Best Bathroom Light Bulbs for Makeup | Lighting Reviews 2018

Some women spend quite a bit of time and money getting their makeup just right. While selecting cosmetic products that suite your complexion is the most important piece of the puzzle, the lighting you use while you are applying your makeup can make or break the results.  You want to make sure to have the best light for makeup as well, or else  the results you see in your bathroom vanity mirror may be totally different than others see when you are out. It can be quite a challenge to find the right cosmetics, but it can be just as complicated to find the best bathroom lighting to apply makeup.

We’ve asked several expert makeup artists for their advice and after quite a bit of research have narrowed it down to 3 of the best choices from: GE, Philips and Maxxima.  Our personal pick are these GE Lighting Reveal LED bulbs, but we’ve included reviews of all three below so you can choose based on what we discovered about these lights.

    • Color temperature: best color temperature for applying makeup is about in the  2,700-3,000 Kelvin range, making it easier for you to decide which light is perfect for you. Seeing as the warmer color of the light is more similar to daylight than the one that is fluorescent
    • Accuracy:  LED lights not only save energy but last for a long period as well, taking away the worry that you always have when you need to change the light bulbs. If you choose the right one it might last for years, so choose carefully.
    • Light color:  the best color is the one that is closest to the daylight, giving it natural light and showing you realistically how your makeup looks, without a strong white light that shows you the complete opposite
    • Dimmable: if your light is dimmable then you can notice the difference between the dimmed light and an average one. Dimmable lights make it more accurate when it comes to the look of your makeup.

GE Lighting Reveal LED 13-watt (100-watt Replacement) Review

GE Lighting Reveal LED bulbs are rated at 2850 Kelvins, having a light between soft and warm white. GE reveal bulbs give you a magnificent color contrast and a glamorous light. It gives you a feeling of natural light which is very important when it comes to choosing the right light for applying makeup. The good thing about this light is that it’s dimmable, diminishes hardness and it lasts for 15,000 hours. They are great for photography and video as well, lighting up the room without the light being too strong.

It isn’t a standard light bulb’s length, so it can’t fit everywhere, it is longer than A19, being 4.93 inches (12.5 cm).
Without ventilation you can experience a shorter than expected light bulb’s life, the heat can cause the electronic components to fail earlier than expected. Second bad thing is that they can be a bit noisy sometimes.

GE light bulb is a product that is worth its price, it is guaranteed for five years and predicted to last for 13 years. It is the light bulb that provides you with the perfect color for applying makeup.


  • Great color contrast
  • 15,000 hour duration
  • Guaranteed to last 5 years
  • Dimmable


  • Slightly longer than others
  • May not fit in tight corners or small lamp shades or enclosed fixtures

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Philips LED Dimmable A19 Soft White Light Bulb with Warm Glow Effect Review

These Philips LED light bulbs have a warm glow effect and save on your energy bill since they are Energy Star Certified.

A six-pack of these lights have a lifespan up to 25,000-hours and has a five-year warranty.
Since they are traditional A19 lightbulbs you can fit them on vanity mirrors, bare lamps and any other lamp making it easy to set them up wherever you want. Philips light bulbs provide a soft white light with warm dimming making it a good light for applying your makeup.

The only bad thing is that they have limited dimming, so it’s not perfect if you need it to be dimmed for a longer period of time.

They also reduce harmful hazardous waste because they are mercury-free. It gives soft white color, providing natural lighting. They dim silently from 2700 to 2200 Kelvins, making the light become warmer color the more you dim. Without making any buzzing sound, they’re great not just for fixing your makeup but also for relaxing at home.

Maxxima LED A19 – 800 Lumens 60 Watt Equivalent Warm White Review

These Maxxima LED light bulbs have a look of a traditional A19 bulb, so they can fit in any standard lamp, consisting of 5000 Kelvins.
They have a stronger color temperature than GE and Philips, having a horizon daylight color, a cool white color. Making them lighter than GE and Philips. But the light is quite strong, so it might not be a perfect light for putting makeup on.

They are made to fit in almost any standard lamp shade. As they are made with LED, they will warm up slightly but do not get burning hot like traditional light bulbs which is an added benefit if you are sitting close to the lighting for example if you are using them to illuminate a bathroom vanity mirror.  The Maxxima bulbs have a one-year warranty and last up to 15,000 hours.

Maxxima light bulbs make a low buzzing sound and shouldn’t be used for enclosed fixtures because they get too warm. They are non-dimmable, so they might be too bright if you’re applying your makeup at home.

If you prefer the bright white light when you’re putting your makeup on, then this is the light for you. You shouldn’t have a light that is too bright because you won’t see realistically how your makeup looks, but some people prefer this light because of the brightness.

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As a makeup artist, it is essential for you to have the best light bulbs for the outcome of your makeup look. It’s important for the light to be as close to daylight as possible. Now that you have been informed about the best alternatives, you can choose which one suits you the best. Cosmetics are an important part of most women’s lives so choose the best choice because having the wrong lighting can affect the color that you choose to apply, taking into consideration that some lights are cool, and some are warm. So be certain that you made the right choice.

GE Lighting is the best light for bathroom or vanity mirror lighting since it gives a daylight feeling and can be dimmed, evening the light for best makeup application. It gives you the best light for applying your makeup.