9 Best Shampoo for Purple Hair: Maintain Color and Tone Effortlessly!

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Rocking color-treated hair has its perks, especially since it gives you a unique change in appearance. But thanks to its chemically-enhanced nature, it comes with a myriad of needs. So, if you want to keep your colored hair looking all-natural and shiny, you’ll need the right kind of hair care products. Here, we highlight the top picks guaranteed to help you maintain the tone and health of your hair without sacrificing that purple hue. 

Best Shampoo for Purple Hair
Protect your purple hair’s natural hues from brassiness with these top hair care products | Photo by Marcelo Chagas

Best Shampoo for Purple Hair

Redken Color Extend Purple Shampoo

The Redken Color Extend Purple Shampoo – as the name implies – helps your hair to retain its color and chic by tuning out undertones and locking in pigments. This shampoo is enriched with citric acid which nourishes the hair from its roots to strands. It uses a protein-based formula that enables you to rid your hair and scalp of dirt and dandruff while locking in the moisture it needs for vibrancy. It has a high lather function that makes it suitable for hair of all volumes and colors. 

Its violet pigment takes out brassiness and replaces it with softness and shine. For optimal use, work into wet hair, massage from hair roots to the tips, and rinse out.  It could be accompanied with its conditioner to improve the texture of the hair.

This shampoo is a product of leading American company Redken, which has, over the years, transformed the hair care and style industry. Centered on inspiring quality and style in a natural way, Redken boasts of a wide range of protein-based salon-worthy products that engages clients of all hair types and volumes.

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo 10oz
Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo

The Aveda Color Conserve shampoo uses a formula that enhances the brilliance of your purple hair and prevents the color from fading in the long-term. This product is specially formulated with botanical wintergreen and cinnamon bark oil which offer ultraviolet protection for your locks. 

It is a shampoo that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen the hair from follicles to strands. With extracts of Guar bean present in the shampoo, it has deep conditioning abilities that soften the hair’s texture while also enhancing the shine of the hair. 

With this shampoo, you can eliminate frizz and split ends from the hair and achieve a smoother feel without taking to heat treatments. A blend of grapefruit, lavender, and Babassu betaine allows the shampoo to rid the hair of dirt, grime, and excess oils while leaving it with a pleasant fragrance.

Aveda uses botanically-sourced and exotic ingredients to foster the adoption of gold-standard quality products for the beauty and personal care industry. Founded in 1978, it has built a legacy as an eco-friendly brand that seeks to provide hair and personal care professionals with healthier and safer options. 

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo, 8.5-Ounce Bottle
Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo (Image: Amazon)


Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo

Lock in the unique pigments of your hair with the toning power of the Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo. This shampoo uses a formula that is botanically enriched to tone down the effects of the harsh chemicals on the scalp and hair, reining in the nutrients needed for natural health. This formula is also designed with Tricone and Tricoerba, active proteins that help nourish the hair from roots to tips while combating damages to the hair. 

Infused with rosemary extracts and a combo of silk, keratin, and wheat amino acids, this shampoo ensures that your dyed hair is always looking refreshed and attains the moisture level it needs for growth and natural bounce. Tec Italy’s unique shampoo not only takes out that brassy tone that is common with chemically-enhanced hair, but also leaves it softer and more vibrant. For best results, massage into wet hair and lather. Then, leave in for a few minutes before rinsing out. 

As a brand devoted to the revitalization and rejuvenation of hair, Tec Italy has garnered a reputation as a forerunner of innovative solutions for hair care globally. It has a wide range of products all aimed at offering high-value services and solutions to challenges in hair care.  

Tec Italy - Lumina Purple Shampoo
Tec Italy – Lumina Purple Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

Pura D’Or ColorHarmony Purple Shampoo

Maintaining an even tone for your color-treated hair can pose a big challenge over time. The Pura D’Or ColorHarmony Purple Shampoo uses its unique formula to keep the color tones in your hair in check while ensuring that it is clean and free of dirt or excess oils. This shampoo is enriched with supple quantities of Argan oil and Keratin, which lock in the moisture and pigments of the hair, allowing the hair to maintain its beauty without looking dull or lifeless. 

This shampoo also contains bamboo fibers and taro extracts, which work at strengthening and repairing damages in the hair and scalp. Its unique formula makes it suitable for all types of colored hair. It’s designed for both men and women, too. This shampoo works by refreshing the scalp and revitalizing the hair, working at the basal level through to the strands of the hair.

Driven by the need to offer solutions for the variety of challenges in the beauty and personal care industry at large, Pura D’Or has risen to the occasion. Today, it is a leading brand in providing the world with natural and bio-sourced products. With a selection of exotic ingredients for production, Pura D’Or provides the hair care system with economically-friendly products.

