11 Best Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirrors | Tri-fold, Tweezing & Travel

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Ever had that moment when you get bored out of your wits and you just bring out your make-up kit and start dolling up? How about the times you beat your alarm clock hurrying up to get yourself done but worry about not looking polished enough, make-up on or free?

Don’t you just wish to have that reliable makeup mirror ready to keep up on whatever pace you’re in whether you’re taking it slowly making sure everything is precise or you’re juggling in between schedules?

I have scoured the massive world of the web to give you girls my best, unbiased reviews of magnifying lighted make-up mirrors available on the market, be it Tri-Fold, perfect for tweezing or skincare, and compact for travel. To make an easier judge I categorized the best in the market into those three so let’s see if we are unanimous in our choice of the perfect makeup mirror available out there.

Makeup mirrors are a must-have
Makeup mirrors are a must-have | Photo Credit: Adrienn

Best Tri-Fold Makeup Mirrors

Magicfly LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Magicfly Led Lighted Makeup Mirror, 10X 3X 2X 1X Magnifying Mirror 21 LED Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen and 180° Adjustable Stand, Brightness Travel Beauty Mirror (Gold)
Magicfly Led Lighted Makeup Mirror (Image: Amazon)

Made from eco-friendly materials this tri-fold mirror is on top of my list with its built-in 21 LED bulbs. It’s lightweight, scratch and is chemical resistant. Did I mention it’s 4 panels, 1X flat mirror with 2X 3X and 10X magnification spot? Yes, you read that right. It’s tri-folded so you can carry it around any time or to any place.

Dual power supply operated you can plug in the micro USB cable (included) or 4AAA batteries (not included) whichever suits your needs.


  • Packaged securely
  • Easy fold
  • Made from lightweight materials


  • Poor lighting
  • The suction cup does not hold

Lighted Make Up Mirror by Absolutely Lush

Lighted Makeup Mirror With Magnification | Vanity Mirror with Lights and Touch Screen Dimming – LED Trifold 1x 2x 3x Magnifying Mirrors – Small Portable Makeup Accessories | Make Up Mirror with Lights
Lighted Makeup Mirror With Magnification. (Image: Amazon)

These are the three things I love about this product, the size, adjustable brightness of the LED and three different magnifications in one. It is a high definition mirror surrounded by a bright ring of LED lights, cordless so it is lightweight and AAA battery powered (not included) but comes with a 1m USB cable.

If you’re not sure about the product you can put your mind at ease as they offer a full refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase and a 12-month warranty if you are not satisfied with your package.


  • Price is affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Impeccable customer service


  • Lights blink when brightness is lowered
  • The package is not labeled fragile
  • Mirror too small

Mirrorvana X-Large LED Lighted Trifold Makeup Mirror 

Mirrorvana X-Large LED Lighted Trifold Makeup Mirror - Battery and USB Powered - 1X, 3X, 5X & 10X Magnification
Mirrorvana X-Large LED Lighted Trifold Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

The price for this mirror is absolutely fantastic as is the quality. The size is enough you can see your whole face and your hair. It is sturdy, it’s not going to tip over when you angle the mirror. The tri-fold design is also sleek it would look fabulous on any room. It’s also easy to set and fold up making it portable for travel.

The mirror is packaged in three layers keeping your order safe and secured upon delivery. When plugged in the light is bright ensuring your makeup application better and more efficient.


  • Packaged very securely
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Sturdy


  • Poor lighting
  • Three circle mirrors are unattractive

Best Tweezing Makeup Mirrors

Funtouch Light Up Mirror

Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror (X-Large Model), Funtouch Light Up Mirror with 35 LED Lights, Touch Screen and 10X Magnification Mirror, 360° Rotation Tabletop Cosmetic Mirror (White)
Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

This makeup mirror is the biggest in the market, it’s 14.56-inch-long and 8.97-inch-wide you will love its large size, bigger than you’d expect. Has 35 pieces adjustable LEDs controlled by a touch sensor button that gives you sufficient light in a dim room. A 360-degree rotation function you can conveniently adjust in all angles. The swivel effect is just beneficial!

