3 Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments | 2019 Reviews

GenieBidet - Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles - No Wiring Needed - Simple 10-20 Minute Install. Hybrid Brass 3-way T connector with ON/OFF Included!
GenieBidet: Our top pick Bidet Toilet Attachment (Image Source: Amazon)

Historically, bidets have not been very popular in the US. However, if you’ve ever been to Asia, Europe or many other parts of the world, a bidet is a very common sight. In many European homes and hotel bathrooms,  a free-standing bidet is found right next to the toilet.

But if you are looking for something even easier (and less expensive) you can just get a bidet toilet seat attachment to get the basic benefits of a bidet without the cost of a high tech toilet or even a bidet toilet seat or the hassle of having to get a plumber in to install one.

For the quality and versatility of the design, we think you can’t really do better than the GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Seat Attachment. It stands out as the best attachment as it has the added feminine wash option. Once you read about the other options I explored you will see why this one is an absolute knockout.

In Japan, high tech toilets include bidet function and air dryers as well and some even have settings to customize the water temperature and spray functions.

Japanese toilets, like the Toto Washlet Toilet, are gaining popularity in the US. They have a bidet incorporated into the seat and features like “pre-mist” as well as oscillating and pulsating spray. However, these do come at a pretty steep price. However, you can now get the toilet seat that will transform a standard round or elongated toilet seat into a bidet (check the current price of the Toto Washlet Toilet Seat on Amazon).   The attachments below are a way to test out the features of a basic bidet before making the investment in a more complete bidet solution.

What to consider when shopping for a bidet toilet seat attachment:

    • Seat Bumpers – Most bidet attachments fit between the porcelain base of your toilet and the toilet seat. Depending on their size and position this can stop the toilet seat from closing all the way over the attachment. The results can range from a wobbly seat to a broken seat. To prevent this, you may need to purchase toilet seat bumpers which basically fill the gap so that everything remains level.
    • Feminine Wash – Bidets are designed to clean you after you use the toilet to reduce the need for toilet paper and to leave you feeling more refreshed. Some models also offer a feminine wash option which allows women to experience the same feeling of freshness which is especially appreciated during their periods. Not all models offer this however. This is also the main reason why many women who are allergic to toilet paper chose to use a bidet. 
    • Nozzle Position – Depending on the style of the attachment the nozzle may be located either at the back of your toilet bowl or round to the side. Regardless of where it is positioned, you will be able to adjust the aim of the spray. This is mostly just a matter of personal preference.
    • Ease of Cleaning – Since these devices will be inside your toilet bowl it is important to know how easy it is to keep them clean. Some models shield the nozzle between uses which means you will need to wipe down the outside of the guard on occasion. Other models retract the nozzle, so that it is a much smaller target, meaning that cleaning is needed less frequently. Most models offer a self-cleaning function but this refers to the nozzle only.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments to consider: 

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Review

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) This bidet attachment has been designed with hygiene firmly in mind. When not in use there is a guard gate the drops down over the nozzle and there is also a built in a self-cleaning mode which rinses the nozzle with fresh water. There is only one nozzle so it does not offer a feminine wash mode.

The bidet is controlled with a rotating knob which gives you four different pressure settings. However, you may find that there isn’t a great deal of difference between the four settings, depending on your water pressure. For high-pressure systems it is possible that the lowest setting may be as powerful as you will ever want to go.

You will need to invest in some bumpers for your toilet seat as when the attachment is fitted it can sag in the middle, which if not remedied can lead to damage to your toilet seat.

The T-valve that attaches the bidet to the water supply is made of plastic which can prove to be less durable than metal alternatives, which may lead to leaks. You might want to consider making an exchange between the supplied plastic valve and an alternative metal one.


  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Easy Installation
  • 18 Month Warranty


  • T valve can be problematic
  • Single position nozzle only
  • Adjustable flow does not give a large range of water pressure

Astor Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000 Review

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000 This bidet attachment fits on the back of the toilet seat which means that it does not have a large effect on the position of the toilet seat. Unlike other bidet attachments, there is no need for seat bumpers.

The single nozzle is controlled with a twisting dial that has four settings. You may find that the lowest setting is more than enough for your needs. There is no self-cleaning setting, but the nozzle does automatically retract after use which keeps it clean and out of the way whilst you are using the toilet.

When it comes to installing the device, you might be better ditching the instructions and just using some logic. The instructions are quite confusing but the device itself is actually quite easy to install with only the use of a screwdriver.

The joining pipe for this component is made of plastic and can at times be a point of weakness


  • Seat Bumpers are not necessary
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Plastic connections can be a weak point
  • Single position nozzle only
  • Instructions for installation are unclear

GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Seat Attachment Review

GenieBidet - Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles - No Wiring Needed - Simple 10-20 Minute Install. Hybrid Brass 3-way T connector with ON/OFF Included! This bidet attachment is a high-quality piece of equipment. It is easy to fit and it really is ultra thin, which means that it fits nicely into your toilet seat without creating a large gap between the base and the seat, so no bumpers are needed here.

The nozzle has an automatic self-cleaning feature, so you don’t need to remember to use a cleaning setting, it will automatically clean itself every time that it retracts after use.

It is controlled by a twisting dial at the side of the toilet. You twist one way for standard cleaning and in the other direction for feminine wash. The further you twist the dial the stronger the spray. It’s really easy to use and fit.

All the attachments are metal which means they are durable and more reliable than some of the plastic models. This is part of what makes this a more expensive option, but you are paying for higher quality.

Unfortunately, if you have a one-piece French curve toilet or a Mansfield 124-160 elongated toilet then this bidet attachment won’t fit with your toilet


  • Optional feminine wash
  • Metal attachments
  • Slimline design


  • Most expensive option
  • Does not fit all toilets

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Final Verdict/Conclusion:

bidet next to toilet
Traditionally bidet and toilet bowl side by side.

Traditionally you had to have a separate bidet which is still the case in many European bathrooms. The invention of the bidet toilet seat attachments provides the hygiene and benefits of a bidet with the convenience of attaching directly to your existing toilet seat.

The plus is that you don’t have to install a separate bidet. These are less expensive options compared to newer combo toilets that have a built-in bidet in the toilet seat. These small and relatively affordable attachments are an easier option compared to a full blown and expensive bidet.

The GenieBidet Ultra-Thin Toilet Seat Attachment is one of the highest quality and most reliable of the bidet toilet seat attachments. So even though it is a little more expensive it is without a doubt one of the best options out there. If you are looking to upgrade to a more comfortable toilet seat in addition to the new bidet attachment you may want to check out these toilet seats.