10 Best Dual Flush Toilets

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Toilets and sewers were first invented during the 3rd millennium BC, with the Indus Valley Civilization known as the home of the first urban sanitation system in the world. Toilets are used to collect and dispose of human waste and can be with or without water. Now, this piece of hardware is present in almost every part of the world and the toilet has seen numerous upgrades over the years to include different comfort and safety features.

When it comes to water usage, did you know that toilets comprise 30% of an average home’s indoor water use? Older toilet models can consume up to 6 gallons of water per flush, leading to wasted water in residential areas. Luckily, advancements in the toilet industry have paved the way for the invention of water-efficient toilets, both for single flush and dual flush models.

Dual flush toilets, in particular, are very water-efficient because they do not only use up fewer gallons of water per flush, but also give users the option to use two different amounts of water to flush away liquid and solid waste. While dual flush toilet units consume less water, it doesn’t affect the flushing quality as these commonly utilize gravity to remove waste through the trapway. Other models also make use of siphon action to clean the bowl.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a voluntary partnership program to certify toilets that are water-efficient and can be determined by checking for the WaterSense label on the toilet. These types of toilets, apart from being environmentally friendly, also help users save money by reducing monthly water expenses.

Best Dual Flush Toilets

Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth – Budget Pick 

KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet with Class Five Flush System and Left-Hand Trip Lever, White
Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth (Image: Amazon)

The Wellworth Toilet by Kohler is a dual flush toilet that combines low water consumption with a powerful flush. Unlike other dual flush toilets that feature push buttons for the flush, the Wellworth makes use of an innovative 2-tone flush lever at the side of the tank. Users can opt for the 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush option, with the former yielding over 30% water savings compared to the stronger flush. Collectively, this will give more than 4,000 gallons of water savings per toilet annually.

Apart from the dual flush feature, the Wellworth two-piece toilet consists of a Kohler K-4197 round-front bowl which is ideal for small bathrooms and for kids as well as the K-4458 tank. The 2 1/8-inch trapway comes fully glazed to facilitate easier removal of waste and comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in. The toilet comes with a 3-bolt installation and is certified WaterSense. The unit does not come with a toilet seat but coordinates well with other products in the KOHLER Wellworth range.

Customers who’ve purchased the Wellworth toilet were happy with the quality and ease of use of the toilet. The majority of users have been using the toilet for years without any problems. A lot of customers also found the 1.1 GPF flush option sufficient enough to flush even solid waste most of the time. Installation-wise, users shared that it was easy to install and required only a few basic tools. Despite not coming with its own seat, customers have also commented that they were able to use toilet seats from other brands without any problem.

While the Wellworth delivers in terms of performance, some customers have reported several issues when it comes to quality control. Some users have received only the toilet without the tanks while others have received the opposite. Other customers have also said that they have received broken or discolored units, but a replacement will be sent if you get in touch with customer service.

American Standard Dual Flush Normal Height (Round)

The H2Option Round Toilet by American Standard is a WaterSense dual flush toilet designed to put users in charge of the way they flush. The partial flush uses 0.92 gallons per flush while the full flush consumes 1.28 GPF. The H2Option round toilet features a siphon jet bowl innovation that uses PowerWash rim technology to ensure thorough cleaning after each use. PowerWash scrubs the bowl clean when flushing with the help of pressurized water from the rim.

The flush options can be accessed via the chrome-plated push buttons on the top of the tank. Apart from dual flush function, the bowl of the H2Option also has an EverClean surface to help keep the bowl cleaner for longer. The glaze helps make the toilet smoother to lessen the amount of waste that sticks on the bowl and reduces the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the unit. The toilet comes with a fully glazed 2-inch trapway to prevent clogs as well as a 12-inch rough-in.

According to customer reviews, the H2Option round toilet is comfortable to use and works well. The water refills quickly after flushing and the majority of customers found the amount of water used when flushing enough to get rid of waste. The toilet also flushes quietly and users have found the toilet height suitable for adults and children alike. Customers have also commented that the toilet is easy to clean.

Several customers were disappointed to find out that the toilet does not come with a seat. The H2Option round toilet does not come as a complete set either and customers found that they still have to buy some parts from the hardware to get the toilet installed. Some users also commented that there is no actual difference between the water levels of the partial and full flush.

