Best Bariatric Commode | Heavy Duty, Over Toilet & Bedside

Obesity and excess weight are a very common issue in today’s society, and the consequences of these conditions are often our pick for best bariatric commodedetrimental to the regular development of normal everyday life – mainly when the issue presents itself as extreme obesity. Thankfully, modern manufacturers have adapted to the needs of many affected by these issues.

There are products designed to withstand heavy weight (over 400 lbs. with some are even rated up to 600+) and help improve the quality-of-life of heavy persons in need of a more comfortable and manageable toilet for their weight and size.

The Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode by Drive Medical is a very solid option, and we suggest you to take a look at it if you’re in a hurry to make a purchase. If you’d rather see us break down the attributes of different products and make a decision yourself, read on!

While we have already talked about extra large toilet seats for heavy people that replace your existing toilet seat, those may not be the best solution in every scenario. For example you may want a commode like the ones below that can be used directly over your existing toilet seat during the day but also placed next to the bed (with the bucket insert) for night time visits to the toilet where you don’t want to make a trip to the bathroom. 

In this article, we’ll focus on finding the best bariatric commodes for you, your loved ones or any patient that you may need to help out. These special commodes should be able to handle the pressure of obese folks with ease, allowing them to properly regulate their bladder and bowel movements.


What to consider:

Sturdiness: Given the fact that these commodes will have to put up with a big amount of weight, their sturdiness will define just how effective they are. An ideal commode isn’t too difficult to handle and carry around, but it has to be sturdy enough in order to not fall apart when the user applies pressure on the product.

Ease of use: People with obesity issues need to have a specialized product that allows them to handle it with ease. Even if they aren’t the ones to assemble it or remove certain parts for convenience, the product needs to be easy to use in order to facilitate the caretaker’s responsibilities.

Toilet compatibility: A lot of commode owners would rather us it over their own toilet instead of the pot that the commode itself has, while also taking full advantage of the product’s features. In order to make this work, the commode has to have the ability to remove its portable toilet bucket and a comfortable design to make it fit above any regular sized toilet.

Best Commodes to consider:

Bedside Commode Chair by Duro-Med:

500 lb capacity bedside commode
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This product can hold up to 500 lbs. without hindering its performance, and it has a sturdy structure made of hard plastic that’s complimented by a design capable of adapting to the needs of a large adult.

The commode’s height can also be adjusted depending on the situation, which is an incredibly convenient feature for its users. This helps the product move closer to regular toilet seats while also allowing it to gain height beforehand in order to properly accommodate the user.

The product allows for the removal of its portable toilet and it can be placed on top of most regular-sized toilets with ease, making it a trustworthy ally even while traveling. It also comes fully assembled and ready to use!


  • Most owners should find it very comfortable and easy to use.
  • Seems to be quite good with preventing falls and slips, given the nature of its hard plastic.
  • The chair is very wide, allowing most people to sit comfortably on top of it.


  • The mechanism that allows you to alter the commode’s height has some issues with the tallest spots – sometimes they don’t lock properly.
  • The pot’s placement seems a bit irregular, which could cause urine leaks.

Bariatric Bedside Commode by Vive:

heavy duty Bedside Commode by Vive
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This sturdy commode can hold a weight of up to 550 lbs. It seems to be very well assembled and it’s easy to use. Just like the last product we talked about, this one also comes pre-assembled and has the ability to be used as a safety frame for your toilet if you remove its built-in pot.

The frame can be easily snapped together thanks to its sturdiness, an essential feature to a product that can be armed and disarmed.

Although the commode itself is pretty wide and holds a lot of weight, the main issue this product has is related to the size of the pot. It seems to be a bit small, considering the overall size of the average user. It could be inconvenient at times.


  • It has a sturdy designed and a properly assembled frame, which prevents owners from slipping or falling over.
  • It can be used as toilet safety thanks to its ability to be easily reassembled.
  • It’s wider than most other commodes, which helps larger users feel more comfortable.


  • The toilet seat and its cover could feel very flimsy when used. It could cause some unfortunate incidents if the user isn’t careful.
  • Although sturdy, the product is very heavy. Elderly patients could have some trouble moving it around.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode by Drive Medical:

our pick for best bariatric commode
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Unlike the other two commodes that we just reviewed, this one doesn’t come pre-assembled but it rather offers a simple mechanism to do so, which could be done without using additional tools. It can also hold up to 650 lbs., making it an ideal purchase even for the morbidly obese.

It’s a very big commode, and it can be used as toilet safety (its pot can be manually removed), but be sure you have enough room in your bathroom in order to do so. It also comes with a splash guard that can save users the trouble of cleaning up unnecessary messes.

The fact that the product doesn’t include any clear assembly instructions could be an issue for some owners, as arming the commode could prove to be a challenge. In any case, once it’s assembled and good to go, the user should be pleased with their purchase.


  • Very large chair, capable of holding up an enormous amount of weight.
  • It’s easy to use and provides non-slipping safety to the user.
  • If properly used, it requires very little clean up.
  • The individual parts of the commode can be replaced if damaged.


  • The pot could fall off occasionally, which could be very messy if it contains any waste.
  • The seat doesn’t seem to be of a very high quality.

Final Verdict:

After going over each product in this article, we’ve determined that the Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Commode by Drive Medical offers the best attributes to make it one of the top rated choices in the market, while also keeping an affordable price. It should make the user feel very comfortable when using it, be it as a toilet safety build or as a standalone portable toilet on its own.

As mentioned, these bedside commodes can be a very convenient and versatile solution since they are portable and can be moved to and from the bathroom to the bedside depending on your daily needs.

Another often overlooked issues is if you have smaller sized people in your home, they may not want the XL toilet seat installed as they can actually be uncomfortable for small/skinny people- the hole is too large for them and doesn’t support their butt cheeks when they sit on it. This can cause some conflict in a home where you are sharing the bathroom and the portable commode can be a very practical compromise for everyone.