15 Luxury Hand Soaps {Heavenly Liquid Hand Washes}

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In this post, we’re going to talk about the best luxury hand soaps in the market. We’ve already featured luxury hair shampoos, hair conditioners, and luxury soap brands in the past.

Continuing in this tradition, the list below shows the 15 hand soaps that are made using nothing but the highest quality of ingredients. These are great soap options if you want a luxurious liquid soap that not only leaves your hands clean and skin nourished with top quality ingredients, these soaps leave a pleasant lingering scent and are beautifully packaged and bottled. These are great picks whether you want to pamper yourself or upgrade the soap in your guest bathroom or powder room.

Many of these follow authentic soap making techniques from around the world and strictly use natural or organic ingredients. You might have heard of these brands because of their popularity across the globe. Let’s check them out.

Best Luxury Liquid Hand Soap Brands

L’Occitane Shea Butter Liquid Hand Soap

L'Occitane Shea Butter Liquid Hand Soap,16.9 fl. oz.
L’Occitane Shea Butter Liquid Hand Soap (Image: Amazon)

This shea butter liquid hand soap is free of detergents. It is very gentle and is ideal for sensitive, dry, or damaged skin. It contains verbena, shea butter, and aloe vera extract – ingredients that invigorate, nourish, and soothe the hands.

This is a product of L’Occitane, a global leader in the beauty industry. Based in Manosque, France, the brand produces body, face, and skincare products as well as fragrances. Since 1976, Olivier Baussan’s vision has set out to celebrate the traditional manufacturing techniques of his native Provence.

Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash 

Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash
Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This hand wash is an instant classic. Experience luxury as this soap cleanses your hands gently, leaving an aromatic scent of citrus notes. Accompany it with the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel for the complete experience!

Molton Brown was established in 1971. Since then, it has built an excellent reputation in the world of fragrances. In fact, it sits on top of the food chain in the London fragrance scene. The brand specializes in luxury body and bath products, as well as fragrances.

Malie Organics Liquid Hand Soap – Koke’e

Malie Organics Liquid Hand Soap - Koke'e
Malie Organics Liquid Hand Soap – Koke’e (Image: Amazon)

Indulge in this luxurious organic hand soap from Malie. It gives a natural cleansing with awapuhi. At the same time, it nourishes and moisturizes dry skin with pure Hawaiian Hydrosols and organic aloe. After using, you’ll be left with the pleasant aroma synonymous with paradise!

Malie literally means “calm, tranquil, and serene.” If that’s not enough for you, you can rest in the fact that Malie has been leading the natural and organic beauty market for 15 years now. It uses cutting-edge plant science in its headquarters and laboratory on the Garden Island of Kauai. Each luxury product is handcrafted to capture the tropics’ very essence so that you and your hair can experience paradise wherever you may be.

Archipelago Charcoal Rose Hand Wash

Archipelago Charcoal Rose Hand Wash, 17 Fl Oz
Archipelago Charcoal Rose Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This charcoal rose hand wash takes advantage of the immense benefits of activated charcoal. The perfect blend of its ingredients allows a gentle cleansing that does not dry the skin. It gets rid of the toxins and dirt that you have accumulated on your hands. Enjoy hints of fresh rose, mandarin peel, subtle charcoal, peony petals, clary sage, geranium leaf, white musk, and patchouli!

Archipelago is a company that produces botanical-based products with complex fragrances. Their offerings can truly give you insight on how luxury can turn any house into a home. But luxury isn’t only what you can see – it’s also about items that improve daily life. Sometimes, the simplest products with the simplest ingredients can lead to the simplest, best moments.

Thymes – Frasier Fir Moisturizing Hand Wash

Thymes - Frasier Fir Moisturizing Hand Wash - 8.25 Fluid Ounce Bottle
Thymes – Frasier Fir Moisturizing Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This Frasier Fir hand wash can easily become anyone’s favorite holiday item – even if the holidays are over. It blends just the right notes of fragrances and natural ingredients to create an aromatic snap of Siberian Fir needles, relaxing sandalwood, and heartwarming cedarwood, a great smelling scent for guys, though. It is infused with glycerin to provide a gentle cleanse while hydrating dry skin. Think of it as shampoo and conditioner in one, except it’s for your hands.