Woodbridge E T-0019- Elongated Dual Flush Toilet

WOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Comfort Height, Water Sense, High-Efficiency, Rectangle Button, Cotton White
Woodbridge T-0019 (Image: Amazon)

Woodbridge T-0019 is a modern one-piece toilet with a quiet but powerful flushing system. It comes with 2 flush options – a half flush at 1.0 gallons per flush and a full flush at 1.6 gallons per flush for an average of 1.28 GPF. Certified by WaterSense, the T-0019 toilet uses at least 20% less water compared to 1.6-gallon toilets and can save up to 16500 gallons of water per year when the 1.28 GPF average is compared to 3.5-gallon toilets.

The toilet makes use of a fully glazed siphon flushing system to prevent leaks and clogs. The T-0019 toilet also comes with a skirted trapway to make cleaning the toilet easier. It has no grooves and corners where dirt can get in and has chair-height seating for more comfort. The T-0019 comes with a soft-closing seat and other parts needs for installing the unit including the floor bolts, wax ring, hand wrench, and installation manual.

The majority of customers found the flush system of the T-0019 efficient in removing both liquid and solid waste. It is also easy to clean on the outside and inside. While the toilet is very heavy, users found installation easier if two people were doing it. Customers also loved that the package came as a complete set. The soft-close seat also works well, however, it isn’t very comfortable for some customers.

One of the things that customers found less than suitable about the T-0019 is the flush buttons. There was some feedback that after several weeks of use, the silver on the buttons had already tarnished. Other users also had issues with the toilet seat, saying that it needed to be fixed constantly because it always comes apart. Others also found the toilet unit difficult to install even with the help of a plumber.

American Standard Elongated Dual Flush – Comfort Height

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2 Option Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Toilet, White
American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option (Image: Amazon)

American Standard’s Elongated H2Option Toilet is a high-efficiency WaterSense toilet that helps you save as much as 37.5% water with a partial 1-gallon flush and full 1.6-gallon flush. The elongated bowl has a 16 ½-inch rim for ease of use and improved comfort and features the PowerWash rim innovation to ensure that the toilet bowl stays clean after every flush with the help of pressurized water.

Apart from having a dual flush, the H2Option elongated toilet has a combination bowl and tankless seat, fully glazed 2-inch trapway, 12” rough-in, 16 ½-inch rim height, wide water surface area, and EverClean surface. The EverClean surface prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface of the bowl which can cause stains and odors. The H2Option elongated toilet also comes with American Standard’s Speed Connect System for faster and easier installation.

Elongated toilet models are best for individuals on the taller and larger side and customers in this group agree that the H2Option elongated toilet is comfortable. It also fits in great for small bathroom spaces. Users have also shared that installing the toilet is fairly easy and you just need to purchase a wax ring. The flush is efficient in removing waste, operates quietly, and also refills quickly.

Some customers who’ve purchased the H2Option elongated toilet have had issues with the flush getting stuck even with just months of use. Others also received units with a broken flushing system. There was also some feedback that the toilet bowl they received had a crack from a factory fault but customer service refused to replace the unit.

TOTO CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Dual-Flush Toilet – Wall-Hung

TOTO CT418F#12 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl, Sedona Beige
TOTO CT418F#12 Aquia (Image: Amazon)

TOTO’s Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet is a sleek dual flush toilet that comes in an elongated bowl and skirted design. The wall-hung model suits small bathroom spaces and promotes easier cleaning. The WaterSense-certified toilet integrates Dual-Max technology for flushing which uses either 0.9 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Dual-Max uses an advanced flushing mechanism using a carefully-designed bowl and trapway to maximize water use.

The Aquia toilet has a SanaGloss ceramic glaze that makes the bowl surface smooth to minimize waste from sticking and to prolong cleanliness. It also reduces the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold that can cause stains on the bowl surface and produce odor. You will need to purchase the in-wall tank system, flush button, and toilet seat separately but TOTO has all the compatible parts available.

The space-saving feature of the Aquia toilet is one of the things that the majority of customers found to be useful. According to customer feedback, it is also very easy to clean since there is easy access around and under the toilet. Most users have also commented that the flush works well and removes waste completely with just a single flush.

One of the drawbacks of a wall-hung toilet is that installation is more expensive and takes longer compared to conventional toilet units. Some customers have had issues with the water tank not refilling when the unit is flushed. Several users also disagree with how well the SanaGloss coating works, saying that waste tends to stick on the bowl and they need to brush the toilet bowl constantly.

