10 Best Bathroom Sink Brands – High-End Basin Manufacturers

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Bathroom sinks are a key element to any bathroom design. The brand and type of sink you choose can have a huge impact on the overall cost and style of your bathroom decor.

Bathroom sinks come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Changing the bathroom sink for a bathroom update or even a full bathroom remodel can give the bathroom an instant lift and can help you achieve the bathroom design you want, whether it is traditional, modern, contemporary, minimalist, or even transitional.

Bathroom sink
Bathroom sink (Image: GregoryButler)

While most brands on the market have a wide range of products and price ranges, we’ve included manufactures on this list that are known for affordable and reliable options to high-end luxury products to give options.

Here are some of the top-selling sink brands you can consider, regardless of the size and design of your bathroom. While these are not the only ones worth buying, we hope this list will help point you in the right direction. All of these brands have been in the market for years and are known for producing great designs coupled with reasonable prices.

Best Bathroom Sink Brands



When it comes to designing products, VIGO believes that form is equally as important as function. If a product does its purpose but does not look appealing, VIGO believes that such is worthy of neither their customers’ home or their name. This has been the brand’s foundation since its beginnings and this has what earned them a place in the 2014 Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list. Apart from style and function, VIGO also gives their customers peace of mind that the bath or kitchen product they have purchased for their home is of superior quality.

VIGO produces mainly vessels sinks. Their vessel sinks come in matte stone, tempered glass, and cast stone. Their matte stone vessel sinks are made with VIGO’s patented Matte Stone material, a nonporous composite with a matte finish. Their tempered glass sinks, on the other hand, are handmade made from solid tempered glass with a polished interior and is resistant to scratches and stains. VIGO uses their exclusive Cast Stone concrete composite for their cast stone sinks too, giving these a textured exterior and polished interior that resists scratches and chips.

As part of the brand’s commitment to meet the highest standards in terms of quality while staying environmentally friendly, VIGO is certified by EPA’s WaterSense program and they also have IAPMO certifications. To help them keep updated with the newest trends and innovations in the bath and kitchen industry, VIGO is also part of several organizations such as NEWH, NKBA, ASID, and AIA.

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John Michael Kohler founded the Kohler Company in 1873. Since its inception, the company has focused on improving its customers’ level of living by providing a range of products and services that suit different homes and lifestyles. The brand believes that business and the world go together and to be able to improve the quality of life of current and future generations, they need to provide quality innovation, design, and craftsmanship too.

Kohler started out as an American manufacturing company producing plumbing products for both kitchen and bathrooms. The Wisconsin-based company eventually expanded to include the manufacture of furniture, generators, tiles, and engines and cater to both residential and commercial needs.

When it comes to Kohler’s bathroom sinks, the company offers a huge selection from under-mount sinks, vessel sinks, drop-in sinks, to pedestal bathroom sinks. They also have wall-mounted sinks, vanity top sinks, and console table sinks. Their sinks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to accommodate different bathroom designs and space availability. The bathroom sinks also come in a range of materials such as vitreous china, cast iron, glass, solid surface, and stone to suit any budget.

Being an environmentally-friendly company, Kohler has partnered with EPA to ensure that its products are certified WaterSense, a guarantee that the product is water-efficient while maintaining performance standards and quality. The company also gives footprint-reduction awards to top-performing and most improved manufacturing plants and is given to plants that have at least a 3% improvement in terms of water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and net waste.

Unlike some sink manufacturers, Kohler sells direct on its website. 

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Scarabeo Ceramica

Scarabeo Ceramica

Scarabeo Ceramiche was founded in 1974 by Giovanni Calisti together with other partners in Civita Castellana with the goal of manufacturing washbasins that are both functional and luxurious. Their endeavor was a quick success and they were able to establish their company not only in Italy but internationally as well. By the year 1981, their designs have catapulted them into one of the leading companies in Europe and led them to expand into ceramic bathroom accessories. In 1998, Scarabeo Ceramic launched its designer washbasins and released more designs including square and thin-rimmed models as well as sinks without a containment rim.

For 45 years, Scarabeo Ceramiche has been producing handcrafted ceramics and pieces that are never identical using traditional techniques in manufacturing their range of washbasins and sanitaryware. The finishing on their products is done by hand, doing the process with the pieces are still wet and unprocessed.

One of Scarabeo Ceramiche’s most popular collections is the Teorema Collection, a range of washbasins that are ultra-thin but durable. The Teorema sinks come in drop-in and wall-mounted versions and there is also a semi built-in design available. The collection also features a bidet to match the sinks.

