7 Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

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Pressure-assisted toilets have been around for years. However, the latest most recent models have improved. These high-performing toilets manage to resolve common toilet problems without making a fuss. They also incorporate many modern mechanisms and needs to offer the utmost comfort.

pressure assisted toilet
Here we’ll compare pressure-assisted toilets from all major brands.

One of the significant features includes an environmentally inclined flushing system that conserves water. Moreover, you’ll also appreciate characteristics like smart height and simple installation kits.

On the whole, the best pressure-assisted toilets offer you the best of both worlds. However, before introducing you to the top-rated toilets in the industry, we’d like you to learn more about pressure-powered toilets.

So let’s have a look:  

What Is a Pressure Assist Toilet?

Pressure-assisted toilets come with a flushing system that is dependent on pressure rather than relying on gravitational force. People usually consider it the best toilet for commercial use due to its powerful flushing performance. However, recent modifications make this type of toilet more widely available for home use also.

They operate with a supplementary tank that helps create the air pressure in the main tank chamber.

How Does It Work?

Here’s a step by step guide that explains the process:

  1. A small tank (within the main toilet tank) supplies added pressure
  2. Pressing the flush button/lever releases the air.
  3. The air pressure and downward pull of gravity push the water down with greater force.
  4. The blast of water clears away the waste in a single go.
  5. The flush tank refills, forming air pressure again.

In short, the combination of gravity, water, and air pressure creates an optimal environment for a flushing tank.

Benefits of Pressure Assisted Toilets

Why go for pressure-assist toilets? The primary reason for this is its ultra-efficiency and low maintenance.

Here’s a rundown of its benefits:

  • More powerful flush.
  • Rarely leaves any waste or other residues behind.
  • Reduces the frequency of clogs and plumbing problems.
  • It supports low-flow flushes without compromising on performance.
  • Maintains a high water level in the bowl.
  • It’s easier to clean and maintain.
  • Minimizes the chances of sweating tanks in humid conditions.

Overall, pressure-inclined toilets have a better efficiency rate than traditional toilets.

Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

Here are the top pressure-powered toilets in the industry:

Kohler’s Highline Classic (K-3493-0) ―Best Classic Model

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet with Left-Hand Trip Lever, Less Seat, White
Kohler K-3493-0 (Image source: Amazon)

Old is gold.

Kohler’s Highline Classic is one of the top-rated models in the pressure-assisted category. It’s part of the brand’s Pressure Lite series. The toilet comes with all many high-functioning features like a pressure-assisted flushing mechanism, comfort height, and scratch-proof glaze. All these come together to enhance your overall toilet experience.

What about performance? Kohler’s Highline Classic surpasses most pressure-inclined flushes due to its powerful force. You can expect it to clear away the trapways in a single go. The best part is that the flush manages to regulate water during this time. So you end up using only 1.6 GPF (Gallons Per Flush) during your trip to the washroom.

Moreover, factors like comfort height and elongated shape add to its functionality. They effectively facilitate the movement of elderly users and those with mobility issues. The chair-like seating and elongate style make it easier for them to get on and off the pot.

The only setback is the faulty lever attached to the seat. Many Amazon users say that it comes off within a few days after purchase. So be sure to keep a spare at hand if you go for this one!


  • Classic design with a high-efficiency mechanism
  • Ideal toilet for small spaces.
  • The powerful flushing performance reduces clogs.
  • Low water consumption rate (1.6 GPF )
  • Comfort height makes it suitable for users with mobility issues.
  • The elongated shape and curved lid offer comfort.
  • Super simple to install.


Do you want a more water-efficient toilet? Then give Kohler K-3493-47 a go. The model belongs to the Pressure Lite series. It’s got almost all the same features as the K-3493-0. The only difference is that it utilizes 1.4 GPF instead of 1.6 GPF. That’s 0.2 GPF less than the other.

Click here to read more about the company and see more of the best Kohler toilets.

Toto NeorestHigh-End Pressure-Assisted Toilet 

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet, Cotton White
Toto MS992CUMFG (Image source: Amazon)

The future is here.

