Best Shower Head for RVs 2018 Reviews

The shower heads that come factory fitted in new RVs are surprisingly poorly designed. I’ve had a look at a range of shower heads that all offer water saving mechanisms that you would expect as standard for and RV shower head. My top pick is far and away the best of the three, but it is also close to twice the price of the next best option, so if you spend a good deal of time in your RV and you really want the best shower head on the market I’d go for the Oxygenics Shower Head With 60” Hose but if you can’t bring yourself to spend that much money then the PIH High Pressure RV Shower Head and Hose is still a great choice.

What to consider:  

  • Do you need a fully off setting? – One of the main reasons to buy a new shower head for your RV is to get one that allows you to save on water by shutting the shower off while you soap up. There are two main ways to do this. The first one shuts the water off completely. The second one just slows the water to a trickle. Option one means that the water can get cold but is more effective. Option two will undoubtedly use more water, but will keep it hot.
  • The fitting – A common question about shower heads for RVs is if they have standard fitting. You will find that almost all shower heads have the same fittings. If they are anything other than standard it will be front and centre on the listing.

The switching mechanism – There are a few different ways of changing between the on/off settings. You may to consider which mechanism you would prefer. The options are ones that have a dial at the top where the water comes out. The other options are slides or push buttons on the handle. This is really just a matter of personal preference.

Shower Head for RVs 2018 Reviews

camco RV shower head
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 The first on our list is the Camco 43712 RV Shower Head.  At first look this shower head has a lot of features going for it. There are five spray patterns and an on/off slide button to help conserve water. It’s made by Camco which is a well-known company that specializes in RV gear. We’ve mentioned their products before, in fact the Camco 41531 as one of our top choices for camping toilets. 

Let’s talk about the five modes first. It is probably a little bit of an overstatement to describe this shower head as having five modes, at lower water pressures you don’t get much water flow when in the fully massage mode. The massage mode is fairly basic as well and it can be a little awkward to change the settings especially with wet hand.

The on/off slide switch is a nice feature. Some water saving shower heads require you to hold a button down while you want the water to flow, so just being able to slide the switch makes for a more pleasant showing experience. However, as the off position is a fully off position, this can mean that the water becomes cold if you lave it in the off position for too long, so just take care that you don’t take too long shampooing your hair or you might get a cold shower. This is a pretty good low-cost option, but if you are willing to spend a bit more, there are better shower heads out there.


  • On/off slide switch, so no need to hold a button down
  • Can buy just the shower head without a hose
  • Very lightweight


  • At low water pressure not all the settings work well
  • Water can become cold while the switch is in the off position

PIH High Pressure RV Shower Head and Hose

PIH Pressure RV shower head
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This shower head by PIH is a breeze to install and does a great job of increasing the water pressure, without any need to increase the power of your regulator. The main downside to this though is that with the increased water pressure you may find that you end up using more water, which can be problematic if you are dry-camping.

The showerhead does come with three settings which are switched between by twisting the dial on the shower head. There is a wide spray, a directed spray and a pause setting. This showerhead will may not be kind to your water tank but it does make for a more pleasant showering experience than most factory fitted shower heads.


  • Provides excellent water pressure
  • Easy installation


  • Can use more water due to high pressure flow

Oxygenics Shower Head With 60” Hose 

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This shower head and hose are a little pricier but most people who try it become absolute converts and are almost fanatical about it. The showerhead is designed to give you a high-pressure stream of water, which it does by providing a comparatively narrow spray, which you can’t change. You can change the intensity however. If you are after a shower head that will give you a good strong spray then this can be a good choice, if however, you like to stand under a wide ‘rain-like’ spray then perhaps this one is not for you,

Unlike the other shower head this one does not have a full off setting. It instead reduces the flow of the water to a trickle for while you are soaping up. This meant hat the water stays warm, but it does mean it is not as effective at reducing your water use as other shower heads.


  • Water remains hot whilst in restricted flow
  • Improves water pressure


  • There is no complete off so can use more water
  • Fixed spray setting

Final Verdict/Conclusion:

The Oxygenics Shower Head With 60” Hose is a fantastic shower head that will make your RV shower experience rival that of your home shower. The main problem with it is that you might enjoy your shower so much that you fill your grey tank up quicker due to spending so much time in the shower. If you don’t feel you can justify spending that much on a shower head then the PIH High Pressure RV Shower Head and Hose delivers a good experience with the more water saving option of having a full off setting.