Apart from the Teorama Collection, Scarabeo Ceramiche also has the VEIL Collection, their newest range that revolutionizes simplicity and subtlety by using a thin sheet of ceramic that is suspended on the wall, giving an almost imperceptible feel to the bathroom.

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Whitehaus Collection

Whitehaus Collection

Whitehaus Collection was founded in 1995. Since then, the company has been producing different products for the bath and kitchen industry, providing homeowners with products that are durable, stylish, versatile, and long-lasting. The brand’s goal is to bring the best bath and kitchen fixtures to the market, backed up by decades of expertise in the industry,

Their range of kitchen products include sinks, faucets, cabinets, hand dryers, knife holders, and other accessories. For the bathroom, Whitehaus Collection makes sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, showers, shelves, stools, and accessories. They also have a utility collection designed for both commercial and residential purposes and created for heavy-duty tasks.

When it comes to their bathroom basins, Whitehaus Collection focuses on providing sophisticated designs in a variety of styles. They have different bathroom sink installations including wall-mounted, semi-recessed, console, drop-in, under-mount, above-mount, and pedestal.

They also have sinks made from a variety of materials to suit any budget. Their vitreous china sinks are smooth and seamless and are affordable without sacrificing quality. They also have handmade copper basins made from 97.5% pure copper that are highly durable, antibacterial, and antifungal for those with a higher budget and looking to make the sink stand out in the bathroom.

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WS Bath Collections

WS Bath Collections

WS Bath Collections was founded more than twenty years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. From a small village in the countryside, the company’s goal was always been to provide customers with bathroom fixtures and accessories that feature unique and cutting-edge designs. Apart from innovative and refined styles, WS Bath Collections are focused on incorporating high quality and service into their products.

The company provides exclusive collections for both kitchens and bathrooms. For bathrooms, they have sinks, vanities, mirrors, shelves, racks, baskets, soap dispensers, and cabinets to name a few. They also have faucets, showerheads, and bathtubs. Their products are not only suitable for residential use but can be used in commercial applications too. Homeowners, architects, and builders alike can visit their various plumbing showrooms and wholesalers, or purchase through online retailers.

When it comes to WS Bath Collections’ bathrooms sinks, they have a variety of types to suit different bathroom sizes and designs. From corner sinks to round sinks, black sinks, and rectangular sinks, these can also be installed in different ways depending on the style. WS Bath Collections also offer ADA-compliant sinks that can be mounted on the wall at a height that suits the user best.

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2017 marked Duravit’s 200th year anniversary as a company. Founded by Georg Friedrich Horn in 1817, the earthenware factory had headquarters in Hornberg, Germany. During the early phase of their operations up to 1980, Duravit focused on perfecting and maintaining the quality of their ceramics as well as selling these locally. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Duravit was able to bring their products globally, with the company’s first major innovation, the wall-mounted toilet, back in the 1960s. During the 1970s, the company started playing around with colors, shapes, and decorations for their products.

In 1994, Duravit launched its first complete designer bathroom in partnership with Philippe Starck. Starck is a famous French designer and architect, best known for his work in interior design. Apart from making a name for himself in interior design, Starck also works in industrial design, working on a variety of products such as water bottles, kitchen appliances, furniture, and toothbrushes.

Duravit’s range of sinks includes counter basins, built-in sinks, double sinks, and wall-mounted basins. Among their most popular basin collections include the Luv series, basins made of DuraCeram in precise oval shapes for a clear design, DuraSquare washbasins which are made of the same innovative material with precise rims that are only 5mm thick, and Vero Air sinks which are small, have optimized proportions, and narrow edges.

Apart from washbasins, Duravit also manufactures bathroom furniture, accessories, and faucets. They also have products for toileting, bathing, and showering. They also have SensoWash shower toilets in their range of products, a combination of a toilet and bidet that combine hygiene, comfort, and sustainability in one product.

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Badeloft USA was founded in 2009 as an online retailer of home bathroom products. Their main showroom, warehouse, and offices in the US are located in the San Francisco Bay Area while their brand is also based in Berlin, Germany. The company is best known for its stone resin (also known as cast stone) washbasins and bathtubs. Their stone resin is specifically engineered and contains a blend of acrylic polymer, dry ground marble, and limestone filler. It is non-porous, lead-free, and doesn’t leach, making it durable against humidity and moisture.

Their bathroom products are made by lining the interior of the mold with a gloss gel coat. Color pigments imported from the UK and a powdered mineral filler blend are then combined with the polyester resin before curing and heating it to 70 degrees or more. The mixture is injected into the mold and allowed to dry. Once it is out of the mold, it is either hand-buffed to become glossy or hand-sanded for a matte finish.

