5 Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms

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If you have a small bathroom, you may not have space for a full size elongated or round toilet. Even if you can use a standard toilet, it may make your bathroom feel cramped.

Buying a compact toilet made for small bathrooms can give you more space and also give the room a more spacious feeling. One of the keys to these toilets, apart from their smaller profile, is that they are one-piece which takes up less space than larger two-piece models where the bowl and tank are separated.

We’ve looked at compact models from all the major toilet manufacturers, including  Saniflo, American Standard, Kohler as well as a few smaller, lesser-known brands to come up with our list of the best options.

After reviewing the available options we’ve chosen the Kohler Santa Rosa but continue reading below to see our other top picks for the best compact toilet for small spaces.

compact toilets
Compact toilet and smart layout for a small bathroom. Image: nhadatvideo

Continue reading below to see our buying guide on what to consider when buying a small toilet.

Best Compact Toilets

Here’s a brief look at some of the top compact toilets out there. There are others on the market, but these five deserve some extra attention. Let’s see what each has to offer.

Galba Small Toilet Review (24.5″ 24″ 25″ Inch)

GALBA Small Toilet 24.5" Long X 13.5" Wide X 28.5" High Inch 1-Piece 24" 25" Short Compact Bathroom Tiny Mini Commode Water Closet Dual Flush Shortest Projection Elongated Concealed Trapway
GALBA Small Toilet (Image: Amazon)

This is a quality toilet from GALBA, with a contemporary design. As an Italian brand, the European origin shows through this modern sleek design. The toilet is made of one piece, making it very easy to clean and gives your bathroom a touch of luxury feeling.

Made of vitreous china, it manages to look great in whatever setting. The bowl width is less than 10”, while the elongated bowl design makes it stretch only to a little over 2’. This is a compact size for your small bathroom and is even at a comfortable height.

As for flushing efficiency, this particular toilet is a champion. It has the dual-flush feature so it can either do a half-flush or a full flush. A full flush is well-within American efficiency standards at 1.68 gallons; this will help you conserve water, especially if you use half-flushes for liquid waste. 

Galba Compact Toilet (Image: Amazon)

Owners will also find that this toilet is very easy to clean. The glazed surface of the toilet discourages the growth of mildew, bacteria, and mold. It also helps that it protects it from scratches and minor damage. Overall, a single wipe should be enough to clear away the dirt and grime that accumulates on the toilet.

The one-piece design makes it pretty easy to install. Still, you may want to get a professional to do it since it avoids any problems in the long run.

It also helps with some of the minor fixes that need to be done for products that are damaged during delivery like tightening a bolt or seal. It also happens to be pretty expensive so that’s another downside.

Read customer reviews of the Galba Small Toilet


  • The glazed surface makes it easy to clean
  • It is highly water efficient
  • It looks great and is very compact


  • It is a bit on the pricy side
  • It can be a bit difficult to repair due to its one-piece design and small size

Saniflo SANICOMPACT 48 One-piece Toilet Review (023)

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One piece Toilet with Macerator Built Into the Base, White
Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT (Image: Amazon)

The Saniflo brand is an interesting one as they specialize in macerating toilets as their main product and the SANICOMPACT 48 is one of their best products for a small toilet.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it is pretty small. It has a width of around 14” and a length of around 18”. The height is actually pretty good concerning since it stands at around 15”, but that may be too low for some people.

Besides the height, the toilet is very efficient when it comes to consuming water. As a macerating toilet, it depends on an active water line and a pump to give flushing power.

However, it only consumes around 1.3 gallons of water per flush, which is a lot lower than the American standard of 1.68 gallons.

As for cleaning it, you’ll find it pretty easy. As a single piece toilet without a tank, you can wipe it in a single go. It helps that it uses vitreous china, stainless steel, and neoprene to present a clean exterior.

Installation is also fairly easy. You don’t need to put in multiple pipes or even a big one. All you need is two small pipes, one bringing the flushing water in, and the other to pump the wastewater out.

The real downside of this product is its price tag, it can be as much as twice the price of other compact toilets with the price you’re paying for this, but you do pay for high quality and the maceration function.


