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Having a great bath brush can elevate the experience of cleaning, from a necessity to a luxury, that’s why the Janrely Natural Bristles Back Scrubber is my recommendation. Since these brushes are a very personal choice you may want to check out the other great options I explored to help you find your perfect brush.

What to consider

  • Handle material – your choices here are wood or plastic. Wooden brushes look and feel nicer, but must be cared for or they can deteriorate quickly. Plastic can look cheaper but is low maintenance
  • Firmness of the bristles – This is a personal choice and may depend on how sensitive your skin is. Firmer bristles will give you more of a scrubbing sensation and will help with exfoliating. Softer bristles will give a silkier feel and are gentle on delicate skin
  • Head diameter – There is a large variety in the size of the brush heads. Larger heads will allow you to scrub more skin at once and will even out the pressure you apply. Smaller heads will allow you to apply greater pressure
  • Handle shape and length – most brushes are either long and straight or shorter and curved. Both options will allow you to reach your whole back but most people find that it is more comfortable to do so with the curved handled brushes.

Best Long Handled Bath Brushes 2018 Reviews

Janrely Bristles Scrubber
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 Janrely Natural Bristles Back Scrubber 

This back-scrubbing brush has a clean and simple design that makes it very aesthetically pleasing, so it certainly won’t bring down the tone of your bathroom. It works well as both a dry and a wet brush, however the handle can become a little hard to grip in the shower, especially if you have soap on your hands.

The biggest advantage of this particular brush is that the head is a really good size. That means that it covers a lot of skin surface with each stroke, the handle is a reasonable length and should be long enough for most people, although if back is especially long you may find that you need to switch you grip, from over, to under the shoulder so that you can reach every last spot.

Most people will find that the bristles are nice and firm, just about right for exfoliating while in the shower or bathtub or even as good brush for drybrushing. When this product first arrives, you may find that a fair number of bristles shed, so you will have to give it a bit of attention before you first use it. If not cared for you may find that the bristles do continue to shed, so make a point of hanging it from the showerhead to dry between uses when used as a wet brush in the shower. 


  • Large diameter brush head
  • Firm bristles, great for exfoliating
  • Looks beautiful


  • Handle gets slippery when wet
  • Bristles can shed
  • Handle too short for some people

Long Handle Bath Brush By ESARORA
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Esarora Bamboo Bath Brush 

This bath brush is something of a ‘love it or hate it’ product. If you have sensitive skin then the softer bristles are definitely a plus, however if your skin is not so delicate, you may find that the softness just isn’t enough to leave you feeling like you’ve had a good scrub.

One of the big selling points is the dual function head. We all like to feel as if we’re getting good value for our money so a long handle bath brush that doubles up as a massager feels like a good buy. A word of caution though, the massage side is only a bonus if it is something you will actually use.

The brush is made of natural boar bristle. This means that when you first receive it, there may be an odor to the brush. After a few uses the smell should fade. It can be a little off-putting if you are not expecting it.

As with the other wooden handled brush you do need to care that you dry this brush properly after using it. If you allow it to get soaked in the bath you may find that it begins to crack and grow mold. If you shake the water off and hang it to dry between uses, you shouldn’t have any problem though.



  • Head has both a scrubbing side and a massager
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Bristles good for sensitive skin


  • Has an aroma when first unpacked
  • Needs to be dried properly or may develop mold
  • Bristles are softer than average, less effective at exfoliating

G2PLUS Soft Bath Brush 

This bath brush is a little different than the other two options as it is a plastic based brush. The upside to this is that you don’t have the worries about the moisture damaging the brush or leading to mold.

The downside is that the brush is just not as pleasing to the eye and feels cheaper (which it is!).

The bristles on this brush are really soft, so if that is what you prefer then this would actually be the best choice for you. The soft bristles do mean that this brush ends its self to everyday use well.

The handle is shorter than other bath brushes, but the fact that it is curved does actually compensate for that, as it allows you to reach your back more easily. The curve also makes it easier to control the level of pressure you are scrubbing with.



  • Easy to care for
  • Curved handle makes it easier to use
  • Super soft bristles – very soothing on your skin


  • Has a shorter handle
  • Plastic handle can become slippery
  • Head is on the smaller side

Final Verdict/Conclusion:

The nicely firm bristles along with the pleasing look of  the brush is what helped to catapult the Janrely Natural Bristles Back Scrubber to the top of my list. The firm, natural bristles give it the bonus of being usable for dry brushing as well. The other brushes are great choices if you prefer a softer feel to your brush but for me they just don’t scratch that itch in the same way.