Glacier Bay Toilets: An Exceptional Brand

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Did you know? Home Depot sells Glacier Bay Toilets, an exclusive line of high-efficiency toilets for residential and commercial usage.

Everyone knows that Home Depot sells a wide range of products for home improvement projects. So you’re bound to find all kinds of bathroom supplies under its roof.

The company is a stickler for details and eco-friendly designs. That’s why we love browsing its inventory to know which products have passed Home Depot’s tests for design, efficiency, and durability.

Home Depot is the exclusive retailer for Glacier Bay Toilets.

Because the brand is exceptional, we decided to produce some Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews:

Why Glacier Bay?

Glacier Bay Toilets

Glacier Bay’s primary motive to sell their products at Home Depot is because of the store’s popularity amongst the masses. Nevertheless, the brand holds its own when it comes to performance, functionality, craftsmanship.

Glacier Bay Toilets Feature:

  • Simple Installation Process: Most toilets come with an easy-to-use installation kit. The packet includes everything from wax rings to bolts. It ensures that you don’t have to ask for additional help when you install a toilet.
  • Water-Efficiency: The toilets fall under the category of smart toilets that regulate water flow. Almost all the toilets in their collection have a dual flush mechanism that helps you conserve daily water consumption. Even the single flush models have a low-flush requirement to ensure that they’re WaterSense certified.
  • Super Clean Flush: This is the toilet company’s signature flushing technology. The powerful flushing system clears out high-volume waste with minimum clogs. That’s because it comes with a built-in jet flush system that pushes everything down the pipeline.

Once you combine these three characteristics with other modern-day features―you get a brilliant toilet at your hands.

What’s more? Glacier Bay has a stylish line of water faucets and other bathroom supplies that help you furnish your bathrooms according to your taste. They also sell spare parts and different types of toilet seats to match your aesthetic sense.

Best Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews

Let’s look at the top toilets from this underrated brand:

Glacier Bay N2316―Best ADA Compliant Toilet  

Glacier Bay Toilets
Image: Home Depot

Glacier Bay N2316 is the first contender on our list of Glacier Bay toilets. This model comes in three stunning colorways that are all available on Home Depot. So you’ve got a choice between black, white and, bone for your bathroom.

Apart from aesthetics, this model manages to hit all the key features for an ADA-compliant toilet. The comfort height reaches 16.5-inch which is apt for both young and old users. The elderly and those with mobility issues will also appreciate the elongated bowl. That’s because it adds extra comfort to the seating position.

In terms of functionality, this toilet design gets a ten out of ten. The first thing to notice is its high-efficiency flushing mechanism that clears the bowl on the first flush.

Dual-flush toilets support this function by regulating your daily water usage. You get to choose between 1.1 and 1.6 GPF depending on the situation.

Other great features include a scratch-proof vitreous china coating and an easy-to-clean toilet bowl. The simple installation process via Quick Connect (a hallmark of Glacier Bay Toilets) makes this toilet easier to install in comparison to other brands.

The only setback is that its height and elongated bowl won’t fit in a compact bathroom. So be sure to rough-in measurements before purchasing this model.


  • A sleek toilet design that comes in three colors (black, white, and bone).
  • Smart height of 16.5-inches and elongated bowl for comfortable seating.
  • Stain-resistant china vitreous coating to protect your toilet from damage.
  • Water-effective dual flush mechanism (1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF).
  • ADA compliance.
  • Quick Connect feature makes it simpler to install.


Glacier Bay N2430E―Best Water Smart Toilet   

Are you looking for a toilet that doesn’t misuse water?

Glacier Bay Toilets
Image: Home Depot

Most Glacier Bay toilets come with a dual flush system. However, the Glacier Bay N2430E takes water-efficiency a step further by reducing its maximum water consumption from 1.6 to 1.28 GPF. This feature helps saves your water bill and get a nod from the WaterSense board too.

The simple design and its porcelain finish make it a good match for any bathroom. The model is ADA compliant, which means its height is above average, and it has a comfy seat. Plus, the elongated bowl adds to this by providing extra legroom to get on and off the seat.