  • It is a compact and well-design one-piece macerating toilet
  • It is very easy to install, with no need for heavy-duty piping being laid
  • You can install this yourself, as long as you have a reasonable understanding of plumbing


  • It has a very high price tag, but that’s understandable because of the macerating function
  • Its low height can be a problem for some, especially if you are very tall or have mobility issues

(although you could add a toilet seat riser for elderly or others that have problems getting on/off a low toilet seat.

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KOHLER  Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Toilet Review (1.28 GPF  3810-0)

KOHLER Santa Rosa compact toilet
KOHLER Santa Rosa compact toilet (Image: Amazon)

The KOHLER Santa Rosa one-piece toilet comes from a toilet brand is well-known for releasing some of the best products and this is no exception.

It starts with the size. This particular compact toilet measures 20” wide and is 29” long. It is at a comfortable 30” height. It may not seem compact with the numbers alone, but Kohler designers hit one out of the park with this one. It has the curves in the right places so that it looks familiar enough, but manages to visually look smaller. It’s an impressive effect.

This impressiveness in design is carried over to the flushing. It uses only around 1.28 gallons of water per flush. That’s a lot of water saved in the long run. It is also thanks to the design that the toilet is so easy to clean. Fewer seams and creases on this one-piece design ensure that it can be cleaned with just a single swipe.

What rounds out the package is that it is priced at an affordable level.  Read more about Kohler toilets here. 


  • This has an affordable price point and is a lot cheaper than the competition
  • Highly efficient when it comes to flushing
  • It is very easy to clean


  • The lid is a frequent source of complaints
  • Installation can be a bit complicated if you are not a DIY person you’ll most likely want to hire a plumber.

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American Standard Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet (2403.128.020)

American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet, White
American Standard Compact Cadet (Image: Amazon)

The American Standard brand is well-known and has been around for decades. Their products are some of the best on the market and this Compact Cadet 3 is an excellent example of why they’re a solid brand.

First, as a compact toilet, this has a good size. It has a 15” width combined with a 28” length. The height is also a pretty tall 28”, so you won’t be hunching up on the seat. It strikes a nice balance between compact and comfortable.

Next, it has a good flushing efficiency. It is rated to flush around 1.28 gallons per flush. That’s a lot of savings in the long run.

It also has a nice quiet flushing feature that eliminates the noisy flush sounds that you often hear when you flush. It’s good for toilet training kids who don’t have to fear the noise. It also has a larger flush valve, ensuring a quicker and cleaner flush as more water is released into the toilet.

As for cleaning this toilet, American Standard has the benefit of its EverClean coating. This is a unique surface coating that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew while also preventing stains. It also ensures that it will retain a mirror-like finish even after years of use.

The installation is the standard for toilets. Though you can easily do it, it is recommended that a professional do it so that you will have no future problems. Combined with an affordable price tag, this is a good choice for a compact replacement toilet.

See our list of Best American Standard Toilets here.


  • Affordable and a good choice for those on a budget
  • The quiet flushing feature
  • It has an EverClean surface that makes cleaning easier.


  • It does look a bit old-fashioned compared to others on the market
  • The toilet flushes a bit slow compared to other models

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Euroto Luxury Toilet

Euroto Luxury Toilet for Bathroom Toilet Bowls, Toilets, and Toilet Seats. Smart Toilet (Compact Elongated, Dual Flush(Siphonic))
Euroto Luxury Compact Toilet (Image: Amazon)

The Euroto Luxury Toilet compact/elongated model is interesting. The toilet is a variant of the main Euroto model and looks rather modern. The stylish design makes it a good addition to any home if you want that added European sophistication.

It’s pretty large for a compact model. At a height of 29”, it has a bowl 27” long and 18” wide. This is maybe not as compact as you might want your small toilet to be, but the rounded curves make the toilet an intriguing addition to any bathroom.

As for flushing efficiency, it actually does well. It uses a dual-flush system, which allows you to choose a half-flush if needed. This is combined with the small water tanks so that you can save as much water as possible.

It uses a dynamic pump jet flush design to increase the pressure of the water so it does a lot more work with less water.

Cleaning it looks to be a standard job. It is a one-piece design so you can do a quick wipe and be done.

The bright side to all of this is that this model is surprisingly affordable. It won’t break the bank to afford this compact toilet for your small space.