Toto Neorest leads the way for futuristic flushing. The sleek and compact design is ideal for smaller bathroom spaces. Plus, the glossy exteriors make it a stylish addition to any contemporary household. However, it’s the high-tech features that truly take the prize here. From a bidet, heated seat, comfort height to an automatic flushing system―this toilet has it all.

The integration of pressure-assisted flushing with an automatic mode makes it easier for everyone to go to the washroom. Plus, the comfort height makes it feasible for senior members of the family to get on and off the seat. Whereas, the elongated bowl and anti-slamming closing lid ensure that others experience a certain level of comfort when they use the throne.

The next stellar feature is its pressure-assisted flushing mechanism. Toto calls it the double cyclone due to its whirling effect. As the name suggests, the cyclone sucks in all the waste in a single flush. Plus, the automatic mode allows you a hands-free toilet experience.

Best of all, the aerated bidet spray and antibacterial glaze make the toilet safe and hygienic. Additionally, its water sensitivity keeps water consumption to a minimum.

Like all good things, this seat comes with a hefty price tag. It is a major setback for budget-conscious homeowners, but this is true for most Toto Toilets since they are known for quality and high-end features.


  • Sleek, ultra-edgy details for contemporary spaces.
  • Comfort height and super soft closing lid.
  • Innovative double cyclone flushing system.
  • Highly efficient automatic flushing system.
  • Pre-heated toilet seat and adjustable water temperature.
  • Water sensible flushing (0.8 gpf/3.0 GPF)


  • It requires professional installation.
  • A costly purchase.

American Standard Cadet-Best Budget Toilet  

American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet, White
American Standard 2467.016.020 (Image source: Amazon)

Are you looking for a two-piece toilet that delivers?

American Standard’s Cadet Series is the ideal choice for this situation. The two-piece toilet is easy-to-maintain, efficient, and user-friendly. It’s also got an attractive design that sets it apart from bulky toilet models.

What about performance? For starters, the pressurized flushing system makes it a high-efficiency toilet from the get-go. You can expect it to get rid of the waste within a single flush. Plus, the fact that it’s WaterSense certified is a big bonus. The toilet uses 1.6 GPF to regulate your daily water consumption.

Apart from this, you’ve got a comfort height. It makes getting on and off the toilet easy for adults with mobility issues. Moreover, the elongated shape gives you extra space for your legs. Both features make for a comfy seating arrangement.

Lastly, the brand’s signature EverClean coating protects it from mildew, molds, and bacteria. Its antibacterial characteristics and non-sticky surface make the cleaning process hassle-free.

However, there is one flaw in its mechanism. The toilet doesn’t have any noise-canceling fixtures inside. So you must tolerate the noisy flushing each time you use the toilet.  Learn most about the brand and see reviews of other top American Standard toilets here.


  • Elegant design and glossy coating to meet modern-day aesthetics.
  • Elongated bowl and comfort height make it suitable for tall/older people.
  • A super-efficient pressure-assisted toilet to reduce clogs.
  • Water sensible toilet with a low-flow rate of 1.6 GPF
  • An antibacterial EverClean glaze to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Simple installation process.


Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet-Best Single Flushing System

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Tank Combo, White
Niagara 77001WHCO1 (Image source: Amazon)

Do you want to eliminate the hassle of double flushing?

Niagara 77001WHCO1 has a standard design, but it’s got all the bells and whistles of a modern toilet.

It comes with Niagara’s trademark Stealth technology that enhances its performance. Features like a flapless valve, air vacuum tube, and silent flushing system make it a high-efficiency toilet. Plus, these noise-canceling characteristics ensure that this model isn’t as noisy as other pressure-assisted toilets.

How does it work? The vacuum build-up from the air transfer tubes helps to create a high-pressure air pocket. Flushing the toilet releases all the air and allows the flush to work well with a low-flow rate. In this way, you end up with a clean bowl and low water consumption. The single-flush tank utilizes only 0.8 GPF. It’s enough to meet the WaterSense requirements.

Apart from this, the toilet is user-friendly. Things like smart height and an elongated bowl make it super comfy to sit on. It’s because both features facilitate the mobility issues of elderly members of your family. Besides this, there is a vitreous china coating that shields the commode from scratches and spills.

