9 Best Shampoo for Aging Hair: Bring Back That Youthful Shine & Bounce

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Aging hair is one of the most common problems with hair experienced by the elderly. It is characterized by thinner, less pigmented strands that are more prone to breakage and falling. As a result, the appearance of hair on the scalp is less coarse, thinner, and lighter in color.

While some accept this as a natural part of growing older, many try to find solutions to delay the maturing process. This is possible by helping the hair follicles to keep producing new hair strands and prevent breakage and falling of existing strands. Such can be accomplished by using shampoos that contain ingredients that delay this aging process. 


Best Shampoo for Aging Hair

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold Shampoo

This shampoo from Alterna is formulated to fight the signs of hair aging. If your hair has gone dry and limp, this is a great product to try. It is enriched with shea butter, which hydrates the scalp deeply. This results in hair that’s thicker and softer. In addition, it is infused with marine extracts that restore hair health by providing it with the essential nutrition it needs to fight pollution and sun damage. It also comes with glycerin, which gets rid of dirt, oil, and grime accumulated throughout the day.

It is completely free of gluten, salts, paraben, phthalates, synthetic colors, mineral oils, and sulfates. It is also safe for dyed and treated hair. It works to keep your hair’s vibrant color while improving its texture and overall appearance.

Alterna is a company that believes in hassle-free. Its formulations are designed to transform hair into better versions of itself. It is also very eco-conscious and uses mostly nature-derived ingredients and does not add fillers or additives to its products.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold Shampoo Lasting Vibrancy For Color Treated Hair 33.8 Ounce
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold Shampoo Lasting Vibrancy For Color Treated Hair (Image: Amazon)

Living Proof Restore Shampoo

Besides the natural process of aging, other factors can also affect the advancing of your hair’s genetics. Factors such as environmental pollution and constant styling can take a toll on your hair strands and follicles, causing them to become dry, brittle, and weak. As a result, you experience more hair fall than you should. Living Proof Restore Shampoo is a good option for this situation.

It hydrates hair down to the roots, nourishing hair to make it stronger and thicker. You can notice the effect after a few washes, starting with shinier and smoother strands. This is the result of having healthier hair follicles, strands, and scalp.

The formula is infused with Living Proof’s patented Healthy Hair Molecule. Together with a mild amino acid-derived surfactant and other conditioning agents, you get well-cleansed hair that’s not dry and brittle. It also repairs damage and fortifies the cuticles from future damage by repelling oil and dirt. You get hair that feels and looks healthier. This shampoo is ideal for damaged and dry hair and is safe for treated and dyed hair.

Living Proof aims to solve today’s biggest challenges in the beauty industry. Its products are backed by science, and its formulas are created using patented technology coming from their facilities at MIT. The company was started by hairstylists themselves, who got tired of the current limitations in terms of technology and available products in the market. They took it upon themselves to create the results that they wanted.

Today, they have 20 patents, 150 awards, and more than 50 products – on top of many satisfied users all over the world. Their science is what sets Living Proof apart from every other hair care brand on the planet.

Living Proof Restore Shampoo, 8 Fl Oz
Living Proof Restore Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

verb Ghost Shampoo

If you’re suffering from super fine and damaged hair, you need a shampoo that can cleanse without overpowering the hair follicles and strands. This Ghost Shampoo is infused with Moringa Oil, enriching the hair deep into the shaft with nutrients to smooth frizz and improve hair’s shine, no matter what hair type you have.

This shampoo aids in cleaning hair while fortifying each strand. What you get is radiant color that does not fade. You’ll get rid of flyaways and dryness in one bottle. It’s also gentle enough for daily use. Moringa oil works together with quinoa protein and sunflower seed extract to achieve these hair dreams. 

Plus, it is free from parabens, sulfates, gluten, and is made cruelty-free. For best results, use with the verb Ghost Conditioner.

verb is made of millennial women who have set out to create the best shampoo at affordable prices so that everyone can have access to it. All verb items contain zero gluten, parabens, sulfates, and toxic chemicals. They took inspiration from their hometown, Austin, which is a laid back but active community. The company is currently located in New York, soaking up the energy and vibe of the city.

verb Ghost Shampoo, 12 Fl Oz
verb Ghost Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo

The Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo from Aveda is a great exfoliant, cleanser, and anti-aging treatment bottled up in one product. It renews your scalp using salicylic acid derived from wintergreen plants. As a result, you get rid of the buildup that has been clogging your pores. This allows proper nourishment to reach your hair follicles down to the roots. It is a color-safe formula that detangles, cleanses, and protects your hair. It prevents breakage and hair fall, giving you the proper foundation to enjoy a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Aveda was founded in 1978. The brand envisions bringing botanical products to beauty professionals, made with ingredients that are good for their business, their clients, the planet, and the communities in it. Its founder believes in ecologically-friendly ways of conducting business. Long after his passing, his legacy still lives on through this brand and encourages other companies to practice business with a conscience.

Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo 6.7 oz
Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

Monat Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo

Based on the name of this shampoo, you know it means business. If you are struggling with finding the right level of cleaning for your hair without resorting to chemical-heavy hair products, this shampoo might be the solution. It not only cleanses your locks, but it also does it in a way that can renew your enthusiasm with taking a shower. Whether you’re showering to get yourself started for the day, or you’re ending the day with a relaxing bath, the fresh rosemary-mint scent from this shampoo can give you the pick-me-up that you require. 

