Best Natural Loofa for Shower | 2018 Reviews

natural loofah for bath or shower
High quality natural loofah for shower or bath.

A refreshing shower or bath with a loofa sponge is often more than just relaxing, it can help you feel cleaner than ever. If you want to start bathing or showering with loofa sponges but you don’t know which one to get, we invite you to go over the products we’ve reviewed down below – it’ll probably help you make up your mind!

Loofa (also spelled Loofah or Luffaactually grows on a vine and is eaten as a vegetable in many parts of the world. Once fully matured and dried, it can be used as a natural kitchen or shower scrubbing brush with a texture that is good for exfoliation.

The products on offer online tend to come with different features according to the way they are made, but we’ve concluded that the Natural SPA Beauty Egyptian Organic Loofa by CraftsOfEgypt comes out on top when compared head to head with its competitors. We’ll tell you why below, so keep reading if you’d like to find out!

What to consider:

  • Natural products: Original, natural loofas are usually really good for skin, but products that only appear natural while made from synthetic material could cause the opposite effect. They may last longer than its natural counterparts, but generally they won’t be as effective.
  • Gentleness: It is of utmost importance that the loofa is treated properly in order to work with the most sensitive of skins, as a rough sponge could not only cause irritation but also permanent harm to an owner’s skin.
  • Durability: poor quality loofas tend to wear down quickly and last for just a few weeks, tops. Looking for products with higher quality standards might mean having to spend an extra buck or two, but it could be better than having to buy a new sponge every week!

Our Picks for Best Natural Loofah: 

Exfoliating Loofa Sponge Pads by Madholly:

Madholly natural exfoliating scrubber
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These sponges by Madholly come with a practical strap with handles and are very easy to use in the shower. They are made from natural loofa and the handles use terry cloth material that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, according to the manufacturer. Each sponge should be replaced after 1 month of use, and they should be washed individually and by hand.

The product seems to fit perfectly into the average person’s hand and they also seem to do very well on sensitive skin. Even though the material is smooth, it does appear to do wonders when exfoliating skin and the design allows for comfortable back scrubbing.

The small strap could sometimes feel weak and if treated too roughly it could break down shortly. If handled accordingly, each sponge should comfortably live up to its one month lifespan and one purchase of Madholly’s product should last you for an average of 4 months.


  • Comfortable design allows the sponges to be scrub most areas of the body while showering.
  • The sponges seem to be very good at exfoliating skin.
  • The manufacturer is clear with the product’s lifespan.
  • One purchase will equal roughly 4 months of use.


  • The handle could break down if treated too roughly.
  • Scrubbing could sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable if the sponge is too wet.

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Six Pack of Loofahs Spa Exfoliating Scrubber by MAYMII:

Six Pack of Loofahs
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These natural loofah sponges come in a pack of six and could be used together with most types of soap, be it bar or liquid, in order to get dead skin off your body. They seem to work very well in general, but the size and shape of the loofahs in the images doesn’t seem to properly represent the real ones. They are actual a bit shorter and irregular, though the quality is as advertised.

In any case, their diameter does fit the hand perfectly and they are good for exfoliating skin. If you want a big sponge though, then you may want to look somewhere else. The loofahs can be used comfortably to create loofah soap bars and the natural origin of the product doesn’t appear sketchy.

If you want a smoother sponge experience, we do recommend the first product we reviewed as they seem to offer a rather soothing experience.


  • Good for washing off any dead skin remnants.
  • Can be used with most types of soap, regardless of its consistency.
  • Each purchase comes with 6 different loofahs.


  • They are smaller than advertised.
  • Not as smooth when pressed against the skin as other products.
  • The shape of the sponges could feel irregular when scrubbing.

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Luxurious 100% Natural SPA Beauty Egyptian Organic Loofa by CraftsOfEgypt:

Egyptian Loffah
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Unlike other competitors, CraftsOfEgypt offers a single, high quality loofa. The product might seem underwhelming at first because it is flattened before shipping, but 15 minutes of soaking it in water returns it to its original shape. The loofa is soft and works very well when exfoliating sensitive skin.

Although your purchase will only grant you one loofa, this product is way bigger than most found online. You can also order the ‘glove’ version for almost the same price, if it suits you better. Keep in mind that this sponge tends to feel very soft, so if you don’t like extremes we recommend you check out any of the last two sponges that we’ve reviewed.

The fact that there is only one loofa sponge is justified not only by its quality, but also by its long lifespan. This sponge will almost assuredly last longer than other products that come with over 4 loofas, and the fact that it’s all natural makes it even better!

We do recommend changing loofas each month – keep it in mind and check our guide on how to keep your loofas and natural sponges clean for any further references.


  • Really good quality loofa should last for a long time, even with daily usage.
  • Very soft texture helps owners with sensitive skin get the best out of each scrubbing without causing damage.
  • Natural product grown in Egypt – it even offers a cucumber scent.


  • You only get one sponge with your purchase.
  • Have to cut it down to size yourself.

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Final Verdict:

The Natural SPA Beauty Egyptian Organic Loofa by CraftsOfEgypt might only come with a single sponge, but it offers too many great qualities that simply cannot be overlooked. Its durability, effectiveness and smoothness work very well with most types of skin and although every product we’ve reviewed offers different benefits, CraftsOfEgypt’s comes out on top thanks to its natural high quality.

Scrubbing could be easier if you use a shower mirror, don’t you think? We’ve reviewed those as well! Feel free to check out our other articles if you’re looking to get the best out of your showers and baths.