On the whole, this toilet model is a substantial investment for high-traffic bathrooms. Read more about Niagra toilets here.


  • A classic design for modern bathrooms.
  • Easy floor installation.
  • Elongated bowl and smart height for comfortable sitting.
  • The powerful Stealth mechanism optimizes flushing performance.
  • Powerful pressure-assisted flush reduces clogs and blockages.
  • Water-efficient technology (0.8 GPF)


  • The extra few inches make it uncomfortable for short people and children.
  • Elongated bowls aren’t suitable for small spaces.

EAGO TB336- Best Square Shaped Toilet

EAGO TB336 High Efficiency Eco-Friendly Toilet, 1-Piece
EAGO TB336 (Image source: Amazon)

Want to invest in an edgy design?

EAGO TB336  meets your requirements to a T. The square-shaped toilet gives your bathroom an ultra-trendy look. Its angular seating isn’t the only unique thing about it, though. The toilet manages to score well in terms of functionality too.

Firstly, the toilet pressure-assisted siphon helps optimize its performance by clearing the trapways in a single go. The high-efficiency performance eliminates the frequent usage of plungers due to constant clogs. In addition to that, this economical product can reserve water too by consuming only 1.28 GPF.

Plus, it displays a scratch-proof vitreous china coating that ensures long-lasting durability.

What’s more? With a comfort height of 16 inches, this toilet is feasible for elderly users and tall people alike. That’s because it helps support their movement when they get on and off the toilet seat.

The only drawback is that the box shape might be an inconvenience for some users. However, most of you will get accustomed to the design after regular use.  Read more about Eago toilets here.


  • A contemporary look with glossy ceramic glaze
  • The compact shape makes it suitable for small bathroom spaces.
  • Pressure-assisted flushing technology (1.28 GPF)
  • Soft closing toilet seat for comfort
  • Comfort Height (16 inches)


  • The installation process requires professional support.
  • The square-shaped seat can be uncomfortable for sitting.

Zurn EcoVantage – Best Pressure Assisted ADA Compliant Toilet

closeup of Zurn toilet
Zurn EcoVantage Toilet (Image Source: Home Depot)

Do you want a pressure-assist toilet that complies with ADA guidelines?

Zurn EcoVantage effortlessly fulfills your wishes with its cutting-edge features. The toilet might look traditional on the outside, but it packs a punch in performance. The universal look makes it an ideal fit for all kinds of bathrooms.

Our favorite feature is none other than its ultra-efficient flushing system. From its big jet hole to its eco-friendly flush―every single feature optimizes its performance. As a result, the toilet manages to wash away your waste despite the low-water flow (1.0 GPF). It means that Zurn utilizes 40% less water than your average gravity-flush toilets.

Apart from this, its ADA-compliant design is a big bonus for many households. This means that the toilet has a comfortable height and soft-lid seat. Plus, it’s easy to reach the lever when you need to flush the toilet. The compatibility makes it ideal for people with disabilities and adults with age-inclined mobility issues.

The only drawback is that this model is only available in specific online stores. So you’ve got to do a bit of research before you make the purchase. (It’s available here at Home Depot though!)


  • Elegant design with a fine glaze.
  • Scratch-resistant pressure-assisted flushing system.
  • Big jet hole eliminates clogs and blockages.
  • Highly-efficient flushing performance.
  • WaterSense certified water consumption (1.0 GPF).
  • ADA compliant.


  • They aren’t easily available online.

Mansfield Plumbing Quantum 149Best Pressure Assisted Standard Height Toilet

Mansfield Plumbing 149 Quantum Elongated Front Back Outlet (Toilet Bowl ONLY), White
Mansfield Plumbing 149 (Image source: Amazon)

Mansfield’s Quantum pressure-assist series showcases the best pressure-assist toilet collection in the market.

Our personal favorite amongst these is the Mansfield Quantum 149. It’s primarily because of its incredible power flush and exquisite design.

The two-piece model includes a concealed trapway and pristine ceramic coating. These characteristics make it easier to clean. Plus, the scratch-resistant surface manages to extend its durability too. Adding to this is a convenient height of 14.5 inches.