Thymes was founded almost 30 years ago by two friends. They shared curiosity and a passion to create beautiful and meaningful things. Fast forward to today, it is a brand that continues to flourish because it never wavered on its passion for botanical authenticity, creativity, and friendship. It is committed to its artisan ways, continuously crafting products that aim to enrich customers’ daily experiences.

Antica Farmacista Hand Wash

Antica Farmacista Hand Wash, Prosecco, 10 fl. oz.
Antica Farmacista Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This hand wash gives you a whiff of top notes of Satsuma citrus, with very subtle floral notes of muguet. It is infused with passionfruit and apricot extracts to compliment the black currant’s natural sweetness. These natural ingredients give you a totally revitalizing cleanse. It also has chamomile, honey, silk amino acids, and sweet almond oil that all work together to moisturize your hands.

Antica Farmacista was the first company to bring the home ambiance diffuser to the American market more than a decade ago. Today, its offerings have expanded. It now has more than 20 home fragrances and new bath and body collections. Antica is an exemplary brand that defines what it means to have a luxury fragrance in your home. Its products are enveloped in a classic but modern-sophisticated aesthetic.

Mistral Lavender Liquid Hand Wash

Mistral Lavender Liquid Hand Wash
Mistral Lavender Liquid Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This lavender liquid soap from Mistral hails from the heart of Provence. It features a pure and fresh fragrance that will create a vibe of calm and serenity. The wash itself is non-greasy and lightweight and is formulated to replenish lost moisture and nourishment to your hands. To use, wet your hands with warm or cold water, lather up with this hand wash and rinse thoroughly.

Mistral is the brainchild of Matthew Tilker. He traveled to Provence when he was younger. At the time, he was the stereotypical backpacker studying alternative medicine in Europe. It did not take long for him to fall in love with France’s beauty and culture – including its soap-making traditions. Soon after returning to California, he started the company with all the knowledge that he took with him from his trip.

Claus Porto Banho Liquid Soap, Citron Verbena

Claus Porto Banho Liquid Soap, Citron Verbena, 10.14 fl. oz.
Claus Porto Banho Liquid Soap, Citron Verbena (Image: Amazon)

This Citron Verbena liquid soap soothes irritated and dry skin. It leaves your hands feeling refreshed and soft – and of course, clean. 99% of the formulation is comprised of only natural ingredients. Because of the aloe extract and glycerin content, it is able to moisturize and soothe the skin along with the benefits of lemon verbena. One or two pumps of the soap are enough – just massage it on wet palms and rinse after.

Claus Porto is a leading soap brand from Portugal. Its label has created an empire on handcrafted soaps boasting of the most elite scents, created with traditional artisanal methods, and packaged uniquely with original artwork.

Home and Body Co. Italian Deruta Hand Soap Collection  

Combo Set 4, Italian Deruta Hand Soap Collection 21.5 FL OZ Each, Orange Blossom, Olive Thyme, Meyer Lemon & Coconut Hibiscus
Italian Deruta Hand Soap Collection (Image: Amazon)

This hand soap collection includes Orange Blossom, Olive Thyme, Meyer Lemon, and Coconut Hibiscus. Each variant comes in a 21.5 fl oz bottle. All of these feature pleasant scents, using paraben-free essential oils and natural ingredients. These soaps are designed to leave your hands feeling soft, clean, and of course – fragrant. You can use this repeatedly throughout the day without worrying about irritation or drying your skin out.

Home and Body Co.’s mission is to provide its consumers with high-quality products that are not only effective but are also made of unique ingredients. The company aims to offer luxury to your body and your home. Beautifully packaged, well-formulated, and sustainably-sourced products: this is the H&B Co. guarantee.

RITUALS The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Wash

RITUALS The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Wash, 10.01 Fl Oz
RITUALS The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This hand soap is made using sweet almond oil and Indian rose. It is a 100% soap-free formula infused with moisturizing ingredients to protect your skin when and after washing. It is a perfect blend of the ancient Ayurvedic soap ingredients. Indian rose is perfect for creating a relaxing effect on your skin AND mind. Sweet almond oil is a great skin softener.

