Best Shower Cap for Long Hair, Dreadlocks, Weaves & Braids

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Unless you landed here by mistake, I’m assuming you have long hair!  I’m also guessing you struggle with keeping those long beautiful locks dry when you are in the shower or soaking in the bathtub. 

Let’s face it, if you have especially long hair-the kind that turns head and gets you compliments – goes well down your back, dreadlocks or long braids (natural or extensions)- you know getting wet when you didn’t want to can be a huge frustration and time-consuming to dry. Because of that, we set out to find the best shower cap for long hair on the market!

XL Shower Cap - Adjustable & WaterProof By Simply Elegant: The Satin Dream Jumbo ShowerCap X-Large and Extra Cute - The Best in Long Hair Products & Protection (Patent Pending)

Of the shower caps we’ve tried, our top pick is the XL Shower Cap By Simply Elegant but continue reading below to see the reasons why and other good extra large shower caps.

While we think the Superpower Shower Cap by Turbella is the ultimate shower cap for long hair, it’s quality comes with a steep price tag that is probably higher than most people would want to pay for a shower cap -which is why it didn’t come out on the top of our list- but it’s definitely worth a look.  If you are looking for other more budget options please see our other reviews below.

Another reason you may be looking for a large shower cap is to protect the expensive hairstyle you’ve had done at the salon for special occasions: graduations, weddings, prom dates, etc.  You’d hate to ruin that hairstyle after you spend a chunk of money on it…apart from the major embarrassment of messing up your hair right before the big event!

Realistically we’re not going to wash it every time we get in the shower because long hair takes a long time to dry…and it can be a major pain!

Because of that, we need to find an extra-large shower cap that will keep our long hair dry and prevent the problem – it can be especially annoying if you get your dreads or braids wet when you didn’t want to – especially in cold winter months when it can take a long time to dry them out completely.

Top Picks for Best Shower Cap for Long Hair:

Satin Dream Jumbo XL Shower Cap By Simply Elegant 

XL Shower Cap - Adjustable & WaterProof By Simply Elegant: The Satin Dream Jumbo ShowerCap X-Large and Extra Cute - The Best in Long Hair Products & Protection (Patent Pending)
The Satin Dream Jumbo ShowerCap X-Large

The Satin Dream Jumbo XL Shower Cap By Simply Elegant is specifically design for big hair! The shower cap is large enough to for crochet braids, weaves, dreadlocks, extensions, or long natural hairstyles.  The company was started by a woman with large hairstyle that was tired of cheap, poor quality alternatives and created the “Satin Dream” specifically to solve the problem she was having.

The shower cap comes in two sizes: Large and Extra Large. The patent-pending drawstring is designed to keep it snugly on your head and tight enough to keep all your hair conveniently tucked up underneath without falling down- while still being comfortable enough that it doesn’t squeeze too tight.

Satin Dream Shower Cap is flattened when shipped, it measures about 15 inches across (this is huge compared to normal-sized shower caps).

The elastic opening has a diameter of 9 inches but when fully extended can stretch to an amazing 20 inches. The important difference between this is shower cap and other models is that it does not just stretch at the headband but also can be adjusted to your exact head size for maximum comfort. You can toggle an increase or decrease the size of the opening to fit your head.  The adjustment is a simple toggle rather than an elastic band that would eventually become loose or stretched out.

The large and extra-large sizes are very similar in dimensions as far as the measurement across and of the opening, the main difference is the volume of the hair that can fit inside the cap- this is due to the number of yards of material used to make the two sizes (the original XL Satin Dream uses almost a full yard of vinyl. Later, the “Large” version came out for less voluminous hair.

It still uses over half a yard of material which has much more volume than the average cap on the market. We’ve heard from readers with hair up to 34″ long that have used the Satin Dream and say it was big enough- can’t think of many hairstyles I’ve seen that would be longer than that!

The shower cap is made with high-quality EVA materials and is eco-friendly compared to competing products that use PVC.  The material is design to resist mildew and dry quickly to prevent mold or musty odors. To keep the shower cap clean and give it a longer life, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with mild soap.


  • Extra large
  • Designs for all hairstyles
  • Durable
  • Cool design
  • Headband keeps snug fit
  • Lifetime Warranty (defects)


  • Expect to replace it every 6 to 8 months
  • Only one style/color

Click here to see a video review of a customer that bought the Satin Dream on Amazon.

Superpower Shower Cap by Turbella

TURBELLA The Only Shower Caps with Waterproof Breathable Technology to Release Humidity | Keeps Long, Curly or Straight Hair Dry + Styled | Adjustable | Washable | Swarovski | Made in USA | GIFT BOX
TURBELLA The Only Shower Caps with Waterproof Breathable Technology

This large shower cap by Turbella is much more than a shower cap.  It’s actually made of high end breathable heat-releasing fabric.  The  Superpower Cap™ is designed using 37.5® Technology.  This same technology is used by major athletic brands like Adidas to create moisture wicking fabric.  The shower cap releases moisture vapor from the inside, therefore preventing the heat and water condensation or steam from a hot shower to ruin your long hairstyle.

The cap has an adjustable strap and a strip of silicone to grip and prevent your hair from falling out from under the bonnet. It’s designed for all-natural and artificial hairstyles and even customers with dreadlocks down to their waist have reported positive results.  Unlike cheaper vinyl or PVC shower caps, this one is made of soft-touch fabric.  It only comes in one color but it’s a nice royal blue.  The shower cap also comes with a convenient carry case which is nice for taking it to the gym of when traveling.