It is formulated with handpicked ingredients that protect hair from sun exposure and promote the natural growth of hair. This is the most aromatic solution to thinning hair or hair fall.

Monat is proud with its lineup of products that are made with nature-derived ingredients. The brand isn’t just about making hair care products, though – it is very invested in helping other people and creating a culture of service, fun, family, and gratitude. And there’s no doubt that its formulations are very effective and invigorating to the senses.


RevitaLash Cosmetics Thickening Shampoo

This thickening shampoo from RevitaLash Cosmetics uses clinically specialized ingredients to create a product that can give you the best scalp health possible. It cleanses and fortifies the hair while keeping environmental stressors at bay. Its formula is phyto-infused, making it the perfect solution to support the proper hydration and thickness of your locks. For best results, massage it onto the scalp in a circular motion, working from roots to tips. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

RevitaLash Cosmetics is led by doctors who have won awards with their line of hair, brow, and eyelash cosmetics. They create products that aim to enhance, elevate, and restore the natural beauty and health of hair. It was founded back in 2006 and has since grown into a bigger brand. Starting with just one product, it now has more products for different needs. 

The company is also very socially-aware. It supports breast cancer awareness, education, and research all year round. It puts in a lot of stock into eradicating women’s cancers while encouraging quality of life and beauty. What began as a loving project between husband and wife now inspires many consumers throughout the country.

RevitaLash Cosmetics, Thickening Shampoo - Scalp Therapy Formula, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty Free
RevitaLash Cosmetics, Thickening Shampoo – Scalp Therapy Formula, Hypoallergenic & Cruelty-Free (Image: Amazon)

Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense AgeDefy Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Pantene is no newcomer in the hair care arena. This shampoo and conditioner set lets you treat aging hair so well, it’s almost like turning the clocks around. This duo revitalizes hair using its signature and exclusive Age Defy System, made with a triple-blend complex. This formula was made in partnership with their expert friends at Olay, resulting in a formula that effectively fights the seven signs of hair aging. What you’re left with is healthy and easy to manage hair.

Use the shampoo to cleanse your hair of dirt, excess oil, and built-up styling residue, all of which promote premature hair aging. This shampoo can bring back your hair’s youthful bounce and vitality. Follow this with the Age Defy Conditioner to combat split ends, frizz, breakage, fading color, thinning, dryness, and other signs of aging. 

When used together, this hair care set can immediately start working its wonders on your hair. It is filled with antioxidants that get rid of free radicals and harmful toxins on the hair’s surfaces. But it doesn’t stop there – it keeps infusing nourishment deep into the hair’s core. This solves the problem right at the beginning. This results in less loss of protein, ensuring that your locks are as strong as ever to fend of damage.

Pantene is a brand under Procter & Gamble. It produces hair care items that were first introduced back in 1945 in Europe. Founder Hoffmann-La Roche, a Swiss pioneer, branded the name from their shampoo’s main ingredient, panthenol.

Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense AgeDefy Shampoo 9.6 fl oz and Conditioner 8.0 fl oz Set
Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense AgeDefy Shampoo 9.6 fl oz and Conditioner 8.0 fl oz Set (Image: Amazon)

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 2 for Fine Hair with Progressed Thinning

This shampoo slash hair thickener is the ultimate solution that you need if you’re suffering from aging hair – in particular, rapidly thinning hair. This is a scalp and hair treatment from Nioxin that is formulated with the Activ-Renewal technology. This works to get rid of excess sebum, fatty acids, and dirt that your hair and scalp accumulates during the day. 

This purifying shampoo cleans the scalp deeply, giving way for proper regrowth. Expect fuller and thicker hair after a while of using this system. For best results, use the other two steps from the Nioxin 3-step regimen, guaranteeing you of stronger hair and fuller hair structure.

Nioxin is a company with humble and simple origins. A woman wanted to make others feel better about themselves, including herself. Founded by Eva Graham, this brand is on the move to help out men and women alike to keep healthier, fuller, and thicker heads of hair. During the 90s, Nioxin became a brand available to many countries, helping more people than Eva ever dreamed. Today, it is a company that’s found internationally. Its popularity keeps growing, thanks to the unwavering quality of its products.

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo System 2 for Fine Hair with Progressed Thinning, 16.9 Ounce
Nioxin Shampoo (Image: Amazon)

J Beverly Hills Rescue Anti-aging Shampoo 

This anti-aging shampoo from J Beverly Hills fights hair damage caused by aging, made possible by its one-of-a-kind mix of grape seeds and blueberry extract. As a result, you get a potent shampoo that has a soothing aroma, revitalizing not just your locks but also your senses. Talk about a truly relaxing shower. Plus, it works to fortify your hair fibers with a blend of silk and wheat amino acids, making the strands smoother and softer. Say goodbye to your hair loss and breakage problems.

J Beverly Hills® was founded by Juan Juan, a renowned stylist of celebrities. His salon, Juan Juan salon is also a landmark in Beverly Hills. It only made sense for him to start his own line of hair and color products, all of which he personally helps to formulate. These products used to be exclusively available in his other select premier salons, but are now more available to the public. The goal of the brand is to empower everyone to find high-quality hair care solutions in such a competitive and constantly changing industry.

J Beverly Hills Rescue Anti-aging Shampoo 3 Ounce
J Beverly Hills Rescue Anti-aging Shampoo (Image: Amazon)