The mirror also comes with a detachable 10X small magnification mirror and 2 suction cups perfect for placing it on a large mirror or anywhere with a flat and smooth surface.

You can charge it using a USB cable (included in the pack) or put in four AA batteries (can be bought separately). This lets you use the mirror when you’re nowhere near an electrical socket, how quaint is that?


  • Luxurious and elegant look
  • Large size
  • Mirror clarity


  • Made of thin plastic
  • Lights dim easily
  • Bulb light washes away your normal tone

MIRRORMORE Lighted Makeup Mirror

MIRRORMORE Lighted Makeup Mirror, 7.5 Inch Lighted Vanity Mirror, 1x/10x Magnifying Double Sided Mirror with Lights, AC Adapter Or Battery Operated, Natural White Light, Cord Or Cordless, Black
MIRRORMORE Lighted Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

This double-sided magnifying mirror has a built-in 26pcs SMD feature that is bright but not harsh. With 10x magnification on one side and regular on the other. The mirror shows so much detail it’s great for tweezing and applying eye makeup. You’re also going to be happy about is its size both height and diameter. It fits perfectly there’s no more bending over your counter to see yourself better, speeds up your getting ready process.

The 360-degree free rotation allows you to turn it where it works for you. It’s compact weighing only 3.2 pounds. The design is retro and has a nice matte metal touch that doesn’t look cheap and it matches up with your bathroom decor.


  • Compact easy to carry around
  • Very bright but has different settings
  • Sturdy


  • Some buyers report lights stopped working having to return it
  • It may be too bright for some

Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror by Absolutely Lush

Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror / Vanity Mirror with Touch Screen Dimming, Detachable 10X Magnification Spot Mirror, Portable Convenience and High Definition Clarity Cosmetic Mirror
Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

Like its competitors, this mirror features a dimmable touch screen LED that lets you manipulate how much ample light you need by just holding your finger on the touch-sensitive button. The lighting is perfect you can view your whole head at normal visual which is great if you’re doing hair and makeup.

This 10x magnifying makeup mirror with rear-mounted suction cups lets you finish your look with accuracy.

It’s cordless so no annoying cables to worry about. Light in weight and AA battery powered (not included) you get to carry it around. Another plus point for this mirror is that the company sends you an email with instructions and video about their products which shows that they care about their customers.


  • Great customer service
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price for its quality


  • Magnification mirror is too small
  • Materials seem brittle

Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Mirror

Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Mirror, 8.5 Inch, Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnification, Hardwired Electrical Connection, Natural White LED Lights, 9-Watts, Nickel Brushed (MPWD3185BR1X7X)
Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

This dual-sided wall mount mirror has a 360-degree swivel design that allows you to safely turn it to any angle you can even see the back of your head while fixing your hair. Isn’t that amazing? The 1x/7x magnification gives you the perfect view of your face for precise makeup application.

The design also comes in choices brushed, chrome, copper, and oil rubbed bronze so you know it adds a great accent to your bathroom or bedroom.

The Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Mirror exceeds others because of its natural LED lights and since it’s LED you can expect that the bulbs will last you won’t have to replace it.


  • Convenient plugs into a 120v household supply
  • Easy installation
  • Swivels well


  • Light is very dim
  • Light is hardwired
  • Flexibility issues since it’s wall attached

SunplusTrade LED 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

SunplusTrade Led 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror Lighted Vanity Bathroom Square Mirror with 360 Degree Swivel Rotation, Flexible Gooseneck, and Locking Suction
SunplusTrade Magnifying Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

The takeaway for this magnifying mirror is its gooseneck. It’s long enough and adjustable you don’t need to lean in as much to see your face. The locking suction cup clicks into place and doesn’t move, saves you from drilling your fixture.

The size is not too big or small and only weighs 1 pound you can bring it on your travels. The 7x magnification is just the right amount for easy and accurate makeup.


  • Gooseneck design
  • The suction cup works perfectly
  • Easy installation


  • Some reports that gooseneck arm isn’t strong enough
  • Low magnification

Best Travel Makeup Mirrors

Magnifying Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights by Vimdiff

Updated 2019 Version 10X Magnifying Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights, LED Lighted Portable Hand Cosmetic Magnification Light up Mirrors for Home Tabletop Bathroom Shower Travel
Magnifying Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights. (Image: Amazon)

The Updated 2019 Version of the 10X Magnifying Makeup Vanity Mirror offers a natural LED light effect for that extra precision we all need.