The real benefit to this deluxe shower cap is the material used, it allows the heat, moisture, and humidity to escape while preventing the water from getting in, even if standing directly under the strong flow of a high-pressure showerhead.

The main disadvantage is that this quality comes at a price, it’s definitely not a cheap shower cap. While it’s the most expensive option out of all of the ones on our list, if you have especially long hair or expensive hairstyle, it could be well worth the investment in this quality shower cap.

The Superpower shower cap is made by hand in California by a sustainable company in a responsible work environment.


  • Technically designed fabric used in high-end performance gear.
  • Wicks out moisture, heat, and sweat.
  • Soft, comfortable fabric.
  • Silicone on the interior provides a good grip on your head and prevents hair from falling out.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Made in the USA


  • Price, this is the most expensive shower cap we’ve seen.
  • Only comes in one color

Dilly’s Collections Extra Large Microfiber SHOWER CAPS


Dilly Collection makes these large microfiber shower caps in a variety of styles and patterns.  They are designed specifically with large hairstyles in mind, including dreadlocks and bouffant hair. They are also marketed as being multi-purpose since they are made with soft microfiber material they could be used as a sleeping cap to wear to bed to prevent your hairstyle from getting messed up during the net. 

Dilly’s Collections is an Australian company. The large cap measures 31 cm (just over 12″) while the Extra Large 33 cm (13″).  The shower cap is made of three layers of microfiber and has an elastic band on the interior but not separate drawstring. So while the elastic is mean to keep a snug fit, if you have a smaller head there is really no way to make the opening tighter than the elastic band.  This should not be a problem for most users, although if you have a very small head you may want to look for a shower cap that has a drawstring you can tie to your liking.

The other main disadvantage tot his shower cap is that as per the manufacturer it’s not really designed to stand directly under the strong flow of a shower, so while you can definitely shower with it you have to be much more careful that you would wear something like the Superpower Cap or the Satin Dream (reviewed above) as those are totally waterproof.


  • Soft microfiber material
  • Very large opening for big hairstyles.
  • Variety of colorful patterns.


  • No drawstring
  • Not totally waterproof
  • Can’t stand directly under strong water flow in the shower.

These caps by Dilly are designed for long hair and users with 18″ have reported good results. However, these are not as large as the Satin Dream and probably would not be a good choice if you really have long, thick hair like dreads, braids or weave. Because they are made out of microfiber, it’s also recommended that you don’t use directly under the flow of a showerhead, so probably not an ideal solution as you would have to be careful you didn’t get the cap too wet or risk getting your hair damp underneath. Because of that we still think the previously reviewed product is our top choice for long hair.

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Extra Large Shower Cap by Mikimini

White Shower Cap for Long Hair 2 Pack, Waterproof Washable Hair Caps for Women and Girls, Super Cute and Extra Large by mikimini
Shower Cap for Long Hair 2 Pack,

This simple looking white shower cap with turquoise blue trim is a decent option if you are looking for a double-layered PVC style cap. While it’s marketed as a shower cap for long hair, it’s important to note that the cap comes in two sizes (medium and Extra Large). If you have long hair you want to be sure to order the XL. The other nice option is that it’s sold as a third option as a set of two XL shower caps.

This simple looking white shower with turquoise blue trim is an attractive option if you are looking for one made of double-layered PVC. While it’s marketed as a shower cap for long hair, it’s important to note that the cap comes in two sizes (medium and Extra Large). If you have long hair you want to be sure to order the XL. The other nice option is that it’s sold as a third option as a set of two XL shower caps.

The interior liner is made of soft plastic while the outer layer is made of PVC plastic. The colored trim is made of the elastic strip to make a snug fit.  The plastic is mold-resistant and machine washable.  The shower cap measures just under one foot across (11.8″).

If you are looking to buy a pair of large shower caps this is an affordable option as it does have the 2 pack version. If you have very long hair (down to your mid-back or longer) this probably is not the best shower cap for you. If you compare to the Satin Dream Shower Cap we reviewed at the beginning which was over 3 inches wider this pales in comparison. The other negative on this one is the plain white design (although it does have the color accent around the trim). However, if you are looking for plain and simple this maybe something on the plus side for you.

Again, it’s important to make sure you look at the XL size as the medium is very small and will disappoint anyone with long hair.

Shower caps are relatively cheap, a lot of them sell for $12 and under, but if you are on a budget or just don’t want to spend money on a plastic shower cap you can make one for FREE using just a plastic shopping bag from the grocery. Check out this quick video for a DIY free shower cap. The video is specifically made for people with dreadlocks…or other long hairstyles where you need good coverage and enough space to fit all your hair under the plastic to keep it dry while you shower…or if you are soaking in the tub and don’t want your hair to get wet:

The problem with most shower caps that you find is they are made for an “average” amount of hair. Shower cap manufacturers don’t make them all large enough for long hair because many people with short or modest hairstyles will find them baggy- there will just be too much material and the cap will flop around on their head or slide down – apart from annoying because they are too big, water can also get inside and defeat the whole purpose of keeping their hair dry.

Also, it seems like a minor cost but many companies go to great lengths to cut the cost of their products and maximize profits. It may be just a question of a few cents – a little more material to make the cap, a little bulkier package to store and ship.

So, unfortunately, those factors make the average store-bought shower cap just too small for anyone with long flowing hair, thick dreads, extensions or braids. 

woman weaving hair

So, enough of that, let’s get on to the good news.  There are several really good options for people with long hair and shower caps made specifically for you. They actually aren’t necessarily more expensive (they may be slightly more expensive to make as we mentioned above but they are competitively priced).

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