PURA D'OR ColorHarmony Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Biotin Set (16oz x 2) For Bleached, Blonde, Silver & Color Treated Hair - Keratin, Bamboo Fiber, Sulfate Free, Natural Ingredients - Men & Women
PURA D’OR ColorHarmony Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Biotin Set – For Bleached, Blonde, Silver & Color Treated Hair  (Image: Amazon)

Luseta Color Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner Set 

Give your hair a treat with the luminous power of Luseta Color Brightening Shampoo for color-treated hair. Infused with coconut oil, this shampoo imparts moisture to the hair and restores the bouncy and vibrant look of your locks. Also, its formula is enriched with glycerin and is maintained at a near-neutral pH. It repairs damaged hair, often due to chemical treatments and other external factors. It has a unique makeup that locks in pigments and tunes out brassiness and frizz from the hair. 

Best used with its conditioning set, which is rich in biotin and collagen for hair growth, this shampoo maintains the glossiness of the hair and gives the hair all-around protection from further damage. 

Luseta is a company with a proven reputation for inspiring the production of non-synthetic products through its use of naturally-sourced ingredients.  It has a portfolio of products dedicated to channeling the enriching abilities of plants and herbs for hair care and personal care solutions.

Luseta Color Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Blonde and Gray Hair, Infused with Cocos Nucifera Oil to Help Nourish, Moisturize and Condition Hair, 2x16.9oz
Luseta Color Brightening Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Blonde and Gray Hair (Image: Amazon)

BrassAway Revitalizing Color Brightening Shampoo

The beauty of color-treated hair is its vibrancy and bounce. Enrich your hair with the revitalizing power of BrassAway color brightening shampoo. This shampoo contains violet pigments that take away brassy undertones and restores your hairs’ shine. This shampoo works at protecting the hair from damages due to UV rays thanks to its infusion of ultraviolet filters. 

It is a vegan shampoo. It contains extracts of lavender which give it a sweet fragrance, leaving the hair feeling refreshed all day. This shampoo contains a nourishing formula that improves the moisture level of the hair and scalp while preventing dandruff and repairing split ends. The added advantage of this shampoo is that you don’t have to use a lot to get a good wash and see its effects.

It has a high lather formula that allows you to clean through the scalp and hair easily regardless if you have thick or thin hair. Simply massage and lather through wet hair, leave in for a few minutes and rinse out thoroughly. 

This shampoo is a product manufactured and distributed by Colorcasa – a company that has, over time, harnessed advancements in technology to provide the beauty and personal care industry with tech-oriented products. This company boasts of products ranging from detangling brushes and body care creams to organically-driven revitalizing shampoos and hair care products. 

BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo, 100ml Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair Revitalize Blonde Bleached & Highlighted Hair
BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo, Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair Revitalize Blonde Bleached & Highlighted Hair (Image: Amazon)

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

Chemical manipulation often affects the nourishment of the hair and could, over time, damage the integrity of the follicles and strands. The Nioxin cleanser shampoo works at the root level and opens up the hair cuticles to receive the nourishment they need for growth. 

This shampoo channels the healing power of botanically-derived ingredients and humectants to hydrate the hair and lock in moisture to the scalp. The formula is enriched with vitamins, proteins and amino acids that aids in hair growth and protects against hair loss. The Nioxin cleanser shampoo strengthens the structure of the hair and softens the texture of the hair. This shampoo works to retain the color of the hair and leave it looking shiny and chic. 

Nioxin is a leading haircare and skincare practitioner with over 25 years of experience in hair transplants and other solutions for general hair loss issues. This company employs the active power of European botanical ingredients and has been dedicated to restoring scalp and hair health.

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 3 for Color Treated Hair with Light Thinning, 10.1 Fl Oz
Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 3 for Color Treated Hair with Light Thinning (Image: Amazon)

MagiForet Argan Oil Purple Toning Shampoo

Your purple hair can take on that lustrous and vibrant look without going through heat treatments and using chemical-heavy products. With the argan oil-infused formula by MagiForet, your hair can attain a high level of quality without losing its beauty and color. The shampoo from MagiForet is formulated with organic ingredients that refresh the hair from its roots and neutralizes dull tones. This shampoo also combats brassiness and split ends by nourishing the hair with proteins and nutrients. 

Its special formula hydrates the hair and scalp, rolling out dryness that could occur over time due to shifts in weather conditions. This shampoo contains UV filters that protect the hair against ultraviolet rays, too. This shampoo also contains a sulfate- and paraben-free make-up that retains the color in the hair. It is also rich in avocado oil and jojoba oil which gives additional strength to the hair and keeps it moisturized without weighing it down. 

MagiForet is a brand with a passion to promote all-natural treatments and solutions to hair and skincare. As seen by the exotic nature of their ingredients, MagiForet seeks to open its doors through the power of innovative technology to nature-centered care regimens for all skin and hair types.

Purple Shampoo, Blue Shampoo, MagiForet Argan Oil Blonde Shampoo For Blonde Hair Grey Hair Silver Hair with Silk Essence, UV Protection, and Sulfate-Free Cleansing Agents, 16.9oz
Purple Shampoo, Blue Shampoo, MagiForet Argan Oil For Blonde Hair, Grey Hair, Silver Hair  (Image: Amazon)


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