Best Overnight Incontinence Briefs for Men | Adult Diaper Reviews

Urinary incontinence could easily be one of the most annoying and unfortunate issues caused naturally by the human body. It might come as a huge surprise to those who don’t suffer from urinary incontinence to discover just how many convalescents there are, and if you’re here, you’re likely one of those trying to figure out a way to fight it.

There are plenty of low quality products that fail to deliver on their promises and, instead of helping you sleep relaxed, they cause anxiety when you go to bed. We’re here to let you know which briefs you can trust while also breaking down their features to properly showcase them to you, allowing you in turn to purchase exactly what you need.

If you’d like to read our full breakdown in order to find the best overnight incontinence brief, we invite you to scroll down below. If you’re otherwise looking for a quick opinion, you could opt for the Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear by Tranquility.

What to consider:

Absorbency: Certainly an attribute not to take for granted, absorbency is easily the most important feature in every adult-brief purchase. Having a product capable of correctly diminishing the flow of liquid while asleep is exactly the most effective way to keep your mind at ease. This is especially true if you’re looking for a product that allows you to get a good night’s sleep!

Fit: How good a product fits on a buyer will depend on two main related attributes: its size and how easy it is to put on. Although selecting a proper size when buying is very important, purchasing a brand that offers accurate sizing is also crucial. Even if the brief is made of a comfortable material, not having it properly fit will make it very troublesome to wear.

Comfort: It’s very important that the brief feels comfortable to the wearer, not only after usage but also on its natural state. Once it manages to hold any result of incontinence, it should remain as comfortable as it was before any incident occurred. This is attribute is related to how well it fits, but it also requires the brief to be made of a pleasant material.

Overnight Incontinence Briefs for Men: Our Top Picks

Maxi incontinence Adult Diaper by EGOSAN Review:

overnight incontinence Adult Diaper by Ego San
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These briefs tend to be wider than average and they offer very good protection for larger males. In any case, they do come in various sizes so choosing the appropriate option will get you the one you need. The package comes with 30 briefs, which seem to be very comfortable and absorbent.

They fit well if you adjust them properly, although in some instances the briefs could feel a bit too large for some people. Their comfortableness makes them an ideal product to wear overnight, as sleeping without any inconvenience seems to be exactly what these diapers offer.

As a bonus, these are unisex! They work well both on men and women, provided that the size is correctly chosen before purchasing them.


  • Very comfortable to wear. They shouldn’t feel like a burden on the owner but rather as a convenient accessory.
  • They manage to hold quite a lot of urine given their bulkiness and size.
  • Very breathable – they allow sweat to evaporate properly.


  • Considering these are products that you need to purchase constantly, they are pretty expensive.
  • Although not really a problem when wearing them overnight, the briefs seem to have a weird smell.
  • The absorbency is good but fitting them could be troublesome. The straps aren’t the greatest or easiest to use – keep that in mind!

Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear by Tranquility Review:

OverNight Disposable incontinence Underwear
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These briefs are almost assuredly one of the easiest products to use in the market. Simply pulling up the brief should make it fit in, thanks to their practical system. These seem to be very well equipped to deal with urine in many circumstances, including exercising.

Regardless, they seem comfortable and absorbent enough to offer the wearer a stress-free rest, be it overnight or during a long trip. Those who suffer from bladder control should be able to visit the restroom on a more regular basis, though if the owner suffers from strong issues frequent checking is recommended – they could leak from time to time.


  • Comfortable to use in a wide array of activities; not only while sleeping.
  • Very soft material makes them a comfortable wear to pull on.
  • They hold a huge amount of urine, which helps owners regulate restroom visit times.
  • Very convenient to pull on. The system is pretty straightforward and offers no significant drawbacks.


  • Although absorbent, an excessive amount of liquid might make them leak.

FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men by Depend Review:

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 Depend is definitely one of the most popular brief brands on the market, and there is a reason for it. This product offers a balance between price and quality that seems to please most buyers.

These briefs should feel very comfortable to the wearer, although they might seem a bit too difficult to fit in some occasions. Depend’s product has one weakness which could prove to be inconvenient: they absorb more sweat than they should, which in turn creates an unfortunate smell.

Some users have commented that they wish they were more breathable and moisture wicking, although many of these were referring to wearing the briefs during daytime activity this may not be such a concern for overnight use.


  • Easy to wear and easy to put on.
  • Ideal to wear overnight, but also a very good choice when looking to perform an activity.
  • They are made from a very comfortable material, which make them a convenient bedtime accessory.


  • They could make the owner feel a bit too hot when wearing them.
  • The other products that we reviewed seem to be more absorbent than these.

Final Verdict:

Each product has its own unique set of pros and cons, but the Premium OverNight Disposable Underwear by Tranquility seems to surpass the competition’s features with its very positive array of attributes. Finding a safe purchase when it comes to briefs can be a challenging experience, but this product seems to be a safe bet!

If you’re looking for briefs better prepared to deal with bariatric incontinence, fear not – we have your back as well!