slip alternative to shower mats, and it’s high-quality makes it an ideal option for most homeowners.

These are ideal to be used on any type of shower, as the size isn’t an issue at all. You can just put them wherever you need them to be and they’ll work as intended.

The stickers also have suction cups at the bottom. They can stick very easily to the most smooth bathroom floors. Just be warned: they don’t work very well with tiled and irregular floors.

Treads and mats have some significant differences, but they aim to do a similar job.


  • They work well in any bathtub
  • High-quality suction mechanism
  • Very good grip
  • Healthier than most shower mats


  • They don’t stick well to textured surfaces
older woman in the tub

NTTR Non-Slip Bath Mat Anti-Bacterial Tub Mat

The first thing you’ll notice about this mat is certainly its design. The product is made to resemble rocks in a bathtub – if you like unique things to decorate your home with, this mat is more than ideal for you. Its fabric seems a bit too smooth on the surface, but it should still provide quite a decent grip to prevent tripping in people of all ages (even seniors).

It does have one major issue, though: you’ll need to straighten it for the first few days before it manages to stick properly. The way in which this product is delivered hinders its effectiveness until it can properly stick to the floor of your tub. Once you manage to achieve that, it’ll work wonders.

You should also air it for a few hours before using it for the first time. This will get rid of the plastic smell that it has when newly unboxed.


  • The mat offers a very unique design which many people should find very appealing
  • Sticks to almost any bathtub surface with no issues
  • It is longer than most mats on the market
  • The product withstands a lot of humidity before you have to clean it


  • It can smell very badly during the first few days of usage
  • Although visually pleasing, its design hinders functionality a bit

What to consider when buying a Bath Mat for Seniors: 

senior man ready for bath
The top feature to look for is the Anti-Slip bottom.

Slip-resistant features: Although this seems to be the main purpose of a shower mat, some lower-end products tend to offer poor slip resistance and could end up giving you a feeling of being unsafe rather than security when taking a shower. For seniors safety should be a top priority in the bathtub.

Ability to stick: Apart from the mat’s anti-slipping features of the top surface where you stand, it should stay put wherever you place it. The ability of the mat to stay in one place often compliments its own slip-resistant features and gives owners a stronger feeling of security when moving inside the shower. Good suction cups are the key: the quality, number of them, and the distribution of them along the bottom (especially the corners) is the feature to look for.

Mold-free lifespan: Shower mats are probably the one shower commodity that gets the most exposure to the water flow. This makes both the design and its material’s quality very important as it should be able to properly offer the water away to drain in order to keep it from developing mold. It gets harder for many older adults to do a deep cleaning of the bathroom, so having a mold and mildew-resistant bath mat helps keep things hygienic.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Shower Mat by Gorilla Grips offers the most varied amount of features while keeping its negative attributes to a minimum, making it come ahead of the competition in our shower mat review. The other products we talked about might be more of your liking, so don’t be afraid to check them out in any case!

If you are accessorizing a shower for an elderly person and are looking to improve the safety of your shower, you may want to check out these shower grab bars and these heavy-duty shower stools and chairs

An elevated toilet seat with risers and handles can also make your bathroom much more accessible, especially for an older adult or anyone with mobility issues as the seat sits several inches higher and the handles help them get on and off the seat much more easily.

If you want to keep your shower tidy and well organized, feel free to check out the rest of our bathroom product reviews!

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