Rituals was founded in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman. It was his mission to transform people’s daily routines into more meaningful ones. His company’s secret is: slowing down and paying more attention to the small things. With this core philosophy, he eventually led to the idea of combining body cosmetics and home products. 

PHILIP B Lavender Hand Wash

PHILIP B Lavender Hand Wash, 11.8 Fl Oz
PHILIP B Lavender Hand Wash (Image: Amazon)

This hand wash is a luxurious moisturizer that therapeutically brings back your skin’s softness. It restores optimal moisture to dry and chapped hands. As an outcome, you’re left with healthy and nourished skin. You can use it every day as frequently as you need!

Philip B. was first known as a visionary when it comes to hair and scalp care. Soon, he created his own company that has gotten the attention of Hollywood and the rest of the world. His blends have even won several awards. His products now include bath and body items, too!

Panier Des Sens Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap

Panier Des Sens Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap
Panier Des Sens Lavender Liquid Marseille Soap (Image: Amazon)

This liquid Marseille soap features the relaxing scent and effects of lavender essential oil. It is authentically crafted following the most traditional method of crafting Marseille soap. The soap itself provides gentle cleansing and promotes the restoration of your skin’s natural balance. 95% of the ingredients are natural. Like all Panier des Sens products, this soap is made in France.

Panier des Sens has been creating unique and sophisticated luxury products for the past two decades. They work only with master soap makers from Marseille, infusing them with scents from the perfumers of Grasse. All formulas are vegan and natural, all of which are conceived in Provence. The brand is a huge supporter of partnerships with local sources, artisans, and suppliers.

Compagnie de Provence Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap – Cistus Cardamom

Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Made in France 16.9 fl oz Glass Bottle
Compagnie de Provence Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap – Cistus Cardamom (Image: Amazon)

This liquid soap can be used for the hands and body. It comes in a pump dispenser for ultimate convenience. It contains 100% French Savon de Marseille shea butter that is highly effective in moisturizing the skin. It comes with a fragrance that gives off ambery notes of cistus, which are enhanced by cardamom’s aromatic scent. 

It contains sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil. It is completely natural: paraben-free, animal fat-free, and artificial colorant-free. You are guaranteed that this is made only in France.

Compagnie de Provence is all about luxury. Forget about the flimsy plastic bottles you are used to. Its bottles for liquid soap are all made from glass. But it’s not just the outside that counts. The glass is specifically designed to protect its contents and maintain the natural fragrance and potency of the soap’s ingredients. And it doesn’t hurt that it is recyclable, too. 

Liquid Marseille Soap Incense Lavender

Liquid Marseille Soap Incense Lavender 16.9oz Glass Bottle
Liquid Marseille Soap Incense Lavender (Image: Amazon)

This liquid soap is made of authentic Marseille soap which was saponified in a cauldron. This is considered the purest tradition practiced by France’s master soap makers. This formula contains 97.7% purely natural ingredients. Infused with organic olive oil, you can expect a gentle and moisturizing wash every single time. It is created in Provence, France, where woody Lavender notes have been enhanced using Incense’s amber scents.

This product also comes from the luxury brand Compagnie de Provence. Luxury does not equate to being wasteful, though. That’s why the brand offers refills as well. Simply fill up your bottles over and over again – do your part for the planet (and save more in the process).

Pre de Provence Savon De Marseille Liquid Hand Soap

Pre de Provence Savon De Marseille Liquid Hand Soap
Pre de Provence Savon De Marseille Liquid Hand Soap (Image: Amazon)

Our final entry comes from a very world-renowned French brand: Pre de Provence. This hand soap is no exception to their dedication to luxury and quality. It features a fig grapefruit fragrance that is infused into the liquid soap, which offers a very gentle cleansing. Using natural vegetable oils, coconut oil, and glycerin, you are left with hands that feel hydrated and revitalized. It is also free of parabens, DEA, ethyl alcohol, and phenoxyethanol.

Pré de Provence creates soaps that follow traditional French soap making processes – producing smooth soap with no impurities, making them last longer. The soaps are made in Provence, quad-milled to ensure a richer and creamier lather, giving the most luxurious feeling. Ingredients used are all-natural and pure, often enriched with shea butter and aromatic fragrances.