Bathtub Safety Rail Reviews | Best Pick For Elderly in 2018

Whether you yourself are dealing with balance issues and in need of a bathtub safety rail or you’re shopping for an elderly loved one, selecting good quality bathroom safety items can be a daunting task because their are so many options on the market. One of the most common solutions for a bathtub or shower stall can be to install grab bars since the help give stability when you are standing up or getting up and down from a shower stool.

bathroom safety rail
Selecting a bathroom safety rail for elderly.

A good quality bathtub safety rail is another great device that can help make the tub a safer place, especially for seniors. Using a quality, slip resistant bath mat also help reduce chance of injury.

The rail helps you to get in and out of the tub and having a sturdy rail to hold on to can reduce the chances of falling over when climbing in or out of the bathtub and gives you something to grab on to even if its just a moment of weakness or dizziness.

Don’t worry, though: we got your back – and theirs!

We’ve reviewed the best bathtub safety rails that you can easily install on your place, your parents’ place or even at your grandparents’ home.

We’ve determined that the Steel Clamp on Tub Rail by Drive Medical to be the one products that shines from the bunch, but we’ve reviews other options below. Read our whole review before deciding which rail to purchase

What to consider:

older woman in bathtub
Things to consider when buying a bath safety rail

Simple setup: Setting up a decent rail might prove to be really inconvenient if the mechanism is too complicated. If you’re an older person yourself and want to put one of these rails at home, it could be an even harder task to properly set up a product if you’re not as handy as you once were. In any case, having a rail that can be installed without inconvenience has to be a priority when getting one.

Sturdiness: Once installed, the product should stay solid enough and allow users to comfortably get in or out of the tub without the hazard of slipping or falling if the product tumbles a bit. It is important to look for a rail sturdy enough to avoid these types of inconveniences.

Easiness to use: The rail should remain in a position that can be easily accessed from outside or inside the shower. It should provide its owner the ability to use it both easily and quickly without tripping while exiting the shower.

Best Bathtub Safety Rail for Elderly in 2018

Bathtub Rail by Vive:

Bathtub Rail by Vive

This product seems to be one of the highest quality options available in the market, and its one downside seems to be that the bathtub where you’re going to attach it needs to have a standard size, as bigger or larger might not cut it for the rail’s grip. Measure your tub properly and compare it with the product’s features to see if it’ll fit correctly before making the purchase.

The product is easy to install if you have the right measures and it also offers a very sturdy grip, allowing the elderly to easily climb in or out – even if the person has undergone back surgeries before!

It might not be the best thing to purchase if you want to put your full body weight on it while pulling one of its sides, as its side resistance isn’t very good. The design allows proper weight to be pulled from its natural front and back positions though, so this usually isn’t an issue.


  • High quality product offers a proper grip once installed.
  • Setting up the rail isn’t daunting but rather pretty straightforward.
  • It’s easy to use by almost anyone.


  • Strictly designed for standard tubs – it might not fit anything else.

Steel Clamp on Tub Rail by Drive Medical:

Drive Medical Steel Clamp on Tub Rail

Just like the other two products we’ve reviewed, this rail doesn’t need any tools in order to properly install it. This rail offers its owners a combination of both steel (which grants it proper sturdiness) and rubber pads (which help the elderly a bunch, avoiding them unfortunate injuries).

This rail can be easily adjusted and should comfortably fit most bathrooms. Installation is pretty straightforward and most buyers shouldn’t have any trouble during setup at all. It’s also one of the cheapest options out there, which grants it an enormous advantage when compared to most other rails out there!

Here is a close up look at the clamp on rail by Drive Medical.


  • Affordable rail makes it a must-have for buyers on a tight budget.
  • Great quality product allows owners to climb in and out of the tub comfortably.
  • Installation is simple enough and not troublesome.
  • Fits most tubs without inconvenience.


  • Some of the grips could be a little bit higher or easier to adjust, in order to provide better grip for tall owners.

A non-slip shower mats that can greatly assist older people getting out of the shower (see our top picks).

Bathtub Safety Rail by AquaSense:


AquaSense Bathtub safety

This easy-to-setup, easy-to-clean rail provides its owners a sturdy surface to hold on to while exiting or entering the tub, making it an ideal product for anyone with special medical conditions or the elderly. Keep in mind that this rail is specially designed for bathtubs in which the border lines are placed in a parallel manner, as slight curves might not let the product attach all too well.

It could prove to be a bit of a nuisance to strengthen the grip of the product by hand, but in the end it should be worth it and you’re likely to be happy with your purchase. If you’ve recently broken a leg or if you just had your hip replaced, this product could also be ideal for you!


  • Keeps owners safe while getting out of the shower by providing them with a sturdy grip.
  • The vinyl allows the rail to be easily cleaned.
  • Seems resistant and should last for a long time, saving you the need to shop for replacements often.
  • It’s designed to help the injured and works very well with the elderly.


  • It’s not meant to be used as a means to stand up – if you put too much weight on it, it might fall off.
  • The bathtub where you’re going to install it needs to have a very straight shape, otherwise it won’t attach.


Final Verdict:

The Steel Clamp on Tub Rail by Drive Medical offers a great combination of top quality and an affordable price, making it come out on top of every product we’ve reviewed on this article. If you’re looking to purchase a bathtub rail for your elderly parents or grandparents, this might be your go-to choice!

Installing some simple suction cup safety grab bars in the shower can also be a big help for stability and getting in and out of the shower stall.