Best Bariatric Incontinence Briefs for Men | 2018 Reviews

There are many different products that could help you fight against bariatric incontinence, but just like it happens with urine-absorbent briefs, finding the best bariatric incontinence briefs for men could prove to be a tad difficult. Some brands are well known for their excellence, while others aren’t as highly praised but offer good results.

It’s important to identify which brand better suits the buyer, as each one usually has different systems and fits in a particular way, which will feel better or worse depending on the users own preferences. In any case, we’ve thoroughly analyzed the best products on the market and put them on a head-to-head comparison for you.

We feel that the Breathable Bariatric Disposable Briefs by Tranquility come out on top of the competition, but we encourage you to read our whole review nonetheless.

What to consider:

Containment capabilities: The main attribute with bariatric briefs, unlike the regular urine-proof kind, is the ability it has to retain fecal matter after being used. Absorbency plays an important role with this type of briefs, but it’s a secondary one considering how inconvenient it can be when the product doesn’t manage to properly contain feces when being asleep.

Absorbency: Not every incontinence convalescent suffers from both main types of incontinence, but in many cases it’s rather important to own a brief that can handle both situations. Even if you don’t tend to present bladder movements when asleep, absorbency could still prove to be a very important attribute in order to control any excess of fecal matter.

Comfortableness: Most owners purchase these briefs in order to improve their nighttime sleep. This is not only achieved by owning a top quality product but also making sure that the brief is as comfortable as possible. In fact, when we talk about an overnight brief’s comfortableness, we’re evaluating how it feels when being worn. The owner should barely notice its presence!

Our Top Picks for Bariatric Incontinence Briefs for Men

PV-017 Bariatric Briefs by Prevail Review:

Prevail bariatric incontinence briefs
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Prevail is one of the main manufacturers of bariatric briefs on the market, and their products tend to be very straightforward to use. This product lives to their usual standards by offering the wearer enough absorbency and an easy-strap system that makes wearing the briefs the opposite of a cumbersome experience.

The outer side of the briefs is made of a soft, cloth-like material that offers additional comfort to the wearer – especially when lying in bed. This product seems to be large enough for most people; owners should be more than pleased with their purchase.

Ironically, the straps used to make the brief fit seem to stick to everything, which could prove to be a bit annoying from time to time.


  • Although big, the sizing is pretty flexible and allows many customers to fully enjoy the product properly.
  • Comfortable and easy to pull on.
  • Great to retain soiling and pee, both during daytime and nighttime.



  • The attachment mechanism is very solid, but it could sometimes prove to be too tricky to attach.
  • The edges are a bit too rough, which could scratch the wearer’s skin.

Bariatric Briefs by Tena Review:

Bariatric Briefs by Tena
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These briefs are one of the most embraced products in the market. Their exterior designs allow a decent amount of air to pass through, which in turn makes odor stay well hidden underneath the brief itself. The attachment mechanism is also very convenient thanks to its ability to reattach after sticking more than once.

There’s also an additional benefit that isn’t really present in the product itself. The manufacturer will happily send you samples of each size they offer, which will allows you to make a better decision at the moment of your purchase.

Keep in mind that these are relatively big, even for XL standards. If you need a smaller size, we’d recommend you to take a look at other options.


  • Very comfortable briefs make them an ideal overnight companion for larger males who can’t stand up at night.
  • They are ideally crafted to be worn while asleep given their comfortableness.
  • Great at preventing leaking of any sorts.


  • Potential buyers who look to wear these briefs during daytime activities might want to look somewhere else.
  • There are more absorbent products out there, though they do a decent job in this regard.

    Breathable Bariatric Disposable Briefs by Tranquility Review:

 Tranquility Bariatric Disposable Briefs
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These diapers work wonders for the morbidly obese. They are very breathable, which allows sweat to move freely and odor not to escape. They are very good at keeping moisture away from the wearer’s skin, making them an ideal overnight companion by not making people stand up to clean themselves too often.

It can hold a very huge amount of waste – they’re great for those who suffer from severe incontinence and they feel comfortable when worn. Their main benefit is definitely their ability to retain liquid and not allowing it to make contact with the skin.

They do seem to have an issue with the attachment mechanism. Apparently it isn’t placed with a machine but rather by a company’s employee, which makes quality variable and not programmed.


  • They properly keep moisture of any kind away from the skin.
  • Odor retention seems to be top notch.
  • They hold an enormous amount of waste, as advertised.
  • Their comfortableness makes these briefs a great option to wear in bed.


  • There are some issues with the product properly fitting. It seems like it could fall off from time to time if worn during the day.

Final Verdict:

Tranquility has done a wonderful job with their Breathable Bariatric Disposable Briefs. This product is definitely one to keep an eye out for if you’re in need of very large, comfortable and effective adult briefs.

Larger folks with incontinence issues are more likely to have a good night’s sleep without the worries of any sort of waste passing through to their skin, and this product could be the solution for their troubles!