Best Potty Training Chair for Girls | 2018 Reviews

If you are looking to start potty training, then you are probably in the market for a potty training chair.  The good news is that most parents have noted that girls are a lot easier to potty train than boys, which may make you breathe a sigh of relief right now. We have taken a look at some of the best potty training chair options for girls, and we have our verdict ready.

little girl sitting on potty chairWe really liked the Summer Infant My Size Potty for girls. It not only has a great design, but also has a lot of great features. While this one did rank in at the top for us, there are some others that are noteworthy as well.  

What to Consider

Shopping for a potty chair for girls is different than shopping for a potty training chair for boys.  There are different things that you would want to look for. For instance, with a boys chair, a splash guard is important.  It is not really that important when it comes to a chair for girls.

Look for a comfortable design first.  Your child needs to be comfortable while sitting on their potty, or they may not really be very receptive to it.  Look for a chair that is contoured, or one that has a soft padded seat. This can really make the whole potty training thing go a lot more smoothly for both you and your child.

You will also want to find a chair that is easy to clean.  The problem with potty chairs is that they get dirty quickly, which is to be expected.  Chairs that can be taken apart easily and cleaned is important because it makes clean up time easier, and saves you some hassle.

Our Top Picks for the Best Potty Training Chair for Girls

#1 – Summer Infant My Size Potty

 Summer Infant My Size Potty
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We really love the Summer Infant My Size Potty because it looks so much like a real toilet.  It also has some great features that give it just a little boost above some of the others out there.  Let’s take a closer look and see why it may be a great choice for your little girl.


  • It actually makes your kid feel like they are flushing the potty, just like you!  This gives them that added confidence in what they are doing.
  • It is easy to take apart to keep it clean, with an easy to remove bowl that just lifts out.  
  • It has a slot to keep your baby wipes, which keeps them close by for your child to use them after toileting.  This promotes healthy hygiene habits.


  • The chair is a bit on the smaller side
  • May not be ideal for older toddlers who have gotten taller.  
  • It does not actually flush, which means you still have to take the bowl out and clean it.  
  • The flushing mechanism is really just for looks (and fun)!

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#2 – Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat

Fisher Price potty chair for girls
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 Next up, we have the Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat.  This seat is actually designed just for girls, and has a cute, stylish design.  On top of that, it also has some other noteworthy features for you to keep in mind.


  • This chair is actually adjustable.  You can choose from two different height settings allowing it to grow with your child.
  • It has comfortable arm rests, and a high back that makes your child feel like they are secure when they are on the chair.  
  • The bowl is easy to take off and keep clean, making it an ideal chair for those that want something that offers a one step cleaning process.  


  • The bowl is so easy to remove that your child may actually take it out and try to play with it.  Some parents have reported this.
  • There is no lid for the potty chair.
  • The chair is pretty narrow, and may not be suitable for larger children.

#3 – Pourty Easy to Pour Potty

Pourty Easy to Pour Potty
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Finally, we have the Pourty Easy to Pour Potty.  This potty chair is really easy to clean, as it is all one piece.  It also has a stylish design. Let’s see what else it has to offer.  


  • There is no reason to take this chair apart, as it has an easy to pour lip on the back to help you empty it with ease.  This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages.
  • It has a pretty wide seat, making it ideal to grow with your child.  Some other chairs on the market may be pretty narrow, but this one has more than enough room.
  • It even has a splash guard, which may not be essential for girls, but can still help to ensure there are not any accidental splashes that come up if your child sits wrong.


  • The seat is actually really low.  This may make it harder for taller children to sit down.
  • When pouring the waste out the back of the potty chair, there may be a bit of dripping due to the design of the chair.  It can be easily rinsed afterwards, though.
  • The bottom does not have any type of non slip grip, which may make it slide around a bit on the bathroom floor.  

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, we would definitely choose the Summer Infant My Size Potty for girls.  We really just love the fact that it is designed like an adult toilet, but has the pink finish to give it an extra girly touch.  It also has added features, such as a flushing feature and a holder for baby wipes. These teach great habits to your child, and make it an excellent choice.  With that being said, the other chairs can be great as well. Let us know what you think.

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