We believe that these things make it an ideal model for a child’s bathroom. Not only is the toilet at a suitable height for their short legs, but it is hard-wearing enough to resist external damages.

What about the flush? Mansfield Quantum comes with a pressure-assisted power flush. The incredible flushing power is sufficient enough to wash away your waste in one go. The water efficiency is 1.6 GPF, this makes it WaterSense certified. However, if you wish to minimize your water usage a few notches more, then you can opt for another model in this range.

The second best product would be Quantum Pressure-Assist 1.28 GPF.

On the whole, it’s an excellent investment for every homeowner. Read more about Mansfield toilets here.


  • A contemporary look with glossy ceramic glaze
  • The compact shape makes it suitable for small bathroom spaces.
  • Pressure-assisted flushing technology (1.28 GPF)
  • Slam-resistant closing seat.
  • Standard height (14.5 inches) makes it convenient for children.


  • It doesn’t come with a complete installation kit.

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Pressure Assisted Toilet?

Simple bathroom designs can be super impactful. Image Source: Unsplash

Getting a pressure-assist toilet isn’t rocket science. However, there are some aspects of the toilet that you should be aware of. The list includes things like noise, efficiency, and construction.

Here’s everything that you need to consider:

The Model: Is This the Latest Model?

First of all, be wary of toilet models that date back to ten years ago. These second-hand designs are cheap, but they aren’t efficient. So you end up buying a toilet that needs constant repairs.

The same rule is applicable to brand-oriented purchases. That’s because some brands still sell traditional toilets at a low-cost price. It might be great for your current budget, but it costs a lot when you add in the maintenance cost.

The Parts: Can You Install/Fix It Yourself?

Pressure-assist toilets tend to come with unique fixtures and parts. It makes it impossible to install it or fix it on your own. So if you’re into DIY projects, then select a brand that caters to your needs.

It includes:

  • Having a stock of spare parts available on-demand.
  • Being accessible via their customer support service.
  • Offering installation and plumbing repair services.

These things come in handy for professional installations too. Otherwise, you and the plumber will be left to browse through the market in search of the right valve.

Pro tip: Home Depot provides an incredible customer support team and installation service package. They’ve also got almost all these pressure-assist toilets in-stock right now.

The Noise: Can You Tolerate the Noise?

The biggest flaw in pressure-assist toilets is its loud whirring noise. The characteristic sounds beat the purpose of a comfortable flushing experience. It’s also an inconvenience for nightly trips to the washroom.

Does that mean you should give up on pressure-assist toilets? Not necessarily! The best way to resolve this issue is to purchase a quiet flush. Most companies are paying heed to this aspect of the pressure-assist toilet by building noise-canceling systems.

So just read reviews to check if noisy flushes are a problem for your shortlisted product. You can also look for DIY plumbing hacks that fix this problem.

The Mechanism: Is It User-Friendly?

There’s no point in buying a toilet if you have to replace it right after purchase. It usually happens when you find it challenging to use.

The main reasons for this are:

  • A low seat height that makes getting on the seat feels like a challenge.
  • Non-ADA compliant features for people with disabilities.
  • Levers that require force aren’t suitable for senior citizens or young children living in the household.
  • Toilet bowls that allow residue to stick to it create problem in high-traffic bathrooms.

In short, look for a low-maintenance toilet.

In a nutshell, pick a toilet that’s easy to use, doesn’t make too much noise, and is super-efficient.  Besides this, avoid getting obsolete pieces that don’t have replacements available in the market.

The Verdict:  Which Pressure-Assisted Toilet Should You Buy?

Experiment with a little color Image Source: Unsplash

Let’s get it straight―your purchases mainly depend on dimensions of the room, your budget, and personal requirements. So you should always weigh in the pros and cons of getting one of these toilets.

However, if we had to choose, we’d go for Niagara 77001WHCO1. The pressure-assist toilet is highly-capable of eradicating waste with only 0.8 GPF. Plus, the Stealth technology optimizes its performance a great deal. So you get a toilet with a small carbon footprint and more power.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a popular brand then go for American Standard Cadet. The toilet brings in all the great features of a standard pressure-assist toilet. Plus, it’s light on your budget! So it’s a win-win situation for you.

So which one of these would you choose?