Moreover, the toilet has a powerful flushing mechanism that gets rid of the waste efficiently. Then there is the vitreous china coating that makes cleaning the bowl simpler. That’s because the ceramic finishing shields the surface from unwanted stains and spillage.

Lastly, like most Glacier Bay models, this one has a Quick Connect feature. It makes that simple to install and doesn’t require any professional assistance.


  • Standard toilet design to appease your minimalist tastes.
  • Highly-efficient dual flush system (1.0 GPF or 1.6 GPF).
  • Comfort height of 16.5 inches to support elderly and disable users.
  • Adheres to the ADA standards.
  • Comes with a complete hardware kit.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not made for compact bathroom designs.

Glacier Bay N2420―Best Budget-Friendly Toilet

Glacier bay one piece toilet
Glacier Bay N2420 (Image:

Are you looking for a cost-effective upgrade of your old toilet?

Glacier Bay N2420 is compatible with your requirements. The one-piece model is exquisitely designed to fit into the mold of contemporary bathrooms. Despite its elongated shape, the toilet requires minimum space. Thus, it’s an excellent investment for smaller bathrooms.

The Glacier Bay N2420 displays all the features of a high-efficiency toilet. The dual flush unit utilizes 1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF depending on your flushing needs. The button for the flush is strategically located on top of the tank to make it easier to use.

We also like the fact that it is low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. The vitreous china glaze (common amongst Glacier Bay Toilets) eliminates the chances of scratches and cracks. Additionally, the wider rim makes cleaning the bowl less tedious than traditional toilets.

What’s more?  This toilet is 2-4 inches higher than a standard toilet. The height and its elongated shape make it a great asset in ADA-inclined bathrooms. It’s also useful if you have arthritis or other mobility issues that come with old age.

Lastly, like all the best Glacier Bay toilets, this one supports DIY installations.


  • Inexpensive purchase for small bathrooms.
  • Sleek and stylish design for a contemporary look.
  • High-performing dual flush mechanism (1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF).
  • Comfort height of 16.5 inches.
  • The ADA-inclined features make it user-friendly for users with disabilities.
  • Smooth vitreous china finishing enhances its durability.
  • WaterSense certified


  • It doesn’t come with a toilet supply line.

Glacier Bay N2428R-DFBest Toilet for Small Bathrooms

glacier bay
Model # N2428R-DF (Image: Home Depot)

Compact, efficient, and powerfulthis model has everything you need for a small bathroom.

Glacier Bay N2428R-DF is an all-rounder model that covers many essential features in contemporary toilet design. You won’t regret buying this model despite its hefty price tag.

The biggest advantage of this Glacier Bay model is its innovative dual-flush system. It allows you to select a half flush option (1.1 GPF) for liquids and a full-flush (1.6 GPF) option for wastes. The dual system ensures that your daily water consumption doesn’t exceed the EPA guidelines.

The best part is that regardless of the water flow you pick, the flush still manages to clear the bowl. It reduces the frequency of regular clogs and blockages. Additionally, the non-sticky, scratch-proof, and highly-durable vitreous china coating shields boost its durability.

Other than that, the toilet flaunts a super comfy seating area with a doable comfort height. It’s a big plus for you if you live with seniors.

Like many Glacier Bay toilets, the fixture comes with a complete installation kit. The kit comes in handy for your DIY installation venture.


  • A gorgeous china vitreous glaze protects its design.
  • Easy to fit in a small bathroom.
  • The dual flush system meets the WaterSense standards.
  • Comfort height makes it convenient for older members of the family.
  • It has a simple installation process.


  • Costly purchase.

Glacier Bay N2442EB/N2442TBest Flushing System

Do you want a toilet flush that doesn’t let you down?

Glacier Bay introduces homeowners to its Super Clean bowl series. In comparison to traditional toilets, these toilets flush down waste at a better speed and efficiency. Its powerful jet flush generates sufficient water pressure to eliminate stains and residues.