The suction cups firmly hold the mirror onto any clean and smooth surface and but still allows you to swivel securely. It sticks easily but comes off easily as well.

The light is bright and magnification is great making it easy for you to see everything you want and don’t want to see, so you can take care of it. It works perfectly for people with vision problems especially those that are far-sighted. It’s small in size but powerful in use, a great companion for traveling.


  • Bright light
  • Lightweight
  • Suction cups stay put


  • Smaller than others
  • Mirror magnification is too strong
  • Eats up too much energy from batteries

Magnifying Double Sided Mirror by MIRRORMORE

LED Makeup Mirror - 7.5 Inch Lighted Vanity Mirror, 1x/10x Magnifying Double Sided Mirror With Stand, AC Adapter Or Battery Operated, Natural White Light, Cord Or Cordless
7.5 Inch Lighted Vanity Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

The design of this mirror is for all the chic out there. It blends perfectly unto your vanity corner. The size is compact not too large or tiny just enough for everyday use or goes well with your travel itinerary. The built-in 16pcs SMD is enough to illuminate your face, but most importantly it doesn’t blind you.

It comes with an adapter socket and a battery box. It has a smooth 360 free rotation that can be adjusted to any angle for a better view. It’s double-sided designed with a stand so you can place it anywhere convenient.


  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Great magnification


  • Light too bright
  • Batteries get super-hot (safety concerns)

LUNA London LED Lighted Compact Makeup Mirror

LUNA London LED Lighted Compact Makeup Mirror | 1x/7x Magnifying, Illuminated, Portable, Folding | Perfect for Handbag, Pocket & Travel Beauty Needs | Matte Rose Gold
LUNA London LED Lighted Compact Makeup Mirror. (Image: Amazon)

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight lighted mirror that you can take with you then this might be the answer to your woes. This 5-inch mirror is so handy you can easily slip it in your handbag. Great for travel as it doesn’t add bulk to your baggage.

The long-lasting LED lights accentuate this design to better light up your face for that flawless look wherever you go. Plus, the lifetime guarantee offered is a snatch!


  • Compact size
  • The right amount of lighting
  • Flexibility with the mirror


  • Too large for some travel bags but can fit into a larger tote
  • Hard to pry open
Get the best look by using high-quality makeup mirrors
Get the best look by using high-quality makeup mirrors | Photo Credit: Anete Lusina

Final Verdict

So there, upon careful review of these mirrors, my take away for the trifold feature is the Lighted Makeup Mirror With Magnification by Absolutely Lush. All three are quite sturdy and can be assembled easily but the lighting is far more superior on this one. Wouldn’t you agree that lighting is the cream of the crop for all makeup mirrors? If the lighting isn’t enough why would you even bother to get one? The price is affordable too which is a big bonus!

For tweezing the obvious choice for me is the Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Mirror. Need I say I can carry it with me anywhere in the house conveniently and since it plugs into a supply, I wouldn’t worry about exploding batteries! The many designs I can choose from also gives me enough options to pick the one that fits perfectly with the on my house interior.

Apply makeup properly
Apply makeup properly using well-lit mirrors | Photo Credit: Anderson Guerra

The LUNA London LED Lighted Compact Makeup Mirror is my go-to for my travels. It does live into its description, compact, as you can slip and fit into your carry-on bag. It’s not too large so it’s not awkward to bring out in the open for a quick touch up and the lifetime guarantee is a win for me!

Whichever use you need the makeup mirror for – at home, for traveling, or wherever – be sure to read user reviews to get real-life details about the product. Make sure to trust a reputable brand that has been rated highly by past consumers, too. But most of all, follow your gut and choose one that will fit your preferences the best. Making a well-informed decision will help cut down the risk of regret down the road.

Do you have other mirrors in mind that you feel should have made the list? Let us know! Share your thoughts and picks in the comments section below!


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