Best Shower Foot Scrubber Mat | 2018 Reviews

Getting your feet clean in the shower isn’t always the easiest.  Do you ever find yourself leaning down trying to balance on one foot to clean the bottom of your feet? How safe can this really be if you are standing on a wet shower floor?  A good way to combat that is to get a shower foot scrubber mat.  They help to exfoliate your feet and keep them clean, and also provide a safe way for you to keep your footing in the shower.  

Of all of the different foot scrubbing mats that we reviewed, we decided that our favorite was the Honest Matters Loofah Shower Mat.  With so many different options for shower mats, we came across a few others that we really liked as well.  Take a look and see what you think.

What to Consider When Buying a Foot Scrubber Mat:

The first thing that you will want to look for when choosing a mat for your shower, whether it is for foot scrubbing mat or not, is a non-slip grip.  Non-slip grip on the bottom of the mat will help to keep you safe while you are in the shower.  Just remember, sometimes these type of mats do not work well in a shower with an uneven surface.

It is also a good idea to look for one that is antibacterial.  Bath mats tend to stay wet for a while, which means they are more prone to growing bacteria and other germs.  Choosing an antibacterial material will definitely help to keep your shower mat more sanitary.

Also consider the size and shape of your foot scrubber mat.  Some people don’t like the way that they feel on their feet while they are showering, but do like to have it for cleaning the bottom of their feet.  This is when a smaller mat may be handy.  It can stay in the corner of the shower, so that it is only used when you need it. Other people may prefer a larger mat, for added padding under their feet while they shower.  This really is a matter of preference, but still something to consider.

Our Picks for the Best Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

#1 – Honest Matters Loofah Shower Mat

Natural loofa foot scrubber mat for shower
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This shower mat is made up of loofah style material, giving it a great exfoliating result.  The good news, however, is that unlike other scrubber mats it is soft and pliable, so it won’t kill your feet when you shower.  It also has some other great features that you will want to be aware of.


  • You don’t just get the bath mat.  
  • It also comes with a back scrubber and two loofah sponges that you can use in the shower for a total body exfoliation.
  • It is made up of antibacterial material that will prevent the growth of bacteria and other germs, as long as you keep it clean and dry.
  • It covers a large area of 29×17 inches.  This means that it can nearly cover the entire shower floor of most average size showers.


  • It will not stay secure in the shower floor if you do not have a smooth surface.  That means if you have stone or marble flooring, it may not be safe.
  • If it covers your shower drain, it may cause the water in the shower to drain slower than it should and water may pool up in the bottom of the shower.

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#2 – Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner for Shower Floor

non slip foot scrubber
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If you don’t want to stand on the scrubber the entire time you are showering, then this may be an ideal choice.  It is small and can go in the corner of your shower just to be used to clean your feet.  It also gently massages your feet, helping to improve circulation.  


  • It has bristles that help to scrub your feet, and these bristles are designed to work to get between the toes with your longer bristles.  
  • You can wash both feet at the same time, as it is designed for you to fit both of them on the mat together.
  • It can even be used outside of the shower to help massage and apply lotion to your feet.


  • Some buyers have noted that it has a very odd smell when it is first unpackaged, but this smell tends to fade away after using it for a little while.
  • It may not be ideal if you have really big feet, because of its size.

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#3 – Non-Slip Grip Fast Drying Hydro Shower Rug

Hydro Shower Rug
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This is another large bath rug that helps to keep your feet clean as a whistle. It is actually like putting carpet in your shower, except it is sanitary.  It is ideal for children and elderly people as well, because it offers a non slip grip.


  • The material is very quick to dry, which keeps moisture from building up and prevents it from growing bacteria.  
  • It is also really easy to keep it clean.
  • There are many different suction cups that help to keep it in one spot on the shower floor, which helps you to keep your footing easier.
  • It is machine washable, so you can just throw it in the washer if you ever need to get it extra clean.




  • Like most bath mats, it is not ideal for textured floors.  
  • If you try to use it on a textured shower floor, then it may cause you to slip and fall.
  • It doesn’t dry on its own.  It does require you to hang it to dry to keep it in the best condition.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are some really good shower foot scrubber mats out there.  If you want something that offers just about everything that you could need, from an antibacterial non-slip design, to a soft and plush, yet still exfoliating texture, then opt for the Honest Matters Loofah Shower Mat. The bonus back scrubber and loofahs are just an added perk of choosing this one.