  • It has a luxurious and stylish appearance that will fit in most bathrooms
  • It has an affordable price tag for something looking so impressive
  • The dual flush system allows for water-saving


  • Unconventional design can make it uncomfortable for some users
  • It is actually pretty large for a compact model

Compact Toilet Buyer’s Guide

small toilet
Small toilets free up space in the bathroom. This example shows a dual-flush compact toilet in from a European hotel.

A small bathroom still needs to be complete. One of the essentials is obviously the toilet. It’s also one of the bathroom fixtures that can take up the most of your precious space. Buying a smaller toilet (along with a narrow single vanity and sink) can save you a lot of space and transform your cramped space into a much more spacious looking and feeling bathroom.  Here’s a simple guide on how to choose one for your small bathroom and we will look at the top toilets in the market.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large house. One of the first rooms to be sacrificed for space concerns in the bathroom. A small bathroom still needs essential components like plumbing and toilets. This is why you’ll need a compact toilet for small spaces. A bathroom isn’t complete without a toilet and it should be one of your priorities.

Fortunately, there are a lot of choices available on the market. The problem is making a choice from among them. If you’re looking for a toilet for your small bathroom, here is a simple guide on what to look for, and then a look at some of the top toilets on the market right now.

Small toilet designs

When you’re faced with a small bathroom, one of the best ways to save space is with the toilet.  

One design is the compact elongated bowl toilets. This focuses on bowl length while reducing the width. The usual bowl width of such toilets is around 14-15”. That’s quite a reduction from a regular bowl size. As for length, the largest that a compact toilet can be is around 28”.

Another popular design to save on toilet space is the rounded toilet bowl. This usually has a smaller width and length than other toilets. Besides being smaller, it works well with square bathrooms, giving it curves that are pleasing to the eye.

The next popular way to reduce the space used by toilets is to use a tankless toilet.

The traditional toilet design has a water tank that slowly fills up between each flushing. The tank is usually used to create water pressure for the flush. However, tankless designs create that pressure by using a pump and piped-in water. The problem is that it requires electricity to operate, while also having a high price tag. Though, if you have the budget, this can be a good solution for a small bathroom space.

Another way to keep the water tanks from taking up precious space is to put them in the wall of your bathroom. Wall-hung toilets do this and have the toilet bowl being supported by the wall so it needs to be able to anchor deep and be a weight-bearing wall.  Your main concern is that the wall needs to be able to support your body weight. With this design, you can save up to a foot of space in your bathroom. Note that you will often have to buy a separate carrier when using this particular design of the toilet.

bathroom with hung toilet
Wall-mounted compact toilet.

The next toilet design that will save you a lot of space is the corner toiler design. This is similar to the wall-hung toilet design in its creative use of space.

But with these toilets, the tank is shaped like a triangle—which makes it a perfect fit in the corner of your square bathroom.

The main trouble with it is that you just can’t take your old toilet out and replace it with this one. You will need a complete remodeling of your toilet, or it needs to be purposely built to accommodate it since it requires a special plumbing design.

Round Space Saving Dual Flush Corner Toilet
Corner Toilet (Click to see on Amazon)

Finally, there is the macerating toilet or also known as an up-flush toilet. This particular toilet design is similar to the tankless toilet design since it also does not have a water tank. However, instead of using an electric pump, the macerating toilet chops up the waste into a slurry and then discharges it into the main sewer line. The water for flushing is provided by the waterline so you only need a pipe connection and less space.

What you should be looking for

Besides these space-saving designs, you should also focus on how the toilet functions. A compact toilet may be small enough to fit in any space that you want, however, you’ll also want it to meet certain requirements when it comes to a toilet. Here are some of the main factors to consider when you’re looking for a toilet.


Size is pretty important, not just for space-saving purposes. When you sit on your toilet, you need to be comfortable. If you are over 6 foot or a heavy person, a toilet that is too small toilet can make your bathroom experience very uncomfortable. It is not just the size of the bowl that you need to consider, but also the height of the toilet. You want to sit down comfortably and not be hunched up. Choose a bowl that most or all of the family can sit on it with ease. There are newer “comfort height” toilets that have the rim at a height of 17-19″ (compared to the traditional fifteen-inch height.

