Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder | 2018 Reviews

potty seat with ladder girlAs your child grows out of their low sitting potty chair, it may be time to get them a potty training seat that goes on top of the regular toilet.  Some of the best training seats have a built in ladder that allows your child to get onto the toilet easily. We have reviewed some of the best potty training seats with ladders, and this is what we have found.  

Our top pick is the Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder by Potty Trainer.  It offers a sturdy style, but has some great, unique features. While this one is the one we picked as the best, there are some other great ones as well.  

What to Consider

Shopping for a potty training seat with a ladder shouldn’t be so daunting. Just make sure that you know what you are looking for. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you choose a chair potty ladderthat is sturdy.  The design is important, because you don’t want your child to get hurt trying to get up onto the toilet. Safety should be a top priority.

It is also important to look for a chair that will be easy to attach and remove from your toilet.  After all, it isn’t really possible for adults to use the chair, so having one that will be easy to take off when you need to is pretty convenient.  

Finally, consider the material that is used for the chair.  It is a good idea to choose a material that will be easy to clean, but also be antibacterial and nonslip.  These are important features when it comes to keeping your child safe and sanitary when they are using their potty seat.  

Our Top Picks for the Best Potty Training Seat with Ladder

#1 – Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder by Potty Trainer Review

Potty with Step Stool Ladder by Potty Trainer
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First on our list, we have the Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder by Potty Trainer.  This one is our favorite for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a closer look and see what this chair has to offer.


  • It offers the ultimate level of safety for your child.  It not only has a step ladder with non slip feet, but it also has arm handles for your child to feel safer as they use the potty.
  • It is easy to fold down, making it really easy for you to store it when you do not need it.  It can even be hung on the back of your bathroom door.
  • It is easy to keep it clean, and is made up of non-toxic plastic that is safe for your child.


  • It does seem to be a bit bulky when it is attached to the toilet, but this really just adds to the security of it.
  • The seat is pretty thin, and it may not offer the most comfort for your child’s bum.
  • The splash guard is actually pretty low, which means little boys may have to push down if they don’t want to make a mess.

#2 – Luxxbaby Kids Potty Toilet Training Seat Review

Luxxbaby Kids Potty Toilet Training Seat
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Next, we have the Luxxbaby Kids Potty Toilet Training Seat.  This seat has a fun, stylish design and is available in two different colors.  Choose from either green or white. Check out some of the other features.


  • It offers a slim design, but has a pretty soft and comfortable seat that will help keep your child comfy.  
  • There are even some handles that allow your child to hang on.  Being up high on the toilet can sometimes make them feel less secure, but having something to hold on to can help this.
  • It is non-slip, making it safe for your child.  It can also be adjusted to different heights, so that it can fit just about any toilet.  


  • The steps are really not very wide, which may make it more difficult for bigger kids to get up the ladder.
  • Some parents have noted that the stairs were a little bit wobbly, so make sure that they are securely locked into place before your child starts to climb them.

See mom’s quick video review of this potty ladder

#3 – Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer for Kids Review

Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer for Kids
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The Ostrich Toilet Step Trainer for Kids is one of the few FDA approved potty training seats for kids.  It has a great design, and it is also pretty comfortable for your child. Let’s take a look into some of the other features that make this chair unique.


  • It is fully adjustable, allowing you to use it on just about any toilet of any height.  
  • The cushion seat is padded, so it is really comfortable for your child.  It also has a large ladder base, that is made up of anti slip material for added security.
  • The ladder is removable, allowing you to take it off when your child gets a little taller, but still lets them use the comfortable toilet seat.


  • The seat is really not as easy to keep clean as some of the other seats out there, because of the padded cushion.
  • It is a bit bulky, which means it may not be ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • It does not offer splash guard, which is usually a critical part of a good potty chair for boys.  

The Bottom Line

potty ladder with boy
Boy with potty chair and ladder to big boy bowl.

There are a lot of great potty training seats that have ladders, but these are definitely some of the top choices that we found. We really liked the Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder by Potty Trainer because it has a super safe design, and also has handles to ensure that your child feels safe and secure.  

It is also easy to clean, and can be stored easily behind your bathroom door. While we do like this one the best, you are sure to find that any of these top picks are great choices.

If you’re not sure your child is ready for the ladder, you could just get a potty chair that sits on the bathroom floor. We’ve reviewed our best potty chair choices separately for boys (with pee splash guard) and top picks for girls potty chairs (no splash guard).