Best Bathroom Dehumidifier | 2018 Reviews

outuIt is all but common for bathrooms to accumulate large amounts of humidity in the air, considering the presence of so many water-related devices like your shower, sink and even your toilet. If you’ve ever felt that moisture is accumulating and your mirrors stay foggy long after you’ve showered or bathroom surfaces are showing signs of mold, you might want to purchase a small dehumidifier for your bathroom. In this article, we’ll help you decide exactly which one to get!

We’ve assessed most options in the market and our conclusion is that the Lightweight Portable Dehumidifier for Small Rooms by EECOO has the edge when compared to its competition thanks to its great features, but maybe you’d like to purchase something else – read our full review before making a final decision!

What to consider:

Dehumidifying capabilities: This might appear too redundant at first, but it is very important to study if the dehumidifier properly does what it should do best. Some products might be cheaper than others but their capabilities aren’t nearly as good and might not even work, depending on the size of your bathroom.

Design: Can the product be placed against a wall without having any sort of performance issues? Does it have to stay straight or can you place it horizontally? These are the type of questions you might want to consider before buying as placement might become an issue depending on the product’s design.

Effectiveness: You might want to avoid products that have to stay on for a long time. If you’re looking for a dehumidifier for a single room as is most likely the case if you’re reading this article, it is important that the product is effective enough to “do its thing” as quickly as possible, in order to reduce energy consumption.

Best Bathroom Dehumidifiers in 2018:

Lightweight Portable Dehumidifier for Small Rooms by EECOO:

This humidifier is perfectly sized for the average bathroom, and it could even work in certain living rooms 

EECOO dehumidifier for bathrooms
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as well! It has a pretty small size but should work well above expectations. The product offers a small light as a warning to owners when it’s time to empty its water reserves, and that could sometimes be just hours after you turn it on considering how quickly it appears to work.

It seems to do pretty well when it comes to removing the smell of humidity from your clothes, so if you’re one of those who love to leave your clothes in your bathroom, this small device might be what you’re looking for.

If your bathroom is too big, it most likely won’t work. The product does cover a small are but as long as you put it to work on its effective range, you’re likely going to enjoy your purchase.


  • Works efficiently and quickly.
  • Doesn’t take up much space considering its small size.
  • The design looks very good and suits most styles.


  • Not as silent as other products, though arguably quieter than a compressor.
  • Works in small areas only – doesn’t suit large bathrooms.

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Mini Portable Air Dehumidifier by LUOYIMAN Review:

Mini Portable Air Dehumidifier by LUOYIMAN
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This budget option seems to do quite a good job, although you might want to avoid this purchase if your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan, or at least some sort of ventilation. If you own a small place, this is should certainly be one of the main options on your list: it’s incredibly small and doesn’t generate much sound at all – certainly not enough to keep you from sleeping or even distract you while working.

The tank isn’t as large as other products’, but that should be understandable as the dehumidifier itself is pretty small. It does warn you when it’s full, just like EECOO’s. It seems to dry out bathrooms pretty quickly and it’s almost guaranteed to do so even faster if yours isn’t too big. It has one more huge advantage as well: it’s pretty easy to clean and doesn’t take much time to do so!


  • It should dry out your bathroom in less than 12 hours.
  • Easy to clean, easy to use, easy to set up.
  • The noise it generates is almost non-existent.
  • Seems to be one of the cheapest options available on the market.


  • It might not work if your bathroom doesn’t have enough ventilation for it.
  • Small tank means you have to frequently check that it isn’t full.

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Electric Mini Dehumidifier by Pro Breeze Review:

This small unit serves its purpose very well, as it can even make an impact in rooms twice the recommended size of use. In some instances where there’s too much moisture to remove, the device might have to stay on for a while (sometimes even a few days straight), so keep this in mind if you’re not comfortable with leaving a device on for so long.

It might sometimes seem like the device doesn’t have as much power as it should, which could also cause the issue we just talked about above. In any case, if left on for long enough the device will almost certainly do the job as advertised.

Just like the other two products we talked about, the Pro Breeze dehumidifier stops collecting moisture once it’s full, and it also warns owners so they know when to empty the container. Definitely a good option if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly dehumidifier!


  • It’s quiet and shouldn’t disturb anyone present on its effective range.
  • The dehumidifier is pretty small and should slot into most bathrooms comfortably.
  • Has an affordable price when compared to other dehumidifiers.


  • The light could prove to be a little bit bright if left in a dark room.
  • Although it does its job, it could be more powerful.

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Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier for your bathroom, we advise you to get the Lightweight Portable Dehumidifier for Small Rooms by EECOO. If you’re unsure of your purchase and want to look at other options anyway, keep in mind that bathrooms tend to be small locations – if yours is as well, look for dehumidifiers designed specifically for tiny areas!

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