EAGO TB309 Tall Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

EAGO TB309 Tall Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet, 1-Piece
EAGO TB309 (Image: Amazon)

EAGO TB309 one-piece toilet is a dual flush eco-friendly toilet designed to save a family of 4 an average of about 10,000 gallons of water annually. It uses only 1.1 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush and thoroughly cleans the toilet with every flush with the help of a 3” flushing valve system, wide water surface area, and large fully glazed 2-inch trapway. These ensure that waste goes through smoothly with each flush.

The toilet also incorporates a siphonic flush system and a balanced water distribution system to strike the balance between an increased diameter and sufficient exit velocity. The TB309 toilet is fully glazed inside and out for easier cleaning. It also comes with a soft-closing seat and lid for safety and comfort.

According to customer feedback, a lot of users are happy with how the EAGO toilet looks visually. It is sleek and clean-looking and the one-piece design makes it easier to clean compared to two-piece models. Installation-wise, customers were able to set it up in about an hour or two and replaces existing toilets without major issues. Users have also shared that the glaze works well in keeping the inside and outside of the bowl clean.

Some customers found that they had to have the water supply repositioned to fit into the EAGO toilet since the TB309 is designed to make the toilet sit close to the wall. However, several users were happy with the end result since the water supply gets hidden at the back and gives the bathroom a cleaner and more spacious look.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Carré – Contemporary Square 

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T256 Carré One Piece Toilet, Glossy White
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T256 (Image: Amazon)

Swiss Madison’s Carré Toilet combines elegance, water efficiency, and comfort in one single unit. The one-piece toilet has an eco-friendly dual flush that uses 0.8 and 1.28 gallons per flush to help save users significant amounts of water per year and reduces monthly water bills. The square elongated bowl gives the Carré Toilet a unique look while at the same time, improves comfort and gives more room to sit on.

The Carré toilet comes in a standard 15-inch comfort height, 12-inch rough-in, glazed skirted trapway, fully glazed ceramic exterior, and a quick-release soft-close seat. The tank lid comes with chrome push buttons and the high-performance gravity flush system is tested at the factory to ensure optimal function. The toilet comes with the toilet bolts, wax ring, side bolt cover, and a 1-year limited warranty.

One-piece toilets are generally easier to install compared to two-piece models because the bowl and tank are already connected. However, these are also heavier and harder to move or carry around from one room to another. According to customer reviews, the flushing mechanism works efficiently and the tank fills up quickly in between flushes. It is also easy to clean the toilet bowl. The dual flush function is also a big plus especially since it doesn’t affect the toilet’s ability to remove waste.

When it comes to the toilet seat, customers said that it could use some improvement in terms of quality. Some users have commented that the seat feels a bit cheap and not too sturdy. The lid takes some time to close fully too and doesn’t align too well with the actual toilet bowl.

Convenient Height Dual-Flush Toilet -Extra Tall

20 inch Extra Tall Toilet. Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort Height. Dual flush, Slow-close seat, New handle
Convenient Height Dual-Flush Toilet (Image: Amazon)

Convenient Height Toilet is an extra tall dual flush toilet that uses 0.9 gallons of water per flush for liquid waste and 1.28 GPF for solid waste. It features a solid metal flush lever, a vitreous china bowl and tank, and a 20-inch extra tall bowl for bathroom safety and comfort. The ADA compliant elevated height is suitable for the elderly, individuals with mobility problems, and those who are on the tall side as it makes sitting down and standing up easier.

The Convenient Height toilet has a 12-inch rough-in, a water surface of 8 inches at top of the rim, and includes a slow-closing toilet seat. The toilet makes use of siphonic flushing action aided by gravity to eliminate waste from the bowl. The dual flush valve can be calibrated to allow stronger flushing and it can also be replaced with any single flush valve as long as it is 2 inches in diameter.

Customers have found the extra height useful for individuals with mobility problems and physical limitations. Some users have also shared that while they got a plumber to install the toilet, the plumber found it very easy to install. Senior citizen customers also found the extra height a big help when sitting down and standing up. According to customer reviews, the dual flush function is easy to figure out too.

Some users found that they had to make the water input line longer because of the taller height of the toilet. Because of the high nature of the toilet bowl, it was also necessary to level the floor to ensure that it stays stable once installed. Several customers also complained that they had issues with the toilet constantly clogging.