Badeloft offers different kinds of bathroom sinks, from freestanding to a wall-mounted, countertop, and under-mount unit. They also have marble sinks available in either negro marquina marble or white Carrara marble. Apart from sinks, Badeloft also has faucets, bathtubs, vanities, and bathroom accessories available. 

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MaestroBath is a luxurious brand offering modern and contemporary handmade Italian bathroom sinks. Italian bathroom sinks are known for being high-end and exclusive, with superior materials used in the manufacturing process and the finest details in the design. Italian sinks are not only elegant but usually feature a modern design. These kinds of sinks are very durable since they are heated at temperatures double of what is used in making ceramic-based and cast-iron sinks. It’s not uncommon to find Italian bathroom sinks in five-star hotels and high-end spas because of the luxurious vibe they give to space.

MaestroBath has a variety of high-end bathroom sinks made of glass, crystal, and natural stone on different styles and colors. They do not only manufacture for the US but internationally too. Their other products include bathroom faucets and contemporary kitchen fixtures.

Apart from their products, MaestroBath also has exceptional customer service, winning the Best of Houzz award for customer satisfaction from 2013 to 2019. 

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Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass

Founded in 1998 in California, USA, Kingston Brass has been making products for bathrooms and kitchens as well as for the plumbing industry. Their high-quality products combine function with aesthetics and design, making sure that each piece does not only work well but that it also shows exceptional craftsmanship. When the company started operations, they only had several hundred items in their inventory. Today, they have over 20,000 items in their catalog, all kept in stock in their warehouse which is about 200,000 square feet in size.

Kingston Brass has a series of brands with each one focusing on a particular product line. When it comes to bathroom sinks, the company’s Fauceture line manufactures sinks and faucets that are inspired by artwork from the 21st century, using a variety of materials from vitreous china to glass. Their Designer Trimscape line also offers what they call “jewelry for the bathroom and kitchen” with specialty plumbing products including sinks, toilets, and faucets.

Kingston has different kinds of sinks in its catalog, including vessel sinks, drop-in sinks, console sinks, pedestal sinks, and under-mount sinks. Their large selection of sinks come in different styles and finishes and are suitable for different budgets.

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Native Trails

Native Trails

Native Trails was founded in 1996 by Naomi Neilson. Neilson was always passionate about sustainability, keeping to artisan tradition, and adhering to fair trade practices which led her to bring the art of undiscovered artisans from central Mexico to central California. Eventually, she was able to bring sustainable materials and contemporary designs to homes in North America. Native Trails is best known for its signature copper sinks, helping introduce copper as one of the common materials used in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Thanks to Naomi and her team’s dedication to bringing innovative designs and products that are equally eco-friendly, their product line has expanded beyond producing copper sinks and they now have NativeStone concrete sinks, furniture, bathtubs, vanities made using reclaimed wood, and many other home décor products and accessories. Their range of bathroom sinks is made of Murano glass, copper, nickel, and NativeStone.

In 2005, Naomi Neilson was named as Manufacturing Professional of the Year by the Decorative Plumbing Hardware Association (DPHA), a testament that artisan crafts and eco-consciousness, can go a long way in the industry.

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Sink Buying

White bathroom sink
White bathroom sink (Image: Victor Perez)

Among the different kinds of sinks include vessel, vanity, pedestal, and under-mount sinks. Vessel sinks are freestanding that are decorated and finished on all sides and suit large bathroom spaces and bathrooms with limited space for a countertop. Vanity sinks allow more space on the counter. Apart from additional storage space on top, it also allows storage under it and is commonly seen in modern bathrooms.

Like vessel sinks, pedestal sinks are also freestanding and have a column at the center to support the weight of the sink.  Pedestal sinks work well for classic and modern bathrooms. It is also suitable for small bathrooms as it doesn’t take too much space. Undermount sinks, on the other hand, are sinks mounted under the counter surface of the bathroom vanity. This kind of sink suits both large and small bathroom spaces.

The kind of sink material also makes a huge difference. Wooden sinks are now relatively rare but were common during the early days and were made of teak, a tropical hardwood that is known for its natural waterproof properties. Enameled cast iron sinks are also popular due to their durability but the downside is these are heavy. Solid ceramic sinks offer the same benefits of cast iron sinks and are less likely to corrode due to surface damage.

Glass sinks and stone such as marble, granite, and onyx are trendy options but these are on the higher end of the price scale. For cheaper bathroom sinks, these are usually made of plastic using injection-molded thermoplastic or the more expensive acrylic.  

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