Additionally, the innovative rim design ensures that the pot is easy-to-clean. The anti-microbial ceramic glaze with its scratch-proof surface makes it more durable for long-term use.

Other features include a comfort height of 17-inches and an elongated bowl. This chair-like construction makes the toilet seat suitable for the elderly and tall members of the family. It’s because it offers them a comfortable sitting position when they relieve themselves.

Although single-flush technology feels conventional amidst a range of dual-flush toilets, we appreciate that its water consumption is only 1.28 GPF. We believe that anything more than that would be unacceptable for liquid flushes.


  • An adequate water flow rate of 1.28 GPF
  • Seamlessly glazed trapway that resists scratches.
  • Anti-bacterial vitreous china finishing.
  • Superior flushing system minimizes clogs and blockages.
  • A budget-friendly investment.


  • A dual-flush mechanism could improve its water efficiency.

Official Video: The Glacier Bay Toilet Quick Connect System

This video is short, under three minutes, and it perfectly demonstrates the innovative and exclusive Glacier Bay Quick Connect Toilet feature.

Most Glacier Bay Toilets include their innovative Quick Connect system; this video is an excellent demonstration.

Buyer’s Guide: Purchasing Toilets from Home Depot

Home depot logo

We hope that you found our Glacier Bay toilet reviews above useful!

Home Depot is one of our go-to places for household supplies. We respect the precautions and notable initiatives it takes to sell high-quality products. We thought it’s high-time we answer the frequently asked questions about the renowned company and its toilet range.

Here’s all that you need to know:

1. Is Glacier Bay the Only Toilet Brand Sold at Home Depot?

Nope. The retailers collaborate with all the top-selling brands in the toilet industry. You can find all the popular names (e.g., Toto, Kohler, and American Standard) here. It also opens up an avenue for you to discover low-profile brands like Glacier Bay.

The wide variety allows you to compare the toilets. You also get to purchase a budget-friendly alternative from affordable brands.

Glacier Bay toilets are our favorite brand at Home Depot for most installations.

2. What Exactly Is the Eco Options Program?

The Eco Options program is a partnership between Home Depot and the EPA WaterSense Program.  It states that the retailer will make sure to sell eco-friendly toilets. Their main focus is on the dual-flushing system that cuts down the daily consumption of water.

This initiative hopes that every household in America uses a toilet that utilizes 60% less water than the traditional toilet. The company does this by supplying you with high-efficiency toilets from the get-go. It also offers a Local Utility Rebate Finder. The software gives you access to discounts and rebates from your local water district when you buy an eco-friendly toilet.

3. Does Home Depot Offer Installation Services?

Yes, it does.  You can call in customer support for plumbing installations without any worry. The best part is that their installation services cover everything from faucets, basins to toilets.

In case you want to take the DIY-route, then you can always checkout Home Depot’s YouTube channel for guidance. The company has multiple videos on the installation, maintenance, and toilet repairs.

RoundUp: Which Glacier Bay Toilet Is the Best?

Glacier Bay Toilets
A picture of a dimly lit bathroom Image Source: Unsplash

On the whole, Glacier Bay Toilets are wonderful fixtures for every house.  They cater to the needs of both spacious bathrooms and smaller ones. So your purchase is solely dependent on the kind of toilet that you want..

However, if it were up to us, we’d recommend the Glacier Bay Super Clean Bowl series. The toilet’s superior flushing system is a great asset for any bathroom that serves a large family. It’s because the high-performance flush system reduces frequent clogs and blockages. The only setback is that this toilet doesn’t have a dual-flush mechanism.

That’s why Glacier Bay N2420 is our second option. This wonderful model saves your money and water without compromising its efficiency. So you get great value for your money. The other benefits include a dependable dual-flush system and scratch-proof china vitreous coating. It’s also smaller than the other Glacier Bay toilets on this list, which makes it perfect for your compact bathroom designs.

So which ones of these will you buy?

Glacier Bay Toilets
A plant or two is never a bad idea!

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