Renovators Supply Elongated Dual Button Flush – Corner Design (Triangle)

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Toilet In White With Slow Close Seat Heavy Duty Porcelain Renovators Supply Manufacturing
Renovators Supply Sheffield (Image: Amazon)

Renovators Supply’s Elongated Dual Flush Toilet is not only water-efficient, but it is also a space-saver too. The corner design maximizes space in small bathrooms and allows more room for movement..The dual flush toilet is WaterSense certified, using 0.8 gallons of water per flush for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. The high-efficiency flush system utilizes G-Force technology to make sure you only need to flush once.

The toilet also features Renovators Supply’s Ren-Gloss finish to protect the toilet bowl from scratches and stains. The elongated bowl also improves comfort by allowing more space to sit on. The elongated toilet is ADA compliant with a seat height of 16 inches and made of Grade A vitreous china. The unit comes with a toilet seat but does not come with the floor bolts and bolt covers.

Customers have commented that the corner design is perfect for bathrooms that are long but narrow. It is also suitable for small powder rooms. Users said that the toilet unit is easy to install and easy to clean too. The height is perfect for senior citizens and design-wise, the majority of customers found it suitable for their bathrooms, specially remodeled ones. Most users also shared that the toilet works well in terms of flushing.

There were some issues, however, when it came to the plastic seat. Some customers said that the seat won’t stay up.

Toto Neorest 1.0 GPF  & 0.8 GPF – Luxury Pick

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet, Cotton White
Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest (Image: Amazon)

The TOTO Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet combines comfort, technology, and water efficiency in one integrated unit. The Neorest 700H uses 0.8 or 1.0 gallons per flush and comes with a bidet seat that features EWATER+ technology for ultimate bathroom luxury. The dual flush system utilizes Tornado Flush technology with the help of 2 nozzles that create a cyclonic rinsing action to clean and prevent the build-up of waste. It also has a CEFIONTECT glaze to keep the bowl cleaner longer.

Among the other features of the toilet include an auto open and close lid, heated seat, night light, and warm air dryer. One can choose the kind of cleansing needed including front, rear, soft rear, pulsating, and oscillating, with each option customizable too in terms of water pressure and temperature. The toilet does not only give users a luxurious bathroom experience but is also suitable for helping those with physical limitations and disabilities achieve independent self-care.

Customers who’ve purchased the Neorest 700H toilet agree that the toilet gives a different bathroom experience thanks to the technological advancements and features included with the unit. The taller bowl height is also comfortable even when sitting on it for long periods. Most users also said that the different features work well and it does a thorough job of cleaning.

One of the downsides to the Neorest 700H is the cost. It is more expensive compared to other toilet models, however, you get what you pay for with its features. Customers also found installation more expensive as it involved the need to hire an electrician and plumber to get the toilet up and running. There was also some feedback about the automatic lid not staying open properly.

Buyers Guide

Dual flush
Dual flush (Image: bunnicula)

Water Usage

Dual flush toilets help save water but each model differs in the amount of water used for the partial flush and full flush. Look for a toilet unit that will get you the most savings without sacrificing the flush quality.

Flush Type

Dual flush toilets can have buttons or a lever to activate the flush function. Buttons are commonly found on top of the tank with two options for a partial flush or full flush. Dual flush toilets can also have a lever. Directing the lever upward gives users a half flush and pressing down gives the full flush function.

Toilet Shape

Dual flush toilets commonly have either a round or elongated bowl. Round toilet bowls do not extend as much into a room while elongated toilets are oval and leave more space to sit on comfortably.

Toilet Type

Dual flush toilets can come as one-piece, two-piece, or wall-hung units. Wall-hung units are best for small spaces since they leave room under the toilet for additional storage. These are also easiest to clean with one-piece toilets coming as a close second.


Dual flush toilets can come as a complete set with the toilet seat and other hardware and accessories needed for installation included. Some come with just the actual toilet bowl and you will need to purchase the tank (just like with dual flush wall-hung toilets) and the toilet seat.

Ease of Installation

One-piece dual flush toilets are the easiest to install because everything is already connected. Wall-hung toilets take longer and are more expensive because the tank needs to be concealed inside the wall. Electric dual flush toilets may also be costlier if there is electrical work needed in the bathroom.


Dual flush toilets use a considerably lesser amount of water which in turn reduces water bills and helps reduce stress on the environment. While these kinds of toilets are initially more expensive, some countries offer rebates on households that use dual flush toilets. Dual flush toilets are a great option if you have been in the market to replace your existing toilet unit especially since older units tend to waste a significant amount of water.

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