Flushing efficiency

water sense
For water-efficient toilets, look for the WaterSense Seal.

The next thing to consider is how the toilet flushes and how much water it uses with each flush. A dual-flush gives the option with two buttons (or a double push option) that allows you to choose between a full flush (where the entire tank is emptied, using all the water stored in the tank, or a half or partial flush for instances where you do not need to use as much water.

All toilets flush, even those without tanks; it is the primary way to get rid of the waste inside it, and it uses a large amount of water. A single flush may seem like an insignificant amount of water but added up over the days and months, you’re going to be concerned about how much water you are using in the long run and the water bill at the end of the month!

This is why you should check out the flush rating of the toilet and compare it against others. Aim for high-performance toilets that only use around 1.28 gallons for every flush. This can annually save you over 4,000 gallons of water on average. Considering that most toilets will function for decades, you can see a lot of savings in that amount. You may even be able to get rebates depending on your local water company. 

See our top picks for: Best low flow toilets.

narrow bathroom layout
Compact layout and smaller profile toilet between vanity and bathtub.  Photo by Christa Grover


The next factor you should consider is how easy it is to clean the toilet. Since you will be cleaning it as part of the weekly maintenance of your bathroom, it is to your advantage to have a toilet that is simple to clean up. One-piece toilets are easier to clean than the standard two-piece models since they have no nooks and crannies to worry about. The simplest to clean are the wall-mounted ones.


You will also need to consider how the toilet will be installed in your bathroom. Different toilet designs have different requirements when it comes to installation. This includes a source of water, the plumbing, and even the size of the tank.

For example, wall-mounted toilets require a solid wall to support the weight of the toilet and the person sitting on it. It also should be a thick wall, since it will contain all of the necessary plumbing for the toilet. The process of installation should also be considered. Some toilets will require a full remodeling, while others, like a macerating or up-flush toilet, merely need a water pipe and an exit pipe.

Add ons

Zen Bidet Z-500
Zen Bidet attachment (Image: Amazon)

Besides the basic functionality that is provided by the toilet, you may be looking for additional features. For example, there are double-flush toilets available.

This allows you to choose which flush option to use depending on liquid or solid waste. This determines the amount of water that will be used in the process.

Some toilets even include bidets attachments to help with the washing process. It’s up to you which features you think will be required when you buy a toilet. For people that like a bidet, using one of these compact attachments can be a compromise between giving it up and having a full-size bidet.

Complete bidets take up a lot of space, size-wise it’s basically like having another toilet bowl right next to the toilet. If you are looking to remodel a small bathroom or designing the layout of a compact bathroom, you’ll most likely want to eliminate the bidet, and if needed go with the attachments that fit right on to your toilet bowl for a 2-1 solution.


Besides functionality, you may also wish to buy a toilet in terms of how well it looks compared to the other toilets on the market. Check out your bathroom and determine what will fit best with its current design and tiles. Some toilets look a lot better than their counterparts, with sleeker curves and better construction. Decide what would be appropriate with your bathroom features so that your toilet is not the odd one out when it comes to your bathroom.


There is also the price of the toilet to be factored in; you don’t want a toilet that breaks the bank. A lot of good toilets can be hand for well below $500. However, if you really want a luxury model, some toilets can almost reach the $1,000 mark. Since most of these toilets will work for decades, that’s a good investment.

With these factors to consider, you should carefully weigh which ones are important to you so that you can get the right toiler for your situation.


Comfort Height Elongated compact toilet
KOHLER Santa Rosa Compact Toilet (Image: Amazon)

I would say that the Kohler Santa Rosa model is your best bet if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck.

It’s got a very good flushing efficiency, while still being at a comfortable size.

It is also a one-piece toilet, making cleaning and installation a whole lot easier.

Plus, you get all of this at a decent price. It’s a good fit and should meet most people’s needs.

Other Options to Consider – Composting Toilets

If your small bathroom is part of a tiny home, then you may want to consider a composting toilet. Even if you are not part of the tiny house movement, a composting toilet may still be the right choice for you. They are compact, self contained, and don’t require water to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?

When it comes to bathrooms, choosing the correct plumbing options is essential, especially if you have a smaller bathroom that is low on space. However, even in the smallest of bathrooms, you can purchase some fantastic choices of toilets.

In a smaller space, every bit of floor space is essential, given this, you may want to opt for a toilet option that is slightly smaller or compact. The last thing you will want to do is purchase a toilet that is too large to fit into the space you have.

In this article, we will be discussing all the basics you need to know when purchasing a toilet for a small bathroom, such as how comfortable short projection toilets are, and what toilets are the most compact.

There is not one toilet in particular that is the best for small bathrooms, as it will depend on the style you prefer for example. However, the more compact and smaller the toilet, the better for smaller spaces.

Some great smaller toilets include short projection toilets, fully shrouded toilets, wall hung toilets, and combination units. These all help to save space.

How do you pick a toilet for a small bathroom?

When it comes to choosing a toilet for a small bathroom, as we have mentioned above, space-saving is the key aspect to consider.

Ideally, you will want to choose a toilet that is to take up as little floor space as possible. You do not want your bathroom to feel cramped and there should be enough room to use the bathroom comfortably.

Given that space is such an important aspect, you will need to measure the space that you have set up for your toilet accurately before purchasing your toilet.

Once you are happy with the measurements that you have taken you will need to choose a toilet that will fit comfortably into this space. Ideally there should be enough room either side of the toilet.

As there is a limited amount of space in a bathroom, you will want to choose a toilet that is smaller.

There are ways in which this is possible, such as through short projection toilets, and wall hung toilets. Wall hung toilets are a fantastic option because they leave space underneath the toilet.

With the space underneath the toilet, the bathroom has the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is which is useful for allowing the space to feel more open. It also helps with cleaning too!

Are short projection toilets comfortable?

When thinking about smaller toilets, you may be wondering whether they are comfortable, especially given that they are smaller than the average toilet.

While the width of the toilet is slightly smaller than the average toilet, this does not necessarily mean that it is going to be more uncomfortable.

Unless you are used to using an overly large toilet, it is unlikely that you will notice a difference in the side of the projection toilet as it is not vastly smaller. The lavatory seat area is still comfortable and ample enough to sit on comfortably.

Given that these types of toilets are being widely used in more modern bathrooms, it is clear to see that there is no issue with the overall comfort of them.

What is the most compact toilet?

There are a few different types of compact toilets to choose from. However, when looking at the toilet that is the more compact in general, this is typically the short projection toilet.

The short projection refers to the distance between the front of the toilet to where it meets the wall.

When taking into consideration the size of an average toilet, these are typically anywhere from 650 mm to 800 mm in length. They are comfortable to use and the majority of adults have no issues using these toilets.

For a toilet that has a short projection, it will be 650 mm or smaller. While this may not seem like a huge difference, it is significant.

While you may not necessarily notice this when you sit on the lavatory, you will notice this when it comes to the overall floor plan and space in the bathroom.

Short projection toilets are becoming popular in US homes, especially for owners that have half bathrooms. They are a great option for en-suites too. In addition to the side of the toilet being more compact, the flush system is typically smaller too.

With short projection toilets, the cistern can be under 200 mm in its width, which is far smaller than the average toilet. Even so, the flushing of the toilet is still powerful and is not affected by this.

How do you pick a toilet for a small bathroom?

While we have discussed the different types of toilet that are suitable for smaller bathrooms above, such as the short projection and wall hanging toilets, there is something else you should take into consideration.

Another important aspect to consider that can have an effect on the type of toilet you choose is the shape of the toilet bowl. This will have an impact on the type of toilet you will want to choose for a smaller bathroom to some extent.

When it comes to the most comfortable types of toilet, many people tend to choose an elongated bowl.

These are typically longer in comparison to other toilets and given this, they do take up significantly more space in a bathroom. They typically are around 30 inches away from the wall at the edge of the bowl.

In comparison to this, a round fixture toilet bowl is slightly smaller and will take up less space overall.

While some people will claim that it is more uncomfortable, the vast majority of people will not notice this. Rounded toilets typically sit at around 28 inches away from the wall.

What is great about rounded toilets is that they are typically and more inexpensive in comparison to elongated toilets. Not only are